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Nails on a Chalkboard

Short story By: ERcubed
Literary fiction

How a chalkboard can lead to the downward spiral of the youth of today!

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Nails on a Chalkboard

When I was in the 5th grade, I had a teacher that had long finger nails. Whenever she would write on the chalkboard her little finger nail would scratch against the board and make an awful sound that sent shivers down my spine. One day I was tired from all the homework I had to do the night before, so I rested my head upon my hand. While resting I drifted away with Winkin, Blinkin and Nod.

As I drifted away, with my friends into Slumber Land, my head slide off of my hand and struck my desk with a loud thud. The teacher quickly turned to see me lifting my head from the desk. Sitting right behind me was Tim, the class bully, laughing at what had just happened. Seeing the red mark on my forehead and knowing of Tim's reputation, The teacher assumed that he had pushed my head causing it to strike the desk. She called Tim and I into the hallway and questioned us about the incident. Tim argued that he had nothing to do with my head hitting the desk, but fearing the consequences of sleeping in class, I agreed with her assumption.

We were sent to the principal's office to await our parents' arrival. My mother was the first to show up and talk to the principal. Since I was the "victim", I was sent back to class with a hall-pass. Tim's mother showed up as I was leaving the office and all I could hear from the hallway was loud swearing. Tim was suspended for the rest of the year and sent home immediately. When Tim's father arrived home early, Tim's mother called him at work, and heard about the suspension he began to whip Tim viciously. Because Tim's dad had to leave work early he beat Tim to with in an inch of his young life!

Tim ran away from home two weeks later and joined a gang. Tim got involved in drugs and became even more violent. Being the youngest member, at age ten, to join the gang Tim's only task was to tag anywhere and everywhere he could reach, which landed him in juvenile detention over and over again. Tim quickly became the toughest kid in juvie and "ran the joint" like it was his home. Tim made connections with other repeat offenders and they would eventually form their own gang.

When Tim and the others kids got released from juvie three years later they came out a young gang with something to prove. They began terrorizing their respective neighborhoods. Being a group of uneducated teens they were always getting arrested and sent back to juvie, so the gang did not last long. Tim continued down this path of destruction until on his eighteenth birthday he was arrested and tried as an adult for breaking-and-entering at the local convenient store. He was found guilty and sentenced to 2 years in prison. In prison Tim ran into members of the gang he tagged for as a kid. The members of this gang protected Tim as long as he did whatever they said or asked.

One day Tim was finally fed-up with being the fall guy and being pushed around by the members that were supposed to protect him. So, while in the prison yard Tim decided to talk to Paul, a rival gang leader, for protection from his former gang. Paul agreed to protect Tim under one condition, that Tim walk around with his hand in Paul's pocket to signify that Tim was Paul's little prison bitch!

From school yard to prison yard. All because of a fingernail!


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