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(Copyright © 2012 Natsfreewill)
When you least expect it, the one you've been trying to avoid back fires you....

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"Hey are you all right?"

He asks standing in front of me, instead of smiling he had a snarl plastered in his face.


I answer as best as I could, as I stand up and walk away, grabbing my backpack hard in my hand. He stops me taking hold of my right wrist and pulling me to him.

"Don't be afraid I'm here for you."

He says, but his voice came out dark and sour. I roll my eyes.


I say with sarcasm, I tried getting out of his hold but he maintained his hold and made it worse.


He shouts as he push me to the ground, I turn to face him an stand up but he grabs my shoulders and pin me to the grass, he grabs something from his back pocket; I was shaking with fear, he never reacted like this before, struggling to get him off, I realized he was holding his arm up high and something shinny glimmer in the sunlight… a gun!

"Wait, no, please…, don- don't kill me, put that away, y- you can't force me to believe in you, not like this!!!"

I yell at him, he starts to laugh, evil, so evil his laughter; he points the gun to my forehead, I close my eyes desperate, my breathing quicken and my heart wanted to get off my chest, and clutch of the gun clicks; Courage I need it and I don't care!

'Kill me then!!"

I shout at him, he threw the gun to the floor, he pulls me up and push me down with so much force I felt my head bang in the grass, everything went black.

"Jayden, Jayden wake up…"

Someone was saying my name in the distance and it became more clearer, cold water was thrown at my face, I gasp by the surprise and jerk up, suddenly being pull doing by things in my arms and legs, chains; I was in a bed chained, It was him, I could see his figure by a dim light from the door, I felt my clothes still on me; I wasn't dead then?

"You know, maybe I should let you live, your just an intresting human being and it would be really fun to play around with you…"

He says caressing my cheek with his finger.

"School won't suspect a thing, if they see us together, we say we are a couple."

He laughs mocking, I start to boil up inside.

"We are not a -

He cuts my words by kissing me in the lips…, No!


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