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A Light at the End of the Tunnel

By: larryfreedom

Page 1, When you are overshadowed by the darkness of doubt;never stop believing for their is a light at the end of the tunnel.You are about to read a motivational and inspirational story that will forever remain vivid to your memory.

Walking out of his one room apartment,he walked to the nearest bus stop to board a bus with the last penny he had in his wallet.His clothes looked rumpled and his shoe wasn't much different from what a mad man would wear on his joyful day. He knew it was hard for him to get a job the way he was dressed,but he was left with no other option. The bus conductor shou ted the name of the next bus stop but being lost in thought,he had forgotten to respond. "hey man,what the hell is wrong with you?you got brain problem?you didn't hear wen i called the name of the next bus stop? you deaf?"the conductor barked at him. He walked towards the pharmaceutical company the same way he had done to others seeking for a job.It was an oral interview,the company's panel was set up for this,he was offered a sit."we are not hear for any form of interview,but we have an offer for you;we will give you the job if you will abide with our code of conduct,"the head of the panel told him. "I have no problem with that,sir,"he commented with a sigh of relief. "This is what we are driving at,our major product here contains a substance which scientists have proved to be very dangerous to human health,but we are not ready to do away with this product since it is the backbone of the company,it's removal will lead to the closure of this organization.We are offering you this job if you are willing to keep a sealed lip about this bycomplying,"the head of the panel explained. Felix was dumbfounded,this was a golden opportunity that lay between thorns.The good spirit and the bad spirit in him engaged in a fight.He made up his mind to follow his mind,hewould comply. "I sorry,sir,I wouldn't be takingthe job.I won't be part of this cruel act,"he foundhimself saying something different from what hehad decided.The good spirit within him had overcome. The panel was surprised,for the past three years since they had been conducting a teston integrity for job seekers,none had passed. "Congratulations,you have the job,sir.All that was said was a ruse,you have shown us what we wanted;dignity and integrity,"Felix was told. Felix was amazed,after so many years of fruitlesssearch for a job due to his failure to approve poverty,God had rewarded him. He was extremely glad,he got home not remembering hehad trekked and suffered under the intense heat of the sun. Just last night he had considered commiting suicide if his attempt to get a job failed. Daybreak had ushered in a new story. "THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL,"he shouted happily. I have written this story to celebrate my birthday.Grateful to God for increasing me in all areas of life.Thanks for reading.

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