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Once Here Now Dead

By: Spirit Of Freedom

Page 1, This poetry was inspired when I was questioning my self worth and my place in this world. Quite a few pieces of writing where written during this chapter of my life. Be interesting to hear from you in what you felt/ thought when reading this piece. Look forward to your comments.


Once here
Now, dead & gone
“What am I known for, this time round”?
I exist only as a memory now
A memory, that fades over time
“Who will remember me, when I am gone”?
No one knew me
Yet, people will say, they knew me, so well!
A laugh, how often people think “they are experts”
Yet, really
Know nothing at all!
“How well did you know the inside of me”?
For, if I was to ask...
“What is my favourite colour”?
Or, “what’s my favourite song”?
I listen for answers...none come
“What’s my favourite food to eat”?
Complete silence...I could hear a pin drop!
“Do these questions fall upon deaf ears”?
For I ask...
“Who truly knew me”?
“What am I known for”?
“Who will remember me”?
When, I am dead & gone.

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