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Christmas Alone

By: Spirit Of Freedom

Page 1, Based on true life events of last year (2012), I experienced this. The experience has been life changing for me. A true wake up call! Putting pen to paper, my heart felt, self expression, flowed.


I watch the clock, as the minutes tick by
Making final touches, I fuss about the family home
Making “Home Sweet Home” for my children & surprise guests
I now sit quietly
Waiting for my children to return, for Christmas
The moments grow longer
The tick-tock of the clock, grows louder
Minutes turn into hours
As the rays of the summer’s sun, dwindle & fade
My heart suddenly sinks & grows heavy
Realisation sets in
No Christmas calls or messages today
No Christmas spirit, to be found
“Hmmm” I deeply sigh 
“No one is visiting, this festive season”
Going outside, to get some air
I listen to the neighbours, chinking bottles of alcohol
Bellowing “Cheers mate!” “Merry Christmas too ya’ all!”
Picking up the doggy slobbered ball
I throw it, as hard as I can
The dogs leaving a blazing trail of red dust, behind them
The giggling of innocent children’s laughter, fills the air
With whinging & whining toddlers & babies, crying
Worn out, from their big day
I sit on the concrete step & blankly stare
Reflecting on those golden memories, those yester years
The good ol’ days!
When my children where young
When they were still around
Playing, having fun
Tears well up & uncontrollably flow
“How did it come to be, like this?”
With billions upon billions of people on this earth
How, is it I spend Christmas, alone, like this?
Choosing to open my heart, over self pity
I pray to the unknown, all in good faith
From the depths of my fears 
Where my heart bleeds & grieves
Where I do not understand
I ask to be set free
Taking a deep breath 
I feel the stillness, within 
Knowing in my heart
“This too, shall pass”

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