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Musick ---- Episode 1

Short story By: Gagan
Literary fiction

This is another experimental writing. I have divided it, into different episodes. I hope this will be able to entertain you.

Submitted:Mar 9, 2012    Reads: 42    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

All the characters in this story non-fictitious, any non-resemblance to anyone

Dead or alive is purely coincidental and Unintentional...


Patient: Doctor! Can you please close that window?

He said that in a dim tone.

Patient: I don't want anyone, a part from you to know what my problem is.

Doctor: Relax! We are on the 21st floor, trust me, no one will be able to hear anything you say; apart from me. The conversation will strictly remain inside these walls- between us.

There was a disturbing silence inside the room. It was 6:30 Pm and he was his last patient of the day. He looked weak, disturbed, nervous and shy. He was trying his best to make him feel comfortable and relaxed but the muted spectator was sitting quitely on an armless chair; consistently gazing at the window without uttering a word.

Doctor: Alright! Let me go and close that window for you my friend.

He made an irritated walk towards the wall and closed an insignificant frame of glass which was causing uneasiness in an already disturbed mind.

It's done! He said with a smile, after closing the window. So now, what I want you to do is; take a deep breath and open your heart and let me know, what is bothering you?

Patient: Doctor, I am suffering from a weird kind of disorder. My mind... it is arrested by music, by a strange kind of tune. He said that with his head facing down the floor in a discomforting and disturbed voice.

Doctor: Arrested by a tone???

He had patients narrating to him strange stories before; stories of alien abduction, Christ presence, past life calling but this was different; case like this was unheard off. He silenced his pre-conceived thoughts and allowed his patient to speak.

Patient: Yes doctor; for past one week, wherever I go, whatever I do; sleeping, eating, watching, running , driving and even when I am having sex with my wife, I hear this strange tune playing in my head. Same music, same tune... I have never listened it before, I don't from where it had come, I don't know what it wants; but it's always there. I am not an enthusiastic music listener or a follower but I don't what is happening to me. Even now; as I am talking to you, I can hear it, loud and clear.

He was now looking directly in the eyes of his last hope. Initial nervousness was gone and words were flowing out in a natural and unplanned way.

Patient: I have tried everything, from Meditation to Medication, I..i even have tried drugs. But nothing is working, I am fading doctor. Please Help! He said that in a sad and pessimistic tone.

He was listening to each and every word that was being said with prime concentration. Though he spoke nothing, but his mind was actively working, trying to find a possible solution to this bizarre situation. He knew, to understand the situation better, he needs more information.

Doctor: When exactly, did you start hearing this tune?

Patient: It started about 8-9 days ago, it was my wife's birthday and I forgot it, completely forgot about it. I think it was 15th no 16th...God! I forgot it again... he said with a grimace on his face.

Anyways, she got angry and started shouting; it wasn't the first time that she was shouting at me but that day; suddenly out of nowhere in midst of all that disgust and discomfort, this unfamiliar tune started playing all by itself and it hasn't left since then.

His first impression inspired by experience of 15 years hinted that it must be some unexpressed emotion which was coming out in some bizarre way. Maybe some personnel and professional relationships were having their toll on this weak looking, medium built window gazer.

Doctor: Well my friend. I have written some exercises; if possible take a day off from your work and try to relax and see me day after tomorrow. I am sure you will be in a better shape then.

He had been consoling, listening, interpreting and curing the patients for 15 years. In the span of 15 years he had all types of weird and bizarre stories. Therefore, he wasn't intrigued by the narration of this music entrapment!!! He knew that the reason and the cause of this disorder was hidden in the realms of subconscious. Also he himself was married for 9 years, so he could relate to the agony and ramification of forgetting some important dates. He knew, the more he would make him talk the better he would get. So he was relaxed and ready.

Day After Tomorrow

Doctor: Hello Friend!

He said in a cheerful voice, trying to lift up a fate stricken face.

Patient: Doctor! Can you please close that window?

He said that in a dim tone.

He turned around and saw the wooden frame of glass was open and without any explanation, he politely stood up and closed the window.

Doctor: Seems to me, that more than the music; you are trapped by this window.

He said this in a humorous way, but there was no reaction from the other side. Beethoven was lost in his own composition.

Patient: Doctor, I still hear it loud and clear. I did all the exercises that were suggested by you but non them was able to liberate me from this unbearable tune.

He was expecting this answer and had a plan ready, he asked him to relax on a comfortable couch which was placed on the left side of the room, and encouraged him to talk, talk about everything; past, present, future, professional life and personnel life....

Talk starts 1:10 Pm.

1:10 Pm to 1:35 Pm: He talked about his childhood, mostly pleasant with few pinches of pain.

1:36 Pm to 2:10 Pm: He talked about his collage, about his heart beats and heart brakes.

2:12 Pm to 2:32 Pm: He talked about his professional life; his aspirations, dreams, fears and insecurities.

2:33 pm to 2:34 Pm: He talked about his wife; he said he was married for 9 years. ~Dead Silence~

2:35 Pm talking stopped.

He poured out his heart and nothing was left in it, except from that haunting, disturbing tune. It was still loud and clear. The patient was helpless and the doctor for the first time in the case investigation was confused.


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