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Pedagogy is not Dead

Short story By: arun
Literary fiction

Submitted for Melisa Alburney's contest.

To all my friends, esp Asiya and Rosa: I didn't update it to anyone, because I feel that this is not that good. So, please forgive me and DON'T EAT ME LOL, if you, by chance, run into this...

Submitted:Sep 3, 2011    Reads: 13    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Pedagogy Is Alive

'Listen to me. He's your dad. Don't cry at him ok?' I said. Despite my sharing of my ken to you, you start to cry. Not just at him. You cry at everyone, at a consistent basis. You cried seeing the nurse, seeing the doctor, seeing your uncle, seeing your niece, and in total, you cry seeing everyone.

You're just 2 days old. Doctors told me not to panic, because you even cried seeing me! Seeing me! How's that tolerable? The doctor, a respectable lady of about 40 told me that you'll get accustomed to me in a day or two. I just can't believe and when asked, she said, 'Yes, all the newborns are like that.'

She can say it just like that. But it pained me more than anyone else. Why, it pained me more than it might have pained you! Doctor had told me that if you cry, it will be because of only two reasons - first, you're hungry, or else, time to change diapers. Very rare are other reasons.

Your dad won't come back again to see you dear, at least, for another year. He's another 16 months to complete his sentence. You're too young to understand these things. He went to jail because he loved us so much. Well I'm speaking to you, though you didn't even start to crawl. I know it is insane but I feel good speaking to you. After all, you're my whole world!

That was a beautiful rainy day. Not completely raining. Only dribbles of rain are being rejected by the cloud. The sun refused to duck behind the clouds. That moment was like heaven - a rare but perfect mixture of swelter and rain. As they show in films. I, the heroine was walking down an alley. Thinking of it makes me blush dear. That's when I met your dad. Oh dear, you dozed off! I didn't notice! Sweet dreams dear.

Don'... don't cry don't cry dear. You cry seeing something. I have no idea why do you cry. I try to placate you, but in vain. Finally I decide to trust my story telling ability. One thing I always noticed in your 8 months of living is that you always look up at someone speaking. I don't know but I think that you're elated about the world's languages, the world's ways. I must tell you dear - this world is not, as you think, good. I told you half the story the other day. So let me say it fully.

And yes, that was not a good way to fall in love. I was walking alone in that rainy day. Less populated or say un-populated streets. Suddenly a man pushed me aside and snatched my carry bag. I resuming from my shock, shouted and ran chasing him. But I failed. He disappeared. Not that I'm worried about money, but I'd many of my designs in that. I was such a coward. I didn't even go to police station.

The next day was Sunday. It is around 11am, when the calling bell rang. I was incensed to find the thief. He tried to stir. He calmed me down. He said he was not a thief. He was an illiterate unemployed orphan. He said he was starving for 4 days. He returned me my bag and the remaining money. That was the moment I became friends with him. I asked him to call me whenever he needs money. Oh, you're asleep! Good boy.

Today's your 504th day on earth! We went to see your dad in prison. You like him so much. You smiled at him. I'm so happy. I actually cried happy tears dear. Don't think that your dad is a bad man. I told you that we became friends right? Then, as days passed, I unconsciously fell in love with him. I asked if he'd marry me. He did. And we will be the happiest couple in the world. Trust me. Your dad tried his very best to keep me always happy. He got a job and did overtimes and other small businesses in free time to keep me in luxury.

He loved you and me so much. Words can never express his love especially on you. He desired to have a daughter so that he could name her Angel. But I gave birth to you! He asked me to name you Jonas. Well, it is fate that threw him this situation. He became the whipping boy for someone else's fault. He was accused wrongly for larceny. He can't prove himself. After all, they took his history and decided blindly that he who was once a thief is the culprit. I forgot to say that your dad had been in jail many times for small thieveries.

You know what? Today's your dad's release - a week before your 2nd birthday. I can promise he will make your birthday so grand. It is unfortunate that he came to your birth with the guards in special one hour permission. I cried seeing how he struggled to even lift you in his handcuffs. For your 1st birthday, we couldn't get permission. Now he's coming dear. Aren't you excited? Oh how can you? After all, he's coming only today after your birth. I can't take it that he was stamped as a thief by this society.

I'm so happy to see this scene. He comes and kisses you. He was a great dad.

Happy birthday dear. Today's your 2nd birthday. Your dad is taking us to the dockyard. Wow it will be so good. I'm happy that my fears are proved pointless. You love your dad so much. I thought you would repel from him as if he's a stranger. But you'd become his friend!

The only mistake he's doing now is that he loves you excessively. At times, I become jealous seeing you two play. Jealous to see how close you two were. His time spent with me is almost reduced to one-fourth! Here I see you holding your hands with his. You both walk in this dockyard. Fishing net in his left hand and his other hand to you. Your right hand thumb into your mouth. How many times have I told you not to suck your thumb? Anyway, this is a beautiful scene!

I know only one thing for sure - pedagogy is not dead. He was a criminal - a thief. But once. Not anymore. Your dad is the best dad in the whole world!


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