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Room no: 413, Part---1

Short story By: Gagan
Literary fiction

Something I composed in just few minutes, want to see how it goes with the audience. Another story which I have divided into parts.

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Room no: 413.

Missed Call count: 5

Unaware of the happening in world outside, he lay comfortably in his Italian designed bed in his two rooms pooch apartment which one few in the expensive metro city like Mumbai could afford. His mobile phone was on silent mode and so were his thoughts, it was 11 pm, and night was enthralling its command over the quite surrounds of the busy city however there was a person who was getting restless and was endeavoring to get in touch with him anxiously.

Missed Call count: 53

The time in the timepiece showed 1 Am, and there was no hint of any movement or disturbance in the sleep of the most celebrated and vibrant lawyer of the city. He was known for his sharpness and had always associated himself with the high profile cases of elites, all his clients were well renowned celebrities of the shining India and all his cases involved some manipulation of the facts, witness and the proofs, he always preferred cash over right judgment, and that was reason why in practice of 4 years only, he was one of the richest lawyer of the tinsel town. But on weekends he preferred to stay home and relax. He occasionally attended parties and stayed in the big city alone, without family or friends. He only had money and he was happy with that.

Missed Call count: 74

At 2 Am in the night he felt little thirsty, he battled hard to suppress that craving but after few after uneasy moments he gave up, with partly open eyes and semi-conscious mind he dragged himself to his two-door expensive refrigerator and drew away a water bottle, he emptied about half of the bottle in few seconds and came back to his attic castle of leisure to resume his pursuit of convenience and relaxation, when he noticed that there was beam of light flashing out of his new Blackberry Bold 9900. He picked up the phone and realized that he had received 81 miss calls from the number of Riaz Kapoor famous musician.

After 2:15 Am

Rajneesh realized that this was an emergency, he dialed the phone number of musician and it was answered in one ring. The husky voice from the other side didn't greeted or shared any pleasantry with the caller and asked him to come straight to Aroma Hotel in room no. 413. The voice appeared calm and relaxed and didn't have any kind of anxiousness or emergency that was envisioned in a person who had bombarded the lawyer's phone with 81 calls in the middle of the night. Without inquiring, he dressed himself nonchalantly and left for the destination in his recently purchased Verna. The time required from his apartment to reach the hotel was of 45 minutes and since it was early morning hours the only traffic he met was from his very own buzzing waking thoughts, he had known composer for four years; and had previously settled his disputes with the organizers which were nasty and complex and that was reason why he was his most trusted choice. In exactly 33 minutes and 21 seconds lawyer parked his car in the paid parking of the hotel and rushed towards the reception. The manager on the counter acknowledged him with smile, without stating the intent behind his visit; he asked for the directions of the room and rushed straight towards it.

The time of the day, sweat on the forehead and uneasiness in the voice reflected that something was inappropriate, but the manager kept his uncertainties to himself and didn't stopped him, he quietly picked up the register and glanced to see who was staying in Room 413, it was in the name of software engineer and his friend since morning. The room was on the third floor but in a rush, he forgot about the elevator and took the steps. He ran past the artistically drawn galleries of the third floor and stood outside the room, with a heavy breath and silent prayer he knocked on the door. A manly voice came from inside, 'Rajneesh'. 'Yes is it composer Riaz', came the reply, after few seconds the door was open, and Rajneesh walked in.

The visual he saw when he entered the room, appalled his senses. His thoughts become numb and lips were tightly shut, and the time for the most renowned lawyer in the city stood still. On the bed he saw two murdered dead bodies, one among that was composer's wife. His heart was beating fast and night-mare was real. In stammering tone of voice with broken words, he managed to put together a sentence …. 'Wwwhat, is this, sir, I mean this iss'?

''She was cheating on me, I spotted her red-handed, and gave her and her friend what they deserved', there was not even an inch of culpability in the voice which sounded tranquil and remedied. Musician took out a cigar from him American designed Cigar box, and offered it to the lawyer who was still trying to come in terms with veracity.

'I don't know how you will get it done? Or even what you will do? But I don't want any blood on me'. It was command more than a plea, the lawyer who endured quietly with no response was beginning to feel thirsty again and this time it was for different reason. He had to shelter a victim who was famous, rich and a murderer. He regained his serenity and said in a still voice. 'There is no way out of this, the right solution will be if you surrender, and I try me level best to cut the punishment for as least as possible.'

He glanced at him, looked directly into his eyes, it was more than a stare, it was silent punch to the guts of the lawyer who didn't wanted to act as an accomplice in this passion of crime. After a minute of hard look, he lighted up his cigar and rested himself on a rocking chair that was kept beside the double bed.

'From where I see this, there is no issue, she was an orphan, she was prostitute for elites before I saw her and wedded her against the wish of my friends and families, in our married life of 3 years, no one from her loved ones had ever come across enquire about her. Therefore we don't have think about her and about this engineer, you could come up with something'. He said this with a face that had no sentiment or emotional appearance; there was clearly no remorse or even a hint of regret for the disgust he has unleashed on two innocuous prays.

He didn't knew how to react, he didn't knew how to get out of this maze, before he could come with something persuasive, Devil spoke for one last time, ' Listen you fix this for me and I will give 3 times more than what you own, also I have good contacts in High court and I will make sure that by the end of this year you are working as a high court lawyer, imagine with all that worth and power in such a young age you can live and enjoy a satisfied rich life'. He had played his trump card, greed was lucrative and the prey was week, it was too good an offer to refuse even for a truth which pay naked in front of him, he saw his seniors working hard to reach it to the place he will be in if he is able to turn this tide in favor of his murderer client.


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