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This is the very short story of someone suffering from mental illness.

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This short story is not yet completed but I would still appreciate your feedback :)

The visiting room was still cold and dark from the night. It wasn't even open yet as no one ever visited this early in the morning. No one ever visited. A woman's voice rose from there. She was fighting with someone. She was complaining about how "they never visit". She was sobbing. The Room wasn't even open yet. But she was there, sitting in the right corner, like she did every other day, animatedly talking to the cool air. No one ever visited. She insisted on going to the Room anyways. She was convinced her family was waiting for her. Over time, and it had taken a long time, but she had earned a key to the Room. She would just silently wait at the door, waiting for it to open, day or night, wide awake. She wouldn't even bother asking one of the staff members to open it for her. In fact, she refused to acknowledge the existence of anyone outside of her imaginary world. Slowly, the outside world had stopped acknowledging hers.

She was in no way a model patient, and the staff was even glad to cast her out. She hadn't gotten better during the 10 years she had been there. She disturbed group activities on a daily basis, always starting a fight with an imaginary friend of hers, getting incredibly mad and trying to physically hurt the air around her. It made people wonder why she would even make up an imaginary friend she couldn't get along with. It was the same story with her "family". She always went to the Room, but soon, her scream and sobs would be echoing through the whole hospital. They had become one of the noises now, like the sound of traffic or the noise of a crowd. they had become unnoticeable.

She realized that. It gave her a sense of satisfaction and power.She was glad that no one cared anymore.She had no one to disappoint now. Before, when she was still part of the outside worlsd, when she talked to people and smiled, people liked her. They cared for her. Itwas incredibly hard to handle. She had tomake sure she did everything right.Make sure she wouldn'tdisappoint anyone. Now shewas free. She could cry, scream, or not do anything all day. No one cared. But that wasn't why no one visited. No onevisited becauseshe had no family. Deep inside, she knew that.She pretended that she didn't.If they were there, in her head, how could they not be real? If she went to the Room often enough, maybe shecould convince them to come.She just wanted to see them, talk to them, like they used to.

Shestill had the pictures.They were the only things decorating her bedroom. Everyone was smilling in the pictures. There was her mom,her dad, and her little brother. There were pictures from her 8th birthday, from that trip to the zoo, where they fed the penguins and from that time they went to the beach that had sharks. Sometimes, she would take the pictures to the Room with her and explain them to her parents, one by one, reminding them of the great time they've had.But no one ever visited.


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