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What is forgiveness? Why would you give it? For whom should you give it? These questions should be asked…

Submitted:Sep 15, 2011    Reads: 20    Comments: 7    Likes: 2   

Forgiveness isn't a word, it's a way how you tell those people who hurt you, "you didn't break me." It's a way how you scream against the world and say, "I can be better than you, I can forgive" if we forgave who killed us and broke our hearts then we're telling them that we won, you lost.

Life can be better if we used that word, god gave us a lot of gifts, and one of those gifts is to know how to forgive, to know how to forget what happened and move on with our life.

Someday a good friend told me,

"To give forgiveness to a person who doesn't deserve it but in the end it makes you the better person to say to that person even if you never see them again you hurt me but you didn't break me, and because of what you did I'm stronger than ever in mind and heart."

To forgive is to be raped and tell that monster, "you killed my body, but you never touched my soul."

To forgive is to be cheated and to remember every good moment you spend with that person who cheated you.

To forgive is when someone lies on you, and you think that he may be true.

To have an excuses for those who hurt you.

To wait in the light for those who left you alone in the darkness.

To resist every beat in your heart calls for revenge.

To give your right hand to help those who cut your left hand.

To forgive is to forget pain and anger.

To smile in face of who made you cry.

To give a promise and keep it no matter what, no matter how bad you were betrayed.

To blame yourself when others do mistakes.

To forgive is to leave the knife when you're able to take a life.

To forgive is when you've got a gun toward a killer's head then you ask yourself, "What will I gain if he's dead!"

To forgive is to give when you're able to take.

When you forgive you're getting another step to perfection.

It doesn't mean that you're weak when you don't want to hurt, it doesn't mean that you're afraid when you want to leave darkness and live in light, it doesn't mean that you can't do it when you don't want to do it.

Revenge is so easy, and forgiveness is easier, you won't gain anything from a shout … but you'll gain everything from a smile.

In life… you can make a lot of decisions, but I want you to make sure that when you're leaving life and you're closing the door then you look back;

I want you to say, "I did it!!"…then you close the door and start your journey to another world where there's no hate, no revenge, no tears, no lies.

You start walking to the light and you know that …there will be no more darkness.


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