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Musick ---- Episode 2

Short story By: Gagan
Literary fiction

Those who have returned to continue this story. I am extremely thankful to them :)

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Episode -2

This was getting little uneasy for an experienced and famous Psychiatrist. The patient was reasonably satisfied with his work and wife. Though he didn't talked much about her wife, but still nothing during the conversation was said to suggest that the composer of those tunes was hiding something. He realised that he had to understand that tune to cure it.

Psychiatrist: What kind of instruments you hear.

Patient: I can identify guitar, violin, piano and sitar...

He pulled out a white clean plain sheet out of his drawer along with black marker.

Psychiatrist: Now, I want you to carefully write down the music on this sheet. I want to understand what exactly is playing in your head.

Patient: I am sorry doctor. But I have no knowledge of music. I don't know how and what to write. I can identify instruments and that's about it.

Psychiatrist: Don't worry! This is how I want you to write this tune down. Use d- guitar, u-violin, m-piano and b for sitar and use capitals for high pitch.

He immediately started jotting down his trouble on the white sheet.


He handed back the sheet to the curious eyes of the doctor, who looked at it for few quite minutes and then asked him to confirm, is this what you actually hear?? The answer was a firm nod of head. The sketch of the guilt was drawn and now all doctor needed to do was to find and execute.

Doctor: My Friend! Thank you for the co-operation, tomorrow come and see me at same time. We will have a MRI scan done, you must not worry about it; human brain is an enigmatic network of some unexplained connections, let's see if we can detect something in that machine.

No questions was asked, no comments were made, patient was getting tired and doctor was getting excited, there was small voice coming from the silent corner of the heart that he was significantly close in discovering something which hasn't been thought of before.

MRI Scans

Everything was in place; the machines, the patient, the doctor and a closed window. He was beaming because he was actually doing a Sherlock Holmes to a problem which goes beyond, patient speaking and doctor listening. This was a real task, a real science.

He wired up his skull and gently surrenders him to a MRI scanner. Scanner was on, and result was out. What he saw; stunned his senses, riddled his mind and made him question his own understanding on human's most complex machine.

The right hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for music and art was functioning normally, but the left hemisphere was speaking a language of its own. The senses which are dedicated to seeing and smelling were in some mysterious ways responding to the signals from right hemisphere, where art and music were active and the motor cortex, responsible for walking was not responding at all. His brain was working differently. The results were shocking, exiting and to his personnel interest stunning.

For 15 years, he had been barging into the emotional melodrama of Adam and Eve, but this was a medical breakthrough, something which could challenge the conventional wisdom and earn him the title of living legend.

Patient: Doctor, what are the findings, did you find something?

He was lost in his own wonderland and totally forgot the reason who had led him to this revelation. In controlled but jubilated voice; he explained him the functioning of neuron connections in a lay men term. Though the music attacked prey didn't understand the entire condition but he left the place with the satisfaction that some progress had been made and there will soon be a solution to his cause.

Doctor asked her secretary to cancel all the appointments for next few days and leave. Everyone had left the place; there was no one in the office apart from him and his cherished thought. The smile on his face was getting wider as a thought was getting stronger, in his mind mind. He picked out a stick from his pocket and placed it peacefully between his lips.

Statuary warning: * Smoking cigarette is injurious to health*

He knew he had with him an observation, which can bend all the existing understandings of our mind and how memory works. He knew this case could attain him immorality, at least in the books of medical history.

The thought of immorality, of being remembered forever, widened up the smile on his already glowing face. He took another drag and this time smoke came out of his ears. He wanted this condition to be named after him, all his life he had studied, admired and learned the observations and understanding of his peers and seniors, but now- now was his chance to dine with destiny, to write and get written about. His heart was filled with meditative silence as the smoke was now coming out of his whole body. He closed his eyes, rested himself on a couch and calmly listened to his own thoughts. It was spiritual bliss that was attained without climbing any mountain, without worshiping any sea....... Holy Smoke...

To Be Continued... Monday, 9 Pm, Prime TV.


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