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Love Sincere

By: Spirit Of Freedom

Page 1, Raptures Of Love. Physical, love making.


I want to stay in your arms

Smelling, the scent of your skin


A moment, captured in time and space

Enraptured, by your warming presence

Feeling you kiss, the top of my head

I gaze into your eyes

Stroking your chest

Nothing to fear, smiling

I am safe with you

A tender kiss, of reassurance

Lingering upon my lips

I love you, for the way, you love me

Feels like an eternity, as you kiss me, so perfect!

Not wanting to let this moment pass

Fingers locked, hand in hand

Bodies entwined

Skin against skin

Breaking all barriers of time

No goodbye kisses!

Only passionate desires, aflame

Making love to you

Feeling you, inside me

A passionate affair, deep

Making the most of the moment

Know me, feel me

This is who I am

Love, sincere!


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