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A man discuses his life with a parent over the phone.

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Life has passed so many people by. The very nature of it can strip one of worth, of pride and dignity. Life is what some call a deluded fantasy. People love, people die, and people laugh. This is the nature of living. The experience is different for everyone, and so it is with Mister John Ester. He is by nature, a very complicated man. Life has in fact passed him by. He knows no happiness, he knows no joy. Mister Ester only carries on. He has no hopes, he has no desires. John Ester is empty.
Every morning he wakes, as if from a dream. The nights go by like an allusive fog. Day time seems to be his friend. John has so many insecurities, worries that he keeps hidden. I suppose one could say he lived to work. Every morning he heads out, with a bag in his hand and a launch by his side. Mister Ester's time is of great value to him. He has no room for social convention, no tolerance for unnecessary pleasantries. No, John Ester was dedicated to his work, not his own personal happiness.
His heart is stone cold. Motivation is the only think that drives him, Pure, empty, motivation. Sure he has done well education wise, employment wise, but not people wise, not humanity wise. John Ester has very little connections. Work is his master and that has always been the way of things. He sits, like an old uptight man in his small, but rather clean study. The morning has come, and that means everything to John. He is rested; he is ready to start the day. Books fill his mind with much stimulation. Reading has always been a romance in John's eyes. His books meant absolutely everything to him. Knowledge was power, and power was truth. Mister Esters mind was full of important documents and words. He never forgot a single read. This skill is what made him so irreplaceable in the eyes of the company.
Mister Ester was employed by a small banking firm west of Broadway. He truly was the back bone of their success. All profits depended on him securing the payments made. He never miscalculated, he never made an error. In result, the customers were pleased, the bank was pleased, and he was pleased. John took great pride in his working life. To him, there was no other life.
In that hallow emptiness, one shall find contentment. Ester wishes for nothing more. His life is whole. Hair is graying on the back of Mister Ester's neck. Age is upon him, that slow ticking of the clock, the ticking of life. He is so very alone. An empty apartment is all this man has to his name. It is very quite. Foot steps cannot be herd. Voices cannot be herd. Even his breathing can barely be detected.
The air is rather cold. The moment is rather dull. John preferred things this way. He needed no distractions of any sort. He had no radio, no television, and no computer. All he had was a few dusty books, and a phone by the door. This was the life of John Ester.
As the silence continued, Johns eye crew heavy. He suddenly felt so very tired. His blue eyes began to shut. His muscles began to relax. The silence had nearly consumed Mister Ester. Suddenly, the phone began to ring, causing the lonely man to spring to his feet. The silence broke like thunder. Slowly, he made his way towards the ringing instrument of noise. John's ears were quite sensitive; there for they could barley handle such a sound being made.
He staggered while trying to reach the phone. Ester always tried to anticipate every event that would befall him throughout the day. To hear the phone ring was most unexpected. He gently put the speaker against his ear. There was silence on the other end. John disliked being the one to start a conversation.
"Hello?" asked the man, in a calm and collected manner. A woman's voice was then herd on the other end. Her voice sounded quite familiar, so familiar that John instantly knew who had called him.
"It's your mother dear boy. I haven't spoken to you in weeks. Now why is that child? Don't I deserve to know where my son is? I was beginning to think you were dead. Foolish of me I suppose, but you rarely answer the phone. This is the sixth time I have called in two days. Your mother is worried sick. Where have you been my boy?" If there was one thing John Ester dreaded, it was talking with his mother. She was the one person in his life who never gave him any peace. She rarely let him have a word. John felt nothing for his mother. He tolerated her, obliged her, but he did not love her. He could not begin to understand the concept of love.
"Well mother I have been quite busy lately. I haven't had time for friends, or family, or any of the other burdens this world has blessed me with." He said coldly.
"Surely you do not mean that my boy? Your mother loves you very much, other wise why would I call?"
"That answer is simple. You have nothing better to do but annoy me with your silly little problems and gossip. Mother when will you learn that people want to be left alone? I am not a child anymore." He uttered firmly.
"You are my son. I want and need to be a part of your life. How about you come down for the weekend Saturday? I will make you one of my famous roasts, and we will just have a grand time!" John shook his head continuously. Just the sound of her voice made his heart skip a beat. His mother, to him, was a curse that could not be lifted.
"I'm afraid not mother. I have chosen to work this weekend. You see, the bank needs me and I promised them I would be there. You will have to make other arrangements, arrangements that do not include me." A slight hint of joy could be herd in John esters voice then. He took great pleasure in dismissing his mother in such a way, an emotion that would not be felt by most sons.
"Oh please come down! It is so lonely up here. You are my only son! I have no other! I raised you as a single parent. I gave you everything boy. Please repay me. Come and visit your old sick mother. I won't be around forever you know?" John simply laughed in response.
"Thank God for that. If you weren't going to die I would consider dying myself. Mother you are nothing but a burden. Perhaps it's best to take a vacation, a very long one. Just because I am your son does not mean I have any obligation to you. We are each of us separate human beings. We need to look after ourselves. Forget about others. Forget about the demands of social conventions, of people! Look out for yourself mother, No one else will, I certainly won't!"
The voice on the other side of the phone began to weep then. John had made his mother very upset. There was no love for her within his heart, just an empty void. He just stared coldly into space as the sobs continued. There was no compassion, nothing.
"What happened to my little boy? What happened to the small child who hid underneath my skirt, who always turned to me for comfort? What happened to him? I want that boy back." The voice pleaded.
"That boy is dead mother, like father. I have no sympathy for you. You just need to get by the best you can until your time comes."
"Are you so unhappy my boy? Why do you say these things to me? What happened to that girl that you were seeing? Sally was her name I believe. You two seemed so happy." John paused before answering.
"She said I was mentally unstable. The relationship did not last long to tell you the truth. Only five weeks, three days, four hours, two minutes. She was hardly my type. My job mother is more important than anything. Progress is the only thing that truly counts. We live my dear. Life is nothing but a deluded fantasy. Mother, don't call me again. I will not answer. The next time we see each other, one of us will be in a coffin. Good day."
With that Ester hung up the phone, not waiting for his mother to speak again. In that moment he felt free, in that moment his life felt a little less dark. Sun shined into the study then. The light transcended upon his pale face. The day beckoned, the night had gone away.


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