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Booksie is my resume

By: attanasio

Page 1, Just expounding on a funny thought I had today while doing other things.

“Hi, my name is Mary, please have a seat.”

As I sat in the chair I asked, “is everything ok?”

“Well Tom, I have a few questions about your resume.


You have quite a large list of skills you claim to be familiar with, yet you have no prior job history. How did you develop these skills?” she asked as she looked up from my resume. I responded, “those skills are the result of me reading on writing on a writers web site called Booksie.”


I am going to read a few and I want you to briefly explain how these relate to you using this Booksie web site.


Inventory Tracking?

     I have works written in 8 main categories and 18 sub categories, And people leave comments, and I track the comments I receive and the comments  I have responded to, and the works with no comments, and the comments that I leave that have been responded to, and the comments that I leave that have no response.


Ok that’s enough, what about Customer service?

   I make sure everyone that reads my work and comments knows that they are appreciated. And I return the favor and comment on their work to show my appreciation and keep them as fans.


Ok, that’s enough, what about Problem Solving?

  I enter contests and challenges that have strict guidelines and rules and it teaches problem solving to accomplish. You have to use very obscure words in a work with a certain number of lines or words and…


Ok, that’s enough, what about Advertising?

  I contact potential fans with reading requests, often adding a short sample to wet their appetites, or charming them to get them to read me. I include interesting or suggesting pictures to peek their interest further. I pick a charming picture for my icon to draw them to me and…..


Ok, that’s enough, what about Editing/Proof reading?

   I edit what I write and I edit for some of the other writers and proof read my work and their work.


Ok, that’s enough, what about Contact management?

   I maintain a fans list, and friends list that I like to read, potential fans I want to leave comments on hoping they will notice me and send a fan request. I search my contacts for new works so I can leave them a comment. I look over the new people joining the site to…


Ok, that’s enough, what about Art Layout/Graphical Design?

   I have to decorate my home page with music, and pictures, different fonts, colors and animations. It must be attractive and enticing. I …..


Ok, I suppose you have similar answers also for: communication skills, reading comprehension, creativity, thinking outside the box, data analysis, typing, shrewd business sense, computer usage, time management, investigative reporting, decision making, speed reading, motivational speaking and salesmanship?


In fact I do Mary, would you like me to explain each one?


She handed me back my resume and said, “your number is in our files, we will call you if we need you. Good day Tom!”


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