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Another entry for The Novelist's writing contest. Not sure if I can enter more than one, but if not, hope you enjoy reading it anyway!

Submitted:Aug 5, 2012    Reads: 14    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   


By Mike Stevens

One day, Ittelor was manning the channel for deep space. His planet, Luxuria, had sent out signals deep into space, and were monitoring radio frequencies, in hopes of receiving a reply. A vain hope, if anyone cared to ask him. They were alone in the universe; and were just wasting their time. But, it wasn't HIS time and gorfka. No, if it was HIS gorfka, it would be a different story! He was saving his gorfka for a new house; one that wasn't made from the space-age polymer that was all the rage now days. No, it was good old-fashioned bargy wood for him. Bargy trees were disappearing faster than the calixta! The bargy forests used to be teaming with wild calixta, but they'd been hunted almost to extinction. Just another victim of the greed of Luxurians. Oh well, another relever, and listening to nothingness would be someone else's problem. As a member of the Luxurian Army, he just did what he was told; it wasn't his job to think. If the brass ordered him to monitor nothingness, he would monitor nothingness!

Fifteen more sparens, and he was out of here! As he listened to the static from space, he heard SOMETHING. He cranked the gain up as far as it would go, and listened again. He could just make out alien words that he couldn't understand.

"This is WZO radio, in Philadelphia, coming to you live. The year 1900 promises to bring you many unheard of innovations, such as the radio signal you're listening to now. This is only a test, but you can soon look forward to regular daily broadcasts. Up until now, our signal has been too weak to travel over great distances, but we've amplified our signal, making radio available for you, the common man..." Ittelor was stunned! Not only were they not alone in the universe, but it sounded very ominous. Suppose this 'Philadelphia', was planning an attack? Aliens! He ripped the harninddoes from his ornicles, and ran from the martingal room; he had to let his superiors know, now!

The End


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