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Mod Red Hoody Riding ANGELROSE6 Fairytale rewrite challenge

Short story By: Chiqui
Literary fiction

Tags: Fiction

This is a story of “Once upon a time in the 21st century. A classical fairytale of yesterday years that lives on in the lives of young children forever. The very much-loved Little Red Riding Hood. Now in modern times and not for the very young a real twist in the tale. Read on....

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It was the morning after (Hoody's 16th birthday party. She had just woken up to the aroma of coffee brewing which filled the air. A soft sun ray was peeping through an open piece of her powder blue curtains and she could picture the sun rising above the forest across the road from where they lived, it was always such a picture this red ball of fire rising above the trees and all of a sudden every thing came to life in the forest. The forest she only knew too well over the years of growing up, she had explored it from corner to corner not leaving a stone unturned. Hoody was a true child of nature and loved all creatures great and small. This was her magical playground, a place of make believe and lets pretend and kaleidoscope in a world of her very own.
Even the Woodpecker would stop pecking at his new home when she passed him by and watch her attentively as she went along her way. The small buck and deer would never run away when they saw her and the rabbits always waited for the old bread pieces she would bring to feed them with. Hoody always told her mom "did you know Mamma, the birds they sing just for me?" Her mom would always give her a warm hug and smile when she said that.
Hoody had heard of the big bad wolf but until now she had never had any encounters with him, but in the back of her mind she always had wondered what she would do if there were ever to be a meeting with him, that if he really existed? But in her not a bit of fear. She always wondered if this were not just a story made up by her mom to be careful along her way to Grand mama's cottage at the other end of the forest. In any case, if ever she did have encounters with the so-called 'Big Bad Wolf' - Greg, the Woodcutters son would protect her that she was sure of. Her mind now turning to Greg… wondering if he really knew how she felt about him? He was any girls dream -tall dark and handsome, and bluest of eyes. Did he too feel the same about her, or even just a little?
She came out of this dream world with the calling of her Mum from the kitchen, "breakfast is on the table madam," her mum called. "Coming in a bit mum, just want to finish drying my hair." It didn't take to long when she made her appearance in the kitchen door; she was famished and needed a good meal before leaving for her Grandmother. Sundays where always set aside for Nana, she needed to take to her weekly supplies. Hoody also knew she gets to see Greg and they can spend some time together at the small Brooke that ran through the forest and together they will get to feed all the animals. "Mmmmm! Mum my favourite pancakes and maple syrup, yummy, thank you so much!" "You welcome Hoody," her mother replied. "Now eat up and we can together get Nans supplies packed in the basket."
There were always more than a dozen things that went into the basket for Nana. "Mum, did you put in a piece of birthday cake, Gran wont be very happy if I don't share a slice with her?" "I surely did!" came the reply, "and tell gran to go slow on the peaches I got for her, don't want her eating to many and getting an upset stomach, now do we?" "Lol! Mum, that would be like talking to the wall," said Hoody. "Please fetch the magazines in the sitting room, I would like to send them if you don't mind carrying an extra packet?" said her mum. "That's fine with me," replied Hoody. Soon the basket was packed and ready, Hoody put on her Uzi jeans new Red cape as the air was quite fresh, winter was nearing and the wind through the trees could be rather chilly at times.
"Off you go Hoody, and please take special care, mind the wolf now wont you?" "Yes mum I will, don't worry I am yet to meet him ha! ha!" chuckled Hoody. Her bicycle readily packed (it always looked as if she were going away for a week) basket at the back on the carrier, magazines and other odds and ends in the front basket, just enough room to pick Nana some wild colourful Cosmos on the banks of the Brooke, and of course her I-pod which would play softly as she rode her way through the forest. She loved music; her mum always said she was born with an I-pod in her hand. Her mum gave her a peck on her forehead and waved her on her way.
Her mind was very much of that with thoughts of Greg. Thinking it would have been real Wow! If he were at her party too. Unfortunately her parents were kind of very strict and sometime she though a little to over protective, but what the heck she gets to see him today. He said he wanted to be a personal trainer one day, well he certainly had the body and looks for that, a smile now on her lips as the thought passed through her head. After picking flowers for Nana on the banks of the Brooke, she sat down on the grass an waited for Greg, he should be here very soon she thought to herself.
The air was fresh and cool and then she realised there was an awful silence in the forest, she looked around and whistled but nothing came back to her just silence. There was a soft rustle in a near by bush, must be a rabbit or deer she thought. The water flowed easily over the rocks the smell so fresh and clean. All of a sudden there was a fluttering of birds and the cries of Adidas, she looked up to the sky there were hundreds of birds in the sky - then came the first shot and another. "Oh! My gosh, what's wrong?" saying out loud to herself, her racing in her chest. Was that Hans, Greg's dad (the woodcutter) or was it Greg or maybe a poacher? she thought to herself.
Knowing that she must not wait any longer she got onto her bicycle and rode as fast as she could to Nana's cottage. There were red lights and blue lights flashing everywhere, she was frantic what had happened? Then she saw him lying at the bottom of the veranda stairs, blood everywhere, eyes still open in a stare and then came to mind…
"Oh! Grandmamma what 'BIG EYES' you got - "all the better to see you with!" snapped the wolf as mum always told the story when she was young.
Quickly she found herself snapping out of this and knew something real bad had happened. She call out, "Greg, Hans, Nana are you there, can you hear me?" there was no reply and she knew she had to go into the cottage to see what was wrong. She was so scared, what if, what if… she wasn't sure what to think. As she entered through the front door she saw Hans kneeling and holding Greg in his arms, the Para meds were busy fitting a drip into his left arm. The tears were rolling down Hans's face when he looked up at Hoody. "Please dear Lord don't let him die, he is all that I have left in this world." Hoody knelt down beside Greg, pulling her fingers through his dark brown thick hair. He opened his eyes just for a moment and gave her a smile, a smile she will never forget, it told her all. Then he closed his brown eyes forever more,
"Where is my nana Hans?" she asked through her uncontrollable sobs. "They have taken her to hospital in the other ambulance, she is in a great deal of shock but she will be fine Hoody," replied Hans. "If it were not for Hans she would not be here any longer, he protected her with his life from the wolf," he told her. "Better you phone your mum to come pick you up girl."
Tuesday after was the funeral of Greg. It was devastating and so sad listening to the Vicars last words…"Dust to dust and ashes to ashes!" Just before they lowered the coffin into the grave Hoody walked up to it and lay a bunch of Pink Cosmos on top of it, saying take these as the symbol of my love Greg. She knew that the colour pink represents unconditional love, love requiring nothing in return. It is also the colour of friendship and conviviality. In the aura it signifies balance between the spiritual and the material. Hans walked up to her and handed her a small parcel with a card. "I found this in Greg's pocket before they took him away Hoody, it is for you," he said. She took the parcel and walked to a tree where she opened it in privacy. There was this beautiful silver locket in the shape of a heart, she opened it and inside was a photo of Greg and engraved at the back 'I will love you forever!'
The card read… Although I didn't come to the party, I was by your side, take this locket and always wear it as a token of my love for you Hoody. "Happy Birthday!" Always your Greg. Until this day she never married or even wished to go out when any other boy, she now still lives in her nana's cottage at the other end of the forest. You may want to know how I know this…well that girl happened to be me!


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