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A girl faces the changes from living at home to living on her own at college. Sweet Serendipity gives her hope.

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Oh, how the world is quite a humorous place. Mother Nature is always playing a guileful ruse. She sweeps people off their feet with a quick waft of wind. She play's hide and seek resulting in a person being six feet underground. Mother Nature is persnickety and she craves all undertakings to go the way she has intended. Mother Nature is in control of all things black and white, whether the human race likes it or not. Every single being finds themselves in a situation that just seems way too artificial to be true. When someone comes across something by coincidence, we use the term, serendipity. All my life, I've been waiting for someone or something to give me a sign. I had got to the point that I firmly believed that the fates had forgotten about me! However, the fates never forget about anyone, and especially not me, or so I found out. Here is my story of how serendipity, poked me right in the face!

My name is Carolina and I am a college graduate without a great job that I was promised if I received a stellar education. So, every day I walk dogs. I'm not saying that I'm completely unhappy with my life; I just know that things could be better. No love life. No social life. All I have is a nosey mother, and a busy father. My mother is always trying to fix me up with some one, but honestly, her taste in men is very old fashion.

Pretty much all of my customers are my mother's friends who feel bad for me. These little old ladies are always trying to aide my mother in finding me a man. All of them suggest their sons or grandsons-depending on how old the lady is. Besides the fact that these women drive me nuts, I really do love their dogs. Dogs don't talk so they are just easier to get along with. I pretty much end up writing everything I want to say to people in my diary.

Mrs. Lorenz, who owned two cocker spaniels, finally convinced me to go on a date with her son, Leo. Leo worked in a fancy office and did some sort of editing; I'm not exactly sure because I always drown out Mrs. Lorenz's voice. She planned for us to meet at a restaurant down town Boston. Come the night of the date, I effortlessly readied myself since I doubted anything would spark between me and the son of Mrs. Lorenz. I pictured him to be pretty snobby and rude since that's what most wealthy, spoiled men are like.

We met at La Jardin Bleu, which is a fancy restaurant with overpriced salad. I was told to search of a man in a grey Armani suit with a deep blue tie. Props to him, my favorite color is deep blue! He was easy to spot out! He is a very beautiful man with dark black gelled hair. He is about six foot three and he has a beautiful charmer's smile. I try not to look at him too close because I'm not here to find love; I'm here to get my client to stop bugging me. We begin to order and we end up ordering the same thing, which was unplanned. Small talk bores me and I start to think of excuses to escape.

Surprisingly, this curious man, Leo, starts talking about his work. Apparently he is an editor and he is always looking for new authors. I told him that I am far from an author. I went to school for business. Our conversation soon ends, along with our dinner. We say our goodbyes and part. He was quite interesting but not for me. I am obviously not his type. I'm not skinny or tall or beautiful.

The next morning, I went to pick up Mrs. Lorenz's two dogs, and the other six dogs that I walk. I avoid conversation with Mrs. Lorenz. I take the dogs to the dog park. Every Monday I take them there. I let the dogs run around with each other and I play fetch with Sparky. The dogs get tired out quickly so I pick up my copy of Wuthering Heights. The dogs start barking but I don't look up because they bark at a squirrel or an ant. I am interrupted from my reading with a "Hello Miss Carolina." Oh my goodness. Leo? I look up. "Hello there, Leo. Can I help you or do you just visit dog parks for fun?" "Ha, no I think I have something of yours." Oh? He hands me my diary. Apparently it fell out of my purse in the taxi when I was getting out.

I thank him and take my diary. Then, I look down to my book, trying to get rid of him. He doesn't leave. "I have a proposal for you." Please go away. "And what would that be sir?" "I would like to publish your diary as a book, if you'd let me?" "You read my dairy?!" How dare he! I'm raging with so much anger I cannot even explain but then he calms me down when he says: "I did not mean to be rude but a page was open and your writing is just fantastic!"

This gives me a lot to think about. I always loved writing when I was younger but I never thought of publishing any of my works. Then I realized that this was it! This was fate, telling me to wake up and do something with my life. I was looking for the wrong thing; I was looking to do something with my life that I didn't love. I was looking for a person to make me happy. Here this man, so beautiful, is giving me this opportunity of a life time to be happy. Plus, if I take his offer, I will get to spend more time with him! He gives me his number and tells me to call him once I've thought about it more. I answer back with a sly remark, but I know I will call him!

Serendipity. Sweet, sweet serendipity. Serendipity smacked me in the face with a job and a man at the same time.


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