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Short story By: mongoe charles
Literary fiction


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By Charles mongoe

This teller of a story, a love betray and tears that will ever flow if one can't listen to people who try to show him a way. it's a family story a none stop reading ,it is start with some of great people who had change life by their personality and speech they had made before, they impact to people around them it's a true love.


If you are deeply hurt your tear comes pouring down, you can see when it falls down.

When your heart is in pain, you need something to get into your heart, to make it well, to stop the pain.

No human hands can go there but only words, that gives hope, faith, courage and words of motivation. Words can give you a relief; it can rub you so gentle in your heart without hurting any further.

That words it is the one that had make UNITED STATE OF AMERICA to be a proudly nation in the entire world.


I quote on his speech "now make it my Ernest prayer that God would most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love, mercy, and to demean ourselves with that charity, humility and pacific (peaceable) temper of the mind which were the characteristics of the divine author of our blessed religion."

This words comes from the most important person in history of America, known as the first president .his word became a build up for the America today as a nation.


I quote on some of his speeches: "it is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line, when there is danger, and then people will appreciate your leadership". This man further said "if you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy, and then he becomes your partner". His words aim only to win by doing well to others.

This man is a most remembered, respected in South Africa, known as the father of nation, democracy president. His words had make peace to the world and South Africa; he did open a way for freedom and reconciliation


Looking on his life and testimony about him surely is not a human just is a son of the highest but now we count him a man like us. He has open a foundation by his honest life on earth, his word that bring life, that transformed people from every ages and situation in life

He was bold and brave to clime that he is what the prophecy says he is .quote "I did not come to change the law given by God to Moses but to fulfill what it had being said, one law that is great than all is this; you should love others as you love yourselves" that truly define him, love and peace making

There is this word from unknown autheor, I quote "the future is in your hands and how to shape it is your business" I like this no one can shape your future only you if you love yourself

So it is clear that even if people who love us can leave us a treasure of words but we still have choice to take it and shape it.


I quote "show respect for the other man's opinion-never telling a man he is wrong. Avoid an arguments that is the only way to win"

Every day we cry, share tears but we fail to respect others by taking their word not into consideration, friends try to comfort you but you want to prove that you are right. All people I share they quotes with you were not selfish in life but they did live for others not for themselves that have make them respected or they words to be taken to consideration, we own to listen when others try to show us way.

There is a little story I have to share with you;


Love can sometimes seen as hate if you love to protect yourself, just love to show correction and a way forward ,by making a peace. That will save you and people around you, povery can become a person to blame but words does not change it, it is stand as it is, people will always say "we did tell him, but he did not listen to us"


Wrote this on dead leadership."There is nothing better than having someone who is invested in your success and unafraid to give you honest feedback to help you break through your walls."

You must be a true giver, meaning you don't take anything back with you.

Be the ultimate gift; you need no word but your action count in life to save others, the choice and decision you make in life. McGinnis threw his back over the grenade to save others. I quote from JEREMIE "Ross did not become our hero by dying to save his fellow soldiers from a grenade. He was a hero to us long before he died, because he was willing to risk his life to protect the ideals of freedom and justice that America represents" take that is a ultimate gift we need it.


Said "failure is not an option, set yourself on the path to guaranteed success today "that mean we all have the option to do what is right.


Wrote on Regina's song "a true nutso doesn't have to put up with that .we can make our world as beautiful as we want it to be, since it has to do what we tell it to do. Isn't that neat? In the world of nuts, nothing is real, so we can change anything we don't like"

The power is on you, mother or father to see that nothing is so real. Don't make it so real; take control crying wouldn't help to change the situation.

In early 80's John, son of Jeff and Joyce. The boy was born alone. He was all the family has; they can't effort to lose him, the only son. He get all he wanted from his mother and father, in 1987, John was doing grade one at Numbi Primary School. As education has no favors to where did you come from, John started well as his father was there and all parents where there to support him and love ,may it was all he wanted to get education. He passed and was a able to make a friend, he was treated like a eggs with others around him, he was love by all people, when good follows you chase for bad to worse in life, he forget about school and started playing at school, now he sees school as a place to meet with friends and play

The mentality of passing may had given him a wrong impression, thinking is simple to pass grade you just have to attends class and meet others and when the year end you will find yourself in the next grade. But things became bad so first for him, his father Jeff dies and he started failing more at school. The family did have a lot of money, but if the money goes out it can't return to your pocket again without working to earn some

So it happen that his money that was left for them at a family come its end, John was use to get whoever he wanted, food ,clothes, like enough when his father dies John was now on grade six. That was the end of him at school, because it was hard for to pass to next grade. You know what a good mother will do; she will do all on her hand to help her son to learn school. John's mother gets a job at Mrs. Jones at White River for housekeeping, cleaning

Joyce the mother of John, she wanted not to lose John more than anything that she has. at that time as John was still try to pass his primary education. He was now 16 of age and his stress had turn him to a bully at school, many kids fear him and even others teaches .he was move to grade seven but he was not on school

People come to report the bad behaviors of his kid but that did not help, teachers did too, communities were now tried. So now they final get into a decision to fire him out to school for the safety of other kids

But her mother still try her best to defend him, support him even when he do wrong things, she wants to work to support her son, buying him food and clothes was now the best she can afort.she wanted to prove that even as his father is gone but she can still support him

Now John was a criminal, uses drugs and other harmful substance, he was arrested for rubbery and stealing and breaking people's house. Her mother bell him out every time get arrested. In so doing it give John more support to do more crime believing his mother will stand by his side. He had experience jell and know the life there. He now go for serious crime, they where now use by business people and where given guns to protect themselves or use it to take things by force, they now kill and rape and hijack cars

This where common criminal, first suspect in other crime activities. The news were all around, Joyce's son was on every person's mouth. But she still defend herself saying people just hate us, they musk us with all thing because my husband is dead and they believe we don't have nothing to eat

She did not admit that things are getting worse. John was arrested and now his case was no excuse it was a life sentence and his mother know it was over

She started to change but it was now later to converse her son to change. They were keep on Hazview police station, waiting to be depot to Barberton prison, they were arrested for killing a farm at Keepershole and steal grocers and cars. Joyce wants to say good bye to her son. But on the way to Barberton the prisoner managed to escape, run to the nearest bush and Kruger National Park

It was believe that they could had run to Mozambique but not so, they were hiding on Numbi Game Reserve bushes for cover

Living in the bush it was not easy, they have to eat, one day they were hungry, they needed food, John suggested that he will go and fetch food at home by night and come back to the hiding place. His mother was now on fear, because police were looking for him daily, he wanted dead or alive

She now released that the is nothing that she can do, she regret all the wrong she did back. There was no turning back now.

When John came that night not many seen him because it was night and dark

At knock in the door "who is there" Joyce replied, a little silence then later " its me John open "said John " no go away, the police are looking for you and I am tried of you, its enough now, there is nothing I can do to save your life" said Joyce .then John forced himself in, by kicking the door until it open for him, "this is my father's house no one can lock me out, now I need food then I will deal with you later woman" John said with a angry voice. he went straight to kitchen and find food and sit eat, while eating it his mother came and shout try to interrupt him while eating the food, john couldn't talk but when finish eating, he hit her mother and tell her to keep quit, he pointed her with a gun, "I will kill you now, keep quit! hey"said John. before he leave with the food as he came to fetch his friends food. He rape and bit up her mother

Now John was out from the house her mother cry louder so the neighbor could hear her. The police was around the place, it was about morning, as dawn shows its self in the rising side.

On his way out John came face to face with the police, they saw him first and also he realize that now he was on danger, there were no way to run. He draws his gun to shot the police

But the police saw him first, then John was shot on the shoulder and he further try to run and was shot on the back to die on the hospital the next day

Other criminal were still on the run but now John was dead. His mother could not forgive herself ,love had turn to sorrow to left her share tears drops alone for life

Her life were now a correction

He became a teacher to other parents because of her practical experience.her word had save many who did listen to her. For she was a practical example in life


To all family who face to many challenge know that is not better to listen to others, because they are watching you. Teach your child the rights way, don't keep quit, because is not love is hate. That can be proven in the future

"Speak up train up a child in the way when he grow up he will not depart from your teachings"

Be picture perfect


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