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My first words were "mommy", never knew they were gonna be my last.

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Little Tommy doesn't have a great or even a normal life, mainly caused by his mother. Most of the time his mom comes home drunk and completely wasted.
Was his first and only word he has known so far. He is past the point of loving his mom, always enduring the beatings and doesn't care what she keeps doing to him, always forgiving her no matter what.
The mother's name is Sarah and has always regretted to ever have Tommy, the father of the child ditched her, and she has even thought of aborting the child before, but never had enough money. She became complete reject in high school ever since word got out that she was pregnant with Tommy. Her own parents disowned her so there was no one there for her anymore. It caused a passion of hatred toward him even though he never did anything, but just lived. The orphanage was another option, but she never tried, just didn't care anymore. Drinking numbs her pain and abusing her own child makes her think highly of herself sometimes. Most of the time, but not all the time, Tommy tries to hide into the closet if she acts 'funny'.
Tommy never gave up hope that maybe one day she will show love and affection to her own child, only praying and wishing it will happen one day.
The kid had a bright mind and tries to impress the teacher showing no signs of being abused. It makes people think that he might actually be normal. He tries to get good grades thinking that his mom would be impressed or even acknowledge his existence, but never does. He even tries to join some sports to think that maybe she might come to watch one of his games, again she never does…
Little by little he starts to lose faith in believing that his mom just might love him back. Two years pass and Tommy is 8, still enduring the beatings that gradually get rougher and more hurtful. His mom starts to shout and blame him for everything bad that happens to her like losing a job, or even anything simple like breaking a nail. The word "Mommy" is still the only word he says, even if he knows many. Sometime he has thought about going to a teacher, a friend, anything, but just doesn't have the heart to get his mom in trouble.
Mother's Day was coming up soon and he decides to surprise her, still thinking that she will love him back. He knows that she loves her white, silk drapes and also adores her dark red lipstick, so plans are already forming in his mind.
*Mother's Day*
Sarah was going through her make- up kit, trying to find her lipstick that she has been looking everywhere for. Giggling stops her searching and she checks up on Tommy. She sees that Tommy is using her lipstick and writing it on her drapes that cost her a lot of money. Anger and fury are the only emotions that are being acknowledged in her system. Forcefully yanking Tommy away from the drapes, she seethes with anger and starts her ruthless beatings.
Tommy was so excited for his mom to finally see what he has done to the drapes and is suddenly gripped tightly by the arm facing his seething mother. The excited smile was completely gone and replaced with a look of worry, wondering what has angered his mom. A huge sting comes from his cheek and is now flat faced-down onto the floor. Tears cloud his eyes, hoping for his mom to see what he has written onto the drapes. Her punching and kicking seem to be going on forever. He slowly sees black dots everywhere, gradually getting numb and cold, fading into the darkness. His only final thoughts were…
"I forgive you mommy."
Sarah has let her anger out enough and looks back at the drapes, which make her breath stop short and color draining from her body. Written on the drapes were four meaningful words to her that finally made her crack.
"I love you mommy"
Suddenly, flinging herself to the motionless little body of her own son. Cradling him into her arms that were once used to harm him, now for comfort. Tears fall down onto the face of Tommy as Sarah rocks back and forth whispering " I'm sorry, I'm sorry please wake up for me, please wake up." No matter what she says and prays he never made a single motion. In all his beating he would make at least a movement in his fingers. She realizes that he is pale and cold, checking for a pulse, there was none. Listening for his little voice to say "mommy" again never came. It dawned on her that she has just killed her own flesh and blood. The only person that loved her no matter how much she ignored or abused him.
Looking back at the drapes, it had four words that made her heart swell up with guilt, regret, and also sadness. The four words that made realize that she has just lost one of the only living things in life that cared for her. Four words that caused her to see what she has done and could never get back. With her final tear falling right on the forehead of her own lifeless 'little Tommy', she says the only phrase that she wished she would've said in her entire being, wishing that Tommy would've gotten the chance to hear.
"I love you Tommy"


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