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He started the day in fear of the world. In the end though he was glad he went out.

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I spent the Monday, well, hiding to be honest. I'd been down here a week, applied for every job in the world and ended up, glory upon glory, in a pasty shop. Yes, this was my great escape! Selling over priced pasties with coffee on the side, watching my life slowly wither away with every pasty I sold. 'It's Money' I kept telling myself, but the more I said this, the more it pissed me off.

My alarm had woke me up early, too early for the part time unemployed. I couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to go to St Austell and continue my job hunt. St Austell was probably the biggest town in the area, about the size of Wigan or Bolton, and very similar too. So I took a shower and set off for another fantastic day of job hunting. The bus would take a while, so I settled in, two seats from the back and stared out the window. I decided not to job hunt today, the whole process had beaten my brain to fuck, I needed a break. There was me, the driver and an elderly dear on the bus. It was hot and clammy on the bus, but the old hag wouldn't let me open a window. So I just sat there, sweating, but past caring. The Bus stopped and I fell in love.

As she walked on she completely ignored the driver, who didn't say anything, and she simply headed straight for the back of the bus. I tried to take her in, wanting to remember every detail of this moment, what a vision. She'd dark blonde hair, black eye shadow with a pout that meant business. She looked like a bitch, but i'd always liked that for some reason, especially if it turned out to be true. She can't have been taller than 5'4, but her legs were long and her bust was large for such a petit figure. I'd planned to quickly glance at her bottom as she passed, but she glanced somewhat in my direction and I bottled it. Damn! I thought, I nearly completed the spank bank jigsaw. I was sweating even more but now I cared.

The agony of having her sat behind me was hell. I could feel her stare on the back of my head, or was I imagining it? Was my own tension creating this feeling? She might have been looking. This thought cheered me for a moment as I planned our life together in my head, the old cliché running away, drink, shagging etc, but it calmed my mood and I could relax for the first time that day, knowing my imaginary life was about to begin right here, on this bus.

Of course though, this was not too last, she got off at the stop before mine. I grabbed my bag to follow, but I was in two minds, should I get off the bus?..... What would I say?.... I don't even know her....she probably has a boyfriend anyway. By the time all this had gone through my head, the bus had taken off, my chance, alas was gone. Back to the mood of early morning, a day of hiding from the job hunt commenced.

I got off the bus thoroughly demoralized and sauntered around until I found a cafe. It was cheap and it looked quiet. I ordered the 'economy' breakfast and a pot of tea, opened my book and hid in the corner. It was quite dark in there, on a sunny day people like bright places, I wouldn't be disturbed all day, excellent. I eat my breakfast, read my book and ordered pot of tea after pot of tea until they closed. I didn't have much money with me so, I decided to get the bus back.

I'd just sparked a cig, when the bus arrived; it was an hour for the next bus so I had a quick drag, put it out and got on the bus. It was pretty full this time, students at the back laughing like gobshites, old hags at the front complaining about them being so loud and the workers on the way home in the middle. I was going to stand until I spotted two empty seats. Just in front of the students though, I decided I could handle them. After five minutes I wasn't sure I could, students are the only sober people who talk bollocks so loud every one can hear them

Dad says he's only giving me 500 for my holiday....Did you about the guy who tried to have a bbq inside...In animation today I told the teacher I thought the PM was a twat etc.

I nearly turned around and told them shut up. Nothing scares students more than someone who isn't a student, they panic because they have been given no text book on what to do when an angry prole confronts them on the bus home. They're heads bow, hoping one of them will take control, but they never do, they cower and apologise like the French in the war. But I didn't, I just stared out the window, putting up with the bastards. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder, 'Do you mind if sit here?' It was the girl! She must've been trapped in that student nightmare behind me, I couldn't believe my luck, and she wanted to sit with me. 'These guys are doing my 'ed in' The students froze, like antelope's when they sense a lion. 'Of course, sit down, they're getting on my tit's an all' They cowered further away.

Happy I sat back, this was brilliant. 'Sean' I said offering my hand

'Sam' She grinned as she took it.

'Do I detect an accent?' I offered weakly

'Yeah, I suppose, I'm a Leigher' she said, expecting me not to know what she meant.

'So you're a lobbygobbler then' That was brave, she might bugger off now. But amazingly, she didn't. I told her I was a wiganer and what were the odds. She wasn't impressed but we talked and laughed all the way to her stop, she was so easy to talk to and actually seemed to find me funny. 'Well, I'm getting off here' she said, getting her things together. 'Me, too' Shit! Why did I say that? I didn't even know where we were!

'Cool' she pouted 'you can walk me home.' I knew she was a bitch. As I walked her home, carrying her things, we started flirting somewhat.

'Do you have a girlfriend Sean?' She demanded

'Not at the moment.'

'Why not?' She was getting sterner.

'Er...I don't know really.' I readjusted the bags, they were getting heavy.

'Well this is my house.' She looked at it and nodded 'When you come in, put the things on the side.'

I was going in. What for though? Was she going to make me put her shopping away? Or was I here to do dishes? Or did she like me? She'd rushed ahead and when I walked in, she was nowhere to be seen. I didn't want to shout though, in case someone else was in the house and wondered who the fuck I was. I put the things on the side and had a look around. You entered the house straight into the kitchen, which startles you as you go in as it's all painted brilliant white, with matching fixtures and fittings. It reminded me of a mental asylum I'd seen in a film once, except for the bright red fridge which broke up the room, a little.

'I'll be down in a minute!' she shouted 'Have a look round'

I walked in to the lounge, it was a small room, with two green leather couches that were too big for it, a telly in the corner and a huge mirror on the wall. I used this opportunity to adjust my hair and what not. As I was fumbling whether to have two buttons on my shirt open or one, she appeared in the mirror. She'd nothing on but a pair of nude heels, black French knickers and a black push up bra with white trim. She just stood there pouting for a minute, before slowly walking towards me and undoing my belt. She ripped down my trousers and unbuttoned my shirt. 'If I'm in my underwear you have to be too' I was stood there in nothing but my boxers and suddenly very aware of my semi. She looked at my crotch and grinned 'Come on, I'll get us a drink' I followed her awkwardly, not sure whether to cover up or not, back into the kitchen. 'I've only got Malibu left I'm afraid'

I hated Malibu 'I'll have a double if I can.'

She poured two glasses, with a touch of lemonade, and jumped onto the worktop and crossed her legs. 'Come here' she ordered me. I took a big swig and went nervously over to her. I'd never seen a sexier woman, her eyes seemed to love you and hate you at the same time, very sexy. I kissed her slowly and parted her legs, then brought her crotch to mine. I looked at her for a minute before picking her up and taking her to the lounge, throwing her down on the leather couch and sliding off her knickers. I slipped of my boxers and she worked me inside her, she seemed to scream in pain, but grabbed me closer and kissed my neck as I worked on her. She threw me over, so she was on top and my god, I have never been rode like that. She didn't even give a shit I was there! She just rode her self into oblivion, taking me with her. She fell onto me, I was still inside her, and we just lay there. Not saying a word.


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