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DESIRES and temptations

By: tahir139

Page 1, it is a poem about how souls are misled by devil and his disciples


Days flow by, weeks turn to months and then to years

Life is a journey undulating in joy, sorrow and fears


Touching our lives through trials and with bliss

Memories, pile on a treasure not to miss


Fate and destiny are not ours to shape or to own

A birth into poverty or riches is His to loan


So many souls lost drinking off the chalice of Desire

Hearts embracing evil, virtues cast aside in the mire


Whispering evil, impressing it on the mortals heart

Ignoble Passions and Temptations, Demons cast


Disobedience to the Creator, the disciples of Devil pray

Leading humanity away from His Mercy and Say


Hiding in the shadows, death lurks and stalks

A predator for each mortal’s soul it walks


For the wretched and sinful, a most horrible fate

A destination of raging and fiery fire lies await


Burning for eternity enveloped in columns of fire

Mercy Only for whom He Wills or Desires








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