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The Mirror of Life

By: Ryan Gillen

Page 1, A short poem illustrating the paradoxical factors of life

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In darkness light must prevail

In light shadows must entail

Merciful morals must exist in society

As well as vicious vices to

Balance the community

Religion without science

Is Insanity

Science without religion

Lacks clarity

A fool is lonely without the

wise to pity

The wise are alone without

the fool's humanity

Love is meaningless

without the sting of hate

Hate is meaningful as long as

it inspires love and fate

War is necessary as long as

it attains prosperity

Peace is needed to ensure

A world's safety

Maths is cold and soulless

without the spirit of literature

Literature is irrational without

Maths intuitive nature

A man is lethargic

without a women's caring

A women is uninspired

without man's daring

Diversity does not

inspire equality

Equality inspires


Life is incomplete without

'the certainty of death

Death is nothing without

Life's breath

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