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A short story I wrote for english class.

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Rain pours onto the black pavement, deafening drops of ice. A mouth, round and pink, is silently screaming. An infant only the size of a small cat is lying in the dark soaking wet and cold. Amidst the trash and the rats a newborn child has been abandoned. Her swaddling lies crumpled in a dirty ball. This child is nameless, loveless. Her belly is empty of milk and her red face is wet and hot. Somewhere, her mother is lying in a warm bed with tears in her eyes. Who is the father? She doesn't know that. Would this father stop her from abandoning her child? No. He was just looking for a good time. Aren't we all? Even the little girl is looking for a good time, out of the wetness. Her small heart is discovering new emotions like sadness, fear, and loneliness.Two days of life and already discovering pain. A happy child with a good mother would not know emotional pain so soon.In the dark alleyway there is no warm breast or happy mobile to reach up to. Everything is still a blur to the child, her eyes not fully matured. But she can still see that everything is dark and scary, not dark and warm like a womb. The rain does not slow until early morning, and the darkness fades to pale blue.The baby girl is lucky not to have choked and drowned on the rainwater. The only thingthat protected her was her screaming and coughing up the water. The little girl is quiet though, and her voice is too hoarse to scream anymore. The dew dries on her face. Her stomach curls up in a little ball of pain desiring milk.

Ten minutes pass, twenty minutes, an hour. The child lies silently on the ground. A mangy dog with an emaciated appearance walks over to her. Its breasts are painfully full of milk from losing its pups during the night. It sniffs the baby and nudges it with its nose. The baby stirs and reaches out to the dog and grips its warm, soft ear. The dog doesn't growl or snap, but instead leans its head closer looking for a scratch. The dog hasa dirty red collar on that has a tag reading MOLLIE. She sits down next to the baby andrests her head on her paws contently, happy to have human contact. Mollie also knowsthe pain of abandonment. The baby rolled onto her side and grabbed at the dog with little hands. When she felt the teat full of milk she sucked it eagerly and Mollie sighed andallowed her to drink. Much like the story of Romulus and Remus drinking from the teats of the Capitoline she wolf, they were also abandoned and had no other choice.

Once her belly was full, she fell asleep. It was the afternoon when somebody walked by. The first ten people that walked by didn't see her. One or two of the peopledid see the dog and the white bundle but didn't stop to investigate. When a small familyof three walked by, a little boy only five years old ran over, shouting, "Doggie!" Hismother started over him but stopped when Mollie licked his hand. The mother and fatherwent over to get their son when they saw the baby sleeping peacefully next to the dog.At first they didn't know what to do, then they called the police station, wherethey turned the baby in and the baby was sent to a temporary foster home until the family could adopt her. Mollie was taken in too by the family and had an immediate visit to the vet for shots and rehabilitation. The baby was named Alexandria and lived a full and happy life. Although her life was good, she never got over her past and she always questioned about who her mother was and why she left her to die. The mother of Alexandria was never found but forensic scientists are working with her to find a DNA match and arrest her mother. Mollie is now 15 years old and Alexandria is 13. Alexandria was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease andrequires regular doctor visits.The cause of her disease is believed to be drug use by her mother but her doctor doesn't know for sure.She still lives a long life though and makes it her life goalto always care for children even if they are not her own. Alexandria baby-sits the neighborhood children and her little brother Steven and makes a good profit doing so.Alexandria tries to help out her parents the best she can and treats them like she would her actual parents.

Unlike most people,Alexandria never felt anger toward her realmother, only confusion. As she got older, she thought more about it and realised that she had no right to judge the worman that abandoned her. How could she judge someone she didn't know? Some of her friends wondered why she wasn't angry about it but knowing Alexandria, the resigned to the fact that she was a good person and wasn't capable of such hate. Alexandria still wanted the woman in jail, though, no matter how she felt toward her because she simply couldn't allow this kind of thing to go on in the future to other children and it would prove a point if her mother was found and deemed guilty. Alexandria has to live everyday with pain in her lungs and limitations on what she can do athletically without causing her intense pain or death. Alexandria uses an inhaler, which helpsa, but she also has to take medication and always keep in mind that her lungs are weak and she can't do everything she wants to do, she had so many aspirations and she fulfilled many of them , which was satisfying and kept her busy.A child is a precious thing to have, it is the culmination of life itself that you are birthingand should be treasured. No matter a woman's situation, she should never abandon a child. With all the people in the world that want children and cannot have them, toabandon a child is a selfish and thoughtless act.
The End


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