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This is a 10 minute play I wrote. 4/14/12

Beth is in her late twenties. She is in a dark place state of mind. She got an abortion. She is dreaming this. Lisa is the baby fetus that got aborted. Lisa is 16 in the dream.

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Beth: (wakes up in a pitch black abyss) Hello? (no response) Hello? Is anybody there? (still no response) Can someone let me out of here? (no response) I am stuck

Lisa: (walks on stage) Well… Well… Well… Look what the cat dragged in

Beth: Hello? Can you let me out?

Lisa: (laugh) I can't let you out until you have peace with in yourself. For what you have done.

Beth: Oh god! I have no idea what I have done.

Lisa: Do not say his name! You are not worthy enough to say his name!

Beth: Can you tell me what I have done?

Lisa: You know what you did, you ungrateful bitch!

Beth: Excuse me? Why are you calling me a bitch?

Lisa: Think hard Beth.

Beth: How do you know my name?

Lisa: Think really hard about what you have done.

Beth: (few seconds pass as she thinks) I have no clue what I have done.

Lisa: I know what you have done. Why can't you just admit to what you have done? You ruined my life!

Beth: I do not know you. I think you are just some psycho who wants to torture me!

Lisa: Beth you ruined my life.

Beth: How in the hell do you know my name? How in the hell did I ruin your life?

Lisa: Do you remember going to the doctor's office?

Beth: (gets up off the floor) Oh my god!

Lisa: I told you not to say his name! You are not worthy to say his name!

Beth: I am sorry. I remember going to the doctor's office. But how did you know I went there? Are you like a stalker? Are you stalking me? Tell me you motherfucker!

Lisa: (laughs) You think I would stalk a bitch like you? You must have forgotten to take your meds if you think I stalked you at the doctor's office.

Beth: Then how do you know I was there?

Lisa: I was there. I was with you for a while. You knew I was with you too.

Beth: Oh shit!

Lisa: That is right Beth. I was there for 13 weeks.

Beth: Shut up! Shut up! (covering ears) lalalalalalalala!

Lisa: You can't run from the truth Beth. The truth will haunt you.

Beth: Please stop!

Lisa: If you did not want to face the consequences why did you allow this to happen? Huh? Answer me!

Beth: I did it for you! I did this all for you! I could not provide for you! I did not want you to suffer! I knew I couldn't be a good mother for you!

Lisa: You know that is bullshit! Have you heard the term adoption? At least then I would not be haunting you in this abyss!

Beth: I am sorry! I just thought-

Lisa: No you weren't thinking. You probably thought "I am sure I can get rid of this problem inside of me"

Beth: I was not thinking that at all

Lisa: You probably did not think that this baby inside you had feelings. You probably did not think about going shopping for bras for the first time with your baby. You probably did not think about going prom dress shopping with your baby. You probably did not think about going to your baby's graduation. You probably did not think about picking out your baby's wedding dress. Or probably attend the baby's wedding. I am your baby Beth.

Beth: (still in shock. Pacing a few paces) This cannot be. My baby came back to haunt me. How does that work?

Lisa: You pathetic fool. Do you not get it? This is me Mary. I am getting revenge for the life you never gave me. I come to take yours sooner or later.

Mary: Oh my god! God please come save-

Lisa: You spiteful bitch! I told you not to say his name! Next time you say his name I am going to rip out your tongue and slap you with it! Now shut up about God! You went against his will! Now you shall burn for all eternity!

Beth: May I ask you what I was going to name you before the procedure?

Lisa: My name is Lisa. You were going to name me Lisa May Ringger. But now no one will know that name but you.

Mary: I am in shock. That is what I was going to name you. I was going to give you my last name before… Well you know.

Lisa: Mary. I plan to haunt you for the rest of your life. You better get used to seeing me around. You will see me when you least expect it. (Winks at Mary and gives an evil laugh)

Mary: (starts to cry and rock herself) (stage darkens) (the scene changes to her in bed waking up in her bed still crying) It was just a dream. It was only a dream.

Lisa: (laughs from off stage)

Mary: Oh god… Please God help me!


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