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The Girl that Didn't Die

Short story By: MssJenn
Literary fiction

The worst nightmare for expecting parents is to lose their baby at birth. this happened to Stella and her boyfriend. at least for few hours until their baby came back to life with no way of explanation.

(( title may change. i'm open to suggestions, since i couldn't figure out how to name the story ))

The Girl that Didn't Die
For z0mb1eg0ddess Mythical challenge

Submitted:Aug 6, 2009    Reads: 137    Comments: 16    Likes: 6   

The Girl that Didn't Die

The creature was to live. A dark blue room with a scene of a full moon lighted sky painted in the walls, at the center a white crib and a rocking chair by one side for the already imagined nights of feeding.

Yeah, the child was to be born, not to die on a womb. On my womb.

I wiped a tear off of my face and got out of the car with the help of my boyfriend.

"Slowly honey. Don't force yourself. Be careful with the snow, Stella" Asher kept instructing and intrusting, his voice full of worry.

Why to care now? I had asked myself I had planned for a life. Nine moths planning a future and just all gets destroyed in less than four hours.

I had left that morning with birth pain and had come back empty handed.

But then my world changed back when Asher's cell phone rang. His ring tone was twinkle little star which brought tears to my eyes.

"What kind of joke is this?" yelled Asher in the phone. "Don't play with us. We just lost our child, don't play." He dropped to his knees and covered his face into his big golden hands.

I took the phone from the stiff snow and put it into my ears. "Mr. Lacouste? Are you there?"

"Is Stella his… girlfriend" the phone was silence for a moment then the man's voice came back.

"Ms. Maurueco?"

"Yes. Who asks?" I was suspicious to say the least.

"Is Alexander Macalliter, you obstetrician. Is your baby...She is a live"


"Fuck you! Stop playing with us! My baby died"

"No. Ms. Maurueco, your baby is alive. We don't understand what happened but she is alive. We have life signs and she is really well. We got her in an incubator, but she is really good"

We had come back to the hospital running like crazy to see our baby.

She had my blue eyes and pale skin, while her thick lips and perfect finger and toe nails were from Asher. She was perfect and she was made of us. She was our daughter.

We named her Renelle. Renelle which means rebirth

It took me a month to stop crying every night while I saw her sleep, but I still did it every once in a while for a few years. Life couldn't be better.

Nothing could damage out family now.

--- ---

The window slid open slowly and a wind came singing a song only I could hear. Finally, is time, I thought.

I slid out the window and jumped down from my second floor bedroom to my front yard. Good night mom and dad. Sleep thigh.

My steps made no sound as I walk the streets. My hair got lose and was dancing with the wind around me, all black and waist length. I was wearing a white dress with my feet bare. The pale of my skin made me looked as if glew in the darkness of the night.

I kept my walk.

The door from a house opens, two houses in front of me, and he steps out. Well I guessed it was him because I notice he looked my way, nobody sees me. Nobody notice me if I don't want them to, not even my parents.

He who? He who would feed my need for love, I thought.

He looked down to his feet and walked the opposite direction from which I was staring at him from. Gorgeous guy. He was walking fast with his hands in his leather jacket's pocket, his blond hair dancing on his shoulder with the wind of my presence. I tend to do that, this was one of the reasons all my parents' friend hand stopped visiting them while I was still a child. The reason everybody was frightened of me. They would whisper in their home, thinking their toughs safe, but I could hear them. And what I heard all the time was horrible.

She is the Death!

She is the devil

The daughter of Satan himself

La diabla!, thought my Spanish grandmother once. Yeah I can hear their thoughts too. I can see their weak heart under the skin, beating and beating.

I was born a January 15th and I had die instantly, but three hours later I was alive. Yeah alive, even though my temperature is a lot lower than normal at 70 degrees. Doctors said I should be dead with a temperature like that but it was true, it was my temperature.

The guy was a little farther from me and walking faster, but no matter how fast he walked I could always reached him.

In a moment I was next to him, didn't have to walk or run just wish to be there and there I would be.

"What the fuck!" he muttered under his breath but didn't seem too surprise, more like annoyed. Not like others I've done this had reacted. "You're fucking always following me."

"Excuse me? I've never saw you before" I was kind of offended that I couldn't scare him, I was the scary girl. I had been for nineteen years, that's why I had never date before but for once, always hidden in a shadow in my room.

"You… your kind. All the fucking same. Get away from me." he walked faster and I did too.

My eyes were wide open. He knows! He knows what I am! He knows what I and my parents don't. He knows. I stopped for a moment in shock; he stopped too few steps ahead of me and turned with a surprise look. "But… but you don't know!" his mouth was open as if for the first time he saw me how the rest of the world always did - when they actually got to see me that would be- he saw me like a weirdo. He looked around on the empty street and walked to me extending a hand.

"Marius… is my name" I smile at the looked on his face.

"I'm Renelle. Nice to meet you Marius" he nodded with his jaw hanging down.

"You're gorgeous." He finally said and I think I had blushed if I wasn't running on a so low temperature. Or maybe I did blush.

"You're not bad looking yourself." I smiled to him and nodded.

"How you do it?" he whispered getting closer to me and I gave him a questioning look. "You look so… alive. How you do it?" he smile to me but after a moment he looked scared "You kill people?" he took a step back muttering under his breath "how fucking lucky am I ?! A hot murderous ghost comes to me of all ghost a hot murderous one has to be"

"Marius? I'm not a gho… and no, I don't kill people" something got stuck in throat as I tried to say 'ghost'.

He looked relief and smiled again to me. "Cool! I believe you. You can't lie" I didn't understand how he knew but it was true, I could never lie. When I try the words get stuck and I just can't talk, I'm not a good liar at all.

He offered me a hand which I took, guiding me to his back yard where we sat and talked to hours until the sky started change color.

Marius looked me to the eyes and got closer to me. Our lips touched slowly, getting into a slow kiss. The kiss grew deeper and deeper. When we part a drop of blood was going down the corner of mouth, he took it with his finger and rubbed it on my lips. I felt blood coming down my lips too, it was his blood. The first time this happened I thought my old boyfriend had cut me but no it not my blood, it was his. His skin and tongue had turned super sensitive and bleed while with kiss. The third time this happened he broke up with me. A three days relationship, that's my record. I got scare, maybe Marius would think I was trying to kill him or something but he didn't. All he said was "Now I get. How you look so real, now I get." And went back to kiss me.

"Do you wish to be in my room? With me?" I nodded to his questions and we kissed again. I wished to be with him, in his room, and when we broke the kiss there we were.

The walls were white and the decoration minimalistic. We felt to the bed and he made feel like I was normal, he made me feel alive.

That morning I slept in arms, waking up to the sound of traffic, still in his arms.

I needed to get home. Oh shit I have to get out of here, my dad is going to kill me!, I thought then laughed at loud at the irony.

The window slid open slowly and a wind came singing a song only I could hear; the song of the dead.

Look up for the light. Cross the white light.

It was singing the same song, and as always I ignore it. Jumping down the window I avoided lucking up. Who knows they might be a light up there after all.



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