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Please Note: Picture used does not belong to me.

I wrote this is memory of Sophie Lancaster (1986-2007)

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Hi. My name's Eva. I'm eighteen years old and I study Art and Design. I'm hoping to get into an Art Academy after I leave College. I love to draw Dragons mostly. I find them fascinating. There may not be real proof of them, but I can't help but think if there were any kind of Dragons that wondered around the Earth before our time. They're beautiful creatures. As a job, I'd love to be a tattoo designer, and I know Dragons are popular for tattoos. I've actually had a few local parlors discover my designs on my Facebook page and ask me if they could use my designs. I'm always happy for them to use them and I'm love that someone notices them. Besides Dragons, I also like to draw roses, skulls and crosses in a gothic style. I somewhat see myself as a Goth too. I can't help but love gory horror movies and I actually find a huge interest in Black Magic. I've read books about it in the library and searched it up online, but despite how much I appreciate the darker things in life, I'm usually a very happy and upbeat person, despite how I dress. I get a bit of money from giving tattoo parlors my ideas, but I don't work there permanently. I want to get into the Art Academy first, so I can gain skills, express my talents and hopefully meet some friends on the way too. When I finish, I will try and find some tattoo places that will take interest in my designs and hopefully hire me. I could draw my tattoo ideas for them, but I don't think I could actually draw the tattoo on the person myself. I hate needles, and I'm very squeamish when it comes to needles digging into someone's skin, but I could still draw for them. I seem to always come up with new ideas. Inspiration always strikes me like a lighting bolt. Yep. I have plans for the future, and I'm looking forward to begin.

I walked down the lonely and silent alleyway on that cold fateful night of November. The sky was pitch black. Bitter icy air dancing around me as I walk on with my long raven black hair tied into a ponytail and my trench coat falling down to my ankles. I was walking home from College on what seemed like a quiet, hushed and somewhat peaceful night, until I saw them.

There was a gang of five. All of them male, wearing hoodies, smoking cigarettes and constantly cussing at each other. It isn't long before one of them spots me. I decided to turn around and head the other way, a longer way home, because these guys didn't seem good news at all. I turned back slowly and walked back the other way, but soon I hear them. I hear their footsteps booting the ground, stepping closer and closer towards me. I start to pick up my pace a little faster, hoping they wouldn't come any closer, but their footsteps begin to catch up the same pace as mine. They are only a few inches away now, stalking me like a wild animal ready to catch its prey. I can almost feel their breaths on the back of my neck. I gulp, before I eventually rush my fast walk into a panicked run. I race back down the long alleyway, fear and terror rushing through my body. I hear them yell at me as they chase after me. Their words of hate, insults and threats are thrown at me as the pack charge on faster towards me, desperate for their prety, until a foot sticks out in front of one of mine, tripping me over into the callous and stony ground. I land harshly with a faint crack on my nose. I try to get up to run, but another foot strikes me again, this time making contact with the side of my head, forcing me back down. They're all around me now. All five of them. All of them start to kick me, belt me, spitting cruel words at me. My cries of all plead, fear and agony go unheard and fall upon death ears and do not escape the trapping circle of hate they've built around me. A few more blows to the head, my stomach and my face before they eventually decide to leave this place. I watch them casually walking away, talking loudly and laughing like they were before.

I try to pick myself back up, but it's no use. I have no strength and I'm in too much pain to even try and lift my arm. I knew now that this was this end. The end of the road, the end of my future and the end of me. My plans are shattered and destroyed because of them. They abolished them, wrecked them and ripped them all up. I had such a good future ahead of me, until they took it away. I knew I wasn't going to survive this night, so I would just have to wait until I would fall asleep. A sleep I would never wake up on. I wouldn't be coming home that night and I wouldn't be coming home for Christmas, or the year after that and many years to come. I would have to leave my loving parents, who were probably now getting very worried until they would hear the tragic news on their daughter. I would not be seeing them ever again. My wonderful Mother and my dear sweet Dad. My plans, my future and my life had been snatched away from me and beaten down before my very eyes. I lie here on this cold hard ground bleeding, completely helpless and almost lifeless too. I take one last look at the cloudy dark skies above me, before I breathe me very last breath and shed just one more tear, which slides down my cheek.

I look down at the body that lies before me. I try to touch it, that girl that was me, but my hand goes right through her. The body is left bloody on the head and nose, yet her eyes are closed and relaxed and a small tear rests on her soft cheek. I didn't know how long it would be before someone would find me, but now it was time for me to go. It was time for me to leave behind my life that had been taken away. It was time to say goodbye to those I loved with all I had. My beloved parents and my wonderful friends, who I would now be watching over forever. Now it was time for me, Eva, to fly away to a better world above and far away. I would now be an angel and would be joining those in that place up there, because there was no one, no friend, not a single soul to call my name. There was no saving me now. They didn't like me the second they saw me. It was how I dressed that made them want to attack. They didn't like it, and so to them, I had to die for it. For not being like them, for just being me, for being different. I turn away from the body that lies in peace in her own blood, before I close my eyes and fly away.


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