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Mirror--- Part 2

Short story By: Gagan
Literary fiction

Continuation of previous part....

Submitted:Feb 13, 2012    Reads: 23    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   


1:41 AM

She returned to her bed, nervously glanced at the creepy thing. How and from where it had appeared was not a question that was thought, she assembled some guts to pick the mirror up and with tremendous effort and lengthy prayer she looked into it again. "You are a weak and insecure person", everything was same, the reflection, the voice and the reaction, it wasn't a hallucination it was happening for real. Mind had given up on explanation and heart was too afraid to act, without any motion or reaction she sat there still, eyes weren't blinking, mind wasn't working, sweat wasn't stopping and tears weren't halting. The strangest, weirdest and unexplained phenomenon which was happening to her was true.

3:53 AM

Her mind had accepted the fact that mirror had some strange powers; powers of speaking truth, the realization of power with the acceptance of reality was giving her a dark comfort, she knew what she had in her hand, it was something that everyone desires, the deepest secrets are hidden in the most protected shells of heart and she in her hand possessed the power to rip that heart apart. Scared but exited, she put that mirror close to her heart, closed her eyes and went off to a dreamless sleep, without checking her phone call or messages.

Should I, Should I not?

She got up next morning with little excitement and little fear, exited about the power and afraid because it only speaks the truth. It was late in the afternoon; sun had already imposed its authority on bright blue sky, with an exuberant smile she dialed up the number of her best friend to tell her what she got. A friend she thought was close to her, a friend she thought would always stood by her, and a friend she thought would always understood her. With a cheerful voice she said, 'Hi' the cheerfulness was met with the same response from other side, but before she could tell her what mirror could do, mirror did what it can. In an honest and a crude manner it exposed the authenticity of her so-called friend. Her praises were hollow, her appreciation was fake, and her concern was calumniating. She never liked her and always mocked her at her back, broken by the sudden realization without any intimation she kept the phone down. All the charm of surprise was blown up with an agonizing realization.

With a weeping heart and heavy eyes, she called all those people who claimed to be her friends, her close buddies, her associates, her well wishers, she was aghast to realize that everyone who she treated as her own was hiding a bitterness for her which was now beaming in the reflection of a heartless round antique. The only people who appreciated her were those who always sounded rude and were always ignored by her false pride. The only heart which purely echoed her name was of a person she never wanted to be associated with, he was the same average looking Avi, who accepted her for what she was. Disheartened and destroyed, she fell down on her knees and wanted to flow herself out in her tears.

Everyone from her friends to her boyfriend, were interested in what she can give, they all knew she was weak and exploited her for who she was not. Most crushed she was to realize that her boyfriend, whom she thought was her comfort and her pride was only interested in the temple of body not the god of heart. She cried and cried whole day, without answering any call or replying to any messages. She was broken and annoyed; she was angry on reality but most saddening she was angry on herself. The strength of illusion was now broken and the ugliness of the truth was exposed.

There was a thought in her mind to go back to her parents but she didn't want to run from anyone anymore. She started avoiding her friends, and the more she ignored the nearer they tried to come, she only spoke to few people including Avi, and let other face the brunt of her silence. They knew something was wrong as something has changed.

With time, things were getting normal she was getting adjusted to the low-profile, un-hyped style of living, which was silent but sure. She was out off overrated relationships. She was now living in reality and hated every second of it. There were no special praises for her dress, no compliments for her shoes, no clumsy sugar coated talks and nothing to make her ego boost. She missed all those fake smiles and concocted laughter's. She was with the person who admired her most and strangely in the company of true admiration she was feeling lost.

Should I, Should I not?

Her fate turned the clock again, as she got a call from her ex-boyfriend; he tried to paint his dark intensions with colorful words, unaware of the fact that his reality was already exposed on the cruel glass. He invited her to his place where he was alone. Alia didn't reply and kept the phone down. She knew what he was after; she knew what she would be gaining and what forever will be lost. After the call, she closed her eyes and drowned herself in the ocean of circumstances that surrounded her. She recalled each and everything, and compared her life to what it was.

The decision was made, option was picked and guilt was abashed, few Moments later she left her place, dressed in a sensuous way and in her room were laying the pieces of Mirror, a Mirror which was saying the 'truth'.


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