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For zadudet1's Afterlife contest...

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After death

Slowly but gradually I felt my soul trying to get away from me - trying to detach itself from the mundane shackles of this cursed worldly life. The man who stood in front of me is naked. Moments before he had destroyed me. Destroyed my biggest asset - my virginity.


He used to come and stand at the school gates every evening. He is handsome. Yes he is. He would stand in style, with his coolers on; at times will rotate it in his hands. No one knew what his qualifications are - is he a degree holder, what job he does, what his age is, where he's from, no nothing. But all of the girls including me have had a little crush on him. And especially me. I'm one of the ordinary girls of sixteen who will fall to almost everything flashy. I now had realized it all. I now knew it that it is my fault, to having been lured to his call. The day he pulsated his index finger towards me.

Everything started that very day. Everything, and it spiralled my life up to a point where I regretted for everything. Not that I'm a bad girl, but that I've been brought up by our servants. I've never been with my parents. The business magnates - as they are stamped, never used to stay home. I hardly remember my dad's face and my mom's too. We had billows of lucre but not a penny of love. Their improper ways of pedagogy had left me in a point in life where I'm unable to decide which is right and which is not. At least, I'm not brought up to even spend a second to think upon it.


All those tides of regret washed over me as I inhaled my last big breath. It was too late to learn that he's a paedophile - of paedo-cidal temptations. I felt my lung pump out my last volume of air when he stood looking at my bruised and stabbed naked body, with a hideous smile.


What? I'm still alive? I just now felt my life go away and then I felt so alive, so rejuvenated. I felt finally that I'm free. Where is my petty anxiety of not doing maths assignment? Where is my worry about my looks without make-up? Where is my concern about getting home late? I recognized the place as the abandoned old textile mill. Oh it was the same place we used to meet. Me and my lover. It was the same place he-... oh what happened to me? I see a naked school girl lay directly below my feet. Am I in levity? Oh it's my body!

What am I looking at? Am I dead? Am I a ghost? Or an angel? I don't think I'm dead. This is a nightmare. One of the most common sleep paralysis that I used to get very often. I will try my best to shake off my vitalities to get away from this sleep paralysis. I tried to agitate. But it felt easier than it had ever been. I never had felt so easy to even move a single nerve when in sleep paralysis.

What is this? I felt myself dissolve in air and disappear. I went up gradually. I felt so light. Fear gripped my throat. I always had had dreamed of flying. Fantasized how it would feel like to fly. No it was not good. I felt something get away from me in rocketing speed. Oh, they're my memories. The decadence of my memories. I felt them jump out of me, though I can't say from where they all came out. Was it from my brain, or from my heart? No, I have neither. I'm now air. I'm now nothing.

Before should my final memory escape my hold, I swore that I would take revenge. Tit for tat is the way. I can see the Akashic records. The past, the present, the future - everything glides in front of my eyes. I knew for certain that I'm the soul. So, where am I going? To hell? To heaven? I'm sure it is heaven. Oh what? My vision goes black. It goes completely black.


Who am I? What am I? Something pulls me to a direction against my wishes. What happened to me? Who am I? I remember nothing! Am I god's creation? I don't see anyone here. The only thing that I know is that I'm god's creation. What is god? I don't know. Wow, what a beautiful world! I'm given vision. I see everything. I stood on the top of the world. What? Something pulls me towards the floor. Oh am I going to fall and die? With ultimate velocity, I approach a place full of tall green plants. I don't know how I know all this. Have I been here before? Oh there lay a slimy creature. Is it a snake? Oh the power that pulled me vanished to nothing. It had left me at a point where I stood superficially touching that snake. Something told me to enter. Some divine power told me that I will be born as a snake. Before me lay a pregnant snake. I felt my memories fade away and my body pierce the snake's body. To my surprise, nothing happened to the snake, though I penetrated its body.


(two years later)*** There lay a snake fully loaded with its latest meal. The ultimate power, which we refer to as God, was seeing the scene. What is it? A male to be referred to as 'Him'? Or a female to be referred to as 'She'? Or simply an eternal light to be referred to as 'It'? No one knows. It saw the scene from an undisclosed location. It made the snake to butt its head upwards. The snake complied so. There stood a naked man. Another assault! The God with his/her/its power ordered the snake to make it toward the man. Though fully loaded with meal and unable to move, involuntarily or unconsciously, with difficulty the snake complied so. The God ordered the snake to let out its powerful fangs fiercely. The snake complied so. The God made the snake open its mouth and inject the poison into that naked man's left leg. The snake complied so. The God saw the man slide to death vomiting in white fumes. The snake saw the same in ignorance. It saw without even realising that it had killed the man. It felt no guilt. After all, it had no 6th sense. The God smiled and pronounced peace for the two year old snake. The snake complied so, and chose the hidden corner of the dried grass stack to help the digestion of its meal. It complied to whatever The Holy God said. So it received peace. Sooner, it will receive salvation, though it is unaware of it. The snake slept in peace. The new victim clutched her torn clothes to shield her exposed private parts and ran out in agitation with her bruised body. The God, with the satisfaction of having awarded the justice, drifted its vision to another case at another part of the world. The soul inside the snake thanked God, through its invisible web of connection with the God. The reason for after-life was accomplished. The soul complied so.

A/N: *** - the narration (POV)is changed from 1st person to 3rd person, since a snake cannot narrate...


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