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this is just a random book idea....so yea...if you want me to continue then just comment and ask me to make it a novel....it would be my first novel in this type of category....so it would be interesting and slightly bad... (style wise)

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Emily smiled as she walked into the small ballroom. The town's library wanted money, so someone came up with the idea of holding a masquerade. Everyone thought it was a great idea, so every teenager in the somewhat small town was here. Even a few college students were here, which was surprising because Midterms were going on. Christmas break started tomorrow (Friday). The streets were freshly covered with a white lace of snow. It was so fresh that it wasn't even discolored yet. Many of the people here had long sleeves on because of the cold, but there were a few risk-takers participants with short sleeves and just a coat on. This included Emily. She wore a black and silver dress that was tight on her chest and stomach , but it was slightly poofy as it flowed down to the ground. The dress was actually two pieces. The top was a black corset with a beautiful and elegant silver design, and it tied in the front with a silver ribbon. Everyone wore masks that they bought and tried to make it go with their outfit. Emily made this outfit and also the mask. It was silver and was attached to a clack hair band, which couldn't be seen in Emily's black hair. Emily saw a boy standing in the far back corner, and she started toward him.

"Well hello Daniel," Emily said as she reached him. Daniel wore a weird looking suit. It looked like it was made in Spain in the late 30s. His mask was cheap black plastic with a stretchy string attached to the sides. His light brown hair fell into his brown eyes as he bowed playfully. "May I have this dance?" he asked with a small smile on his cherry blossom lips. Emily laughed a bit as she held out her hand to him. He gave a full smile as he took it and escorted her to the dance floor. There was no real band, but tons of people brought old CDs with slow music on it. As soon as Emily and Daniel reached the floor a new slow song was starting. They started dancing old-fashioned laughing at how awful they were.

Daniel raised an eyebrow as they spun, which made him face where the food and tables were. "I think the girls behind you are jealous of your outfit, which is very cool looking by the way. Did you make it?" Emily laughed, "yes I made it, and I doubt those girls are would waste their time envying my outfit. And if they were so low, then they would be worrying about my outfit, but the person I was dancing with."

"Yes, I know I'm amazing," grinned devilishly, "but you'd be surprised at how low people can get Emily. It's an amazing outfit. In fact, all the clothes you make are cool. It's a good thing you like the Goth style, otherwise your talents would be wasted on stupid preppy clothing." Emily laughed again.

"Excuse me." Emily heard a boy say behind her. She saw Daniel give the him a 'What-do-you-want?' look as she turned to see who exactly was speaking. "May I please cut in?" he asked. Daniel looked slightly stunned and didn't say anything. Emily was also shocked because someone besides Daniel had the guts to do what he wanted. The boy smiled innocently and reached for Emily's hand and say a quick 'Thank you'. Emily and the boy danced to the other side of the dance room apparently trying to get away from Daniel. "Um…who are you?" Emily asked politely. A somewhat sand and evil look came over the boy and he finally said, "My name is Charles, but please call me Charlie."


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