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Autobiographical. Life on the streets as a teenager.

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Dried up like a reservoir
In the mid summer heat
The cracks in the ground
Are like the life lines upon my face
I have weathered many a storm
As if I have lived a 100 lifetimes
Instead of one!
Bare, rough, dirty feet
Shoes are hard to come by these days
Unless, I steal them!
But, then I will become a target
Having something new
It will get stolen from me
By some other gang
Or by some cruel and nasty person!
"Bare feet, it is!"
"Less problems, this way!"
Feet are made for walking
I will use them for what they are made for!
"Now let's get something to eat, I am starving!!!"
Loitering around Hungry Jacks and McDonalds
Asking people
As they walk out with their hot and delicious, smelling food
For a gold coin or two
Dumpsters and bins look nice today!
Only half eaten stuff
A lot of wastage!
"Not the freshest stuff, but hey!"
Just have to make do with what we have
And be happy for that!
Least the sun is shining today!
Not sure where to wash though...
Water is hard to come by, out here!
They say its fun!
And you are lucky to have freedom!
But it is a lie we tell ourselves
To remain ignorant
To pretend we don't give a damn
But inside, we really do!
For you see
There are sacrifices to the choices you make
When you have to live them out!
"Don't be a fool!"
Life is no fairytale, on the streets, out here!
During the day, the city lights up
It glitters as if it were gold!
It comes alive
Like busy bees collecting honey, all day long!
Plenty of people, rushing here, rushing there
Not really knowing what they are doing
Or where they are 'really heading!'
It makes me laugh, sitting back, watching them go by
They look like robots & zombies
Acting as if they are in control of everything
When really, they are not!
Who knows what is around the corner?
What is coming your way?
Life is unpredictable
"Don't fall for the fakes around here!"
"There are plenty of them!"
Eyes are everywhere
Down every alley way
Standing on every corner
We are watching you
You are in 'our territory' now!
"Hold your bags and purses, close and tight!"
For I may be walking behind you
One minute there, next minute gone!
It is the nature of the game
As I snatch and grab your purse
When I see you off guard
Taking your money and claiming it, as my own
Without a second glance or single thought in mind!
You see, I need it to survive on
I am banking on you, being rich!
I told you this place is a hell hole
And I meant it!
This dark place
Full of shadows and conscious deceit
Will swallow you up and eat you alive
You will lose your way
In its pit of endless darkness!
There is no Prince Charming's, out here!
Believe me I have waited
No one comes to save you!
There are only damsels in distress
Like me!
No one to help you!
You could diminish and disappear one day
Within a blink of an eye!
Without a hint or trace of you, left behind
And no one will see it happen
Because nobody opens their mouth up, around here!
So, love and appreciate one another!
Care for yourself and care for one another!
Tell your loved ones 'you love them, often!'
'Enjoy the home you live in!'


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