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Penniless Prince

Short story By: Gagan
Literary fiction

Story of hope and courage, to do be positive in life.

Submitted:Jan 6, 2010    Reads: 89    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   


There was no hope for him,even the worse of the worse was good infront of him, that is what he was told all his life for 20 years. Born in a troubled business family, he was raised under the protective shadow of his parents, the grip of there affection was so strong, that in them was lost the identity of his reflection.Raneil, 25 year,mid-built, with shallow eyes and groomy hair, was not a delight to an eye but ever smiling face of his made him beareable.

He lived in a small hill station near, Collaba,which was approx 250 miles away from the main city-centre, neglected silent sea highlighted the attention of the small county, but like most of the good things, it was also ignored by it's own people.Raniel, avoid talking to the people in the town, as for them he was an object of humor,an unadored being, he preferred to remain in Church, admiring the work of the master,and often asking that everything ,in his creation was so perfect than why was he left alone?

One morning, as part of usual daily routine, Raniel was forlone standing in Church, with a pleading heart mused,why am i like this, and if i am like this why i was born,after a silence of two minutes, came a reply, "You are perfect",no need to worry, a fear of sweat rolled down the spines of lost soul, when he roamed around to find that no one was standing near to him. He gathered some guts to replly, "who is it", reply came instantly "I am your friend down here, I the legend of Collaba, with whom you converse everyday".

Shell-shocked, he was standing motion-less, as words were falling from heaven " It is just that you are not aware of your destiny, you are a born prince, who conquered huge area in your last birth, that area in today's time is called city-center", all these people who discourages you, are your karmic opponents, who don't want you to realize your potensial, and want to stop you from regaining your kingdom."oh! my friend, the time has come when you go, and realize your destiny".

Legend replied" Go out there, look up at sky, you are the creation of that master, when he has put no limit to anything, than why are limiting yourself to medicority." That is your town, your kingdom, go get it", hmmm...:friend you are right, I will go there today itself, and get what belongs to me.

A determined soul, left the place to win his kingdom, he was without money, without any knowledge, without any friend, all he had himself was the confidence, something that was alien to him few hours ago,after living on road-side for few days, hewas tired, emotionaly but the thought that it was his kingdom,didn't let him weak. One day he woke up and a saw,a artisan making a colorful sketches of the god's wonder,an ideaflashed inmind of 'Peniless prince', he approached the artist," Sir, you are great master of your art, if i get you some cups and pots, can you paint them as well". with numb smile, neglected craftman said" of couse,if you promise me a good share"...Done, in an upbeat voice, came a reply, we are now partners...

Slowly, but effectively the partnership turned into a formation of an art house, which accummalated millions in a very short period, in 8 years, once a confused soul, became the hot cake of the town, bashing everyone who once deemeaned him.On a quite evening, both the friends sat together, and were recounting old days, Cratfman said" you once told me that a legend of Collaba, talked to you,you never went back to him, to thank him", listening to it, He smiled and said"No oneever told me anything, it was me and my thoughts who were talking to themselves, and formed a illusion infront of me,that place made me sick, to an extent that i started imagining things which were not there at all"...

" Than why didn't you told me earlier"..protested craftsman, " friend i never beleived in myself,but that illusion made me do wonders, similarly you also don't had faith on my abilites, but on the story of magicial predictions".......After a clam, speechless sentence, both looked at each other,smiled and moved on.As they both understood an important lesson in life, everything big, first kickstarts insmall eyes.


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