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Pat the American Witch

Short story By: NoS482
Literary fiction

About a fictional person who learned about some gifts as a child witch? hero? good person using his gifts. Some may think is an illness or crazy what he can see.

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Pat the American Witch

It started with the union of his parents with his father's ancestors were Salem witches. They were killed in the witch trials. Other ancestors some were Gypsies and some were Native American medicine man. His grandmother would talk to spirits and angels and see them plain as day. When people found out they didn't understand and thought she was ill with skytizafrainia hallucinating seeing things that weren't there. The only thing she was doing was seeing the spiritual realm.

The doctors loaded her on tranquilizers and kept her on them for the rest of her life. She still sees angels and spirits but it would only be a blur of a memory. The doctor's found out the daughter started seeing angels and spirits and consider it a blessing either. The daughter they thought was ill also and gave her electro shock therapy.

After that they put her on mild tranquilizers until present day. When she got married to an understanding and kind man he wouldn't say if he could see the same things she did. He kept it quiet if he could see the spiritual realm nobody knew except him.

The husband took it for granted that his wife just had an illness and loved her just the same. The mother gave birth to two boys the first was born without any complications. But then a year later the other boy was born a month early and fighting for his life.

He almost died being born; the angel of death wasn't a stranger. His name was Pat, and his older brother's name was Bob junior. As both brothers grew up to age three and four Bob junior would make fun of Pat. Because Pat had seven imaginary friends that he would talk to on the play ground.

Pat had lots of fun treasure hunting on the beach his imaginary friend would help him locate lost money and items. When Pat turned nine years of age he would just walk on the beach looking for treasure. The beach bums with the metal detectors would just stop and stare at Pat searching for items.

Pat would turn and smile at the treasure hunting beach bums and wave to them. He would stop and dig in a spot a foot deep hole and pull out a timex watch still ticking. It always looked like he was talking to himself so it attracted their attention. It always looked like he was talking to himself walking slowly along.

He would hold his arms out in front of him with his palms down like he was feeling the air or where the lost items were hiding. The beach combers would glance from time to time and then got use to him over the years. The vacationers relaxing would just shake their heads and stare like the boy had no right to be on the same beach as them.

Pat acting like he could read their thoughts would turn to them and smile and wave. Quickly the people would turn their heads to ignore his kind gestures. Then he would shake his head and smile and resume at finding treasures.

Pat's mother Jane would sit and watch the two boys do their own things they liked doing. Bob Jr. would go swimming and make sand castles while pat would treasure hunt. Pat held the watch up he found and would shut his eyes and see what happened to cause the watch to be lost.

A man took the watch off to go swimming and while he was swimming his son buried it in the sand. His wife didn't see the child bury the watch in the sand. When he came in from swimming he searched frantically as his son laughed. The watch seemed important to the man it didn't look high priced; it was handed down to him from his father.

Pat put it in the pocket for safe keeping and would try to find the man or unite the watch with him some how. His mom would help him and his imaginary friends would help him find the address. One of them was his guardian angel the others were spirits that didn't want to go to the light just yet. They decided to help people do good deeds and guide them.

"Time to walk home and take a knap," Pat's mom hollered out. Pat and Bob Jr. ran to their mom and walked home slowly trying to stall. They only had to walk two blocks to their home, so they took their time talking about the fun they had on the beach.

When Pat went in the house and took a knap with the watch he dream of the owner of the watch. The man lived in Chicago and Pat could see the street sign and house address in his dream. After his knap he wrote down the mans name and address from his dream.

Pat made downstairs and looked in the kitchen for his mother. "Mom can you mail the watch to this address please? I dreamed this is where it needs to go. What's it going to hurt mom? The man misses it badly in the dream," explained Pat.

His mother decided to play along and mail the package containing the watch. She put return instructions on the package just in case. After a few days went by a letter came thanking them for the return of the watch.

Pat and his family always loved going to the beach only two blocks away. With the sound of the waves sloshing on the sugary sand it made a relaxing sound. The beach washed all their worries away every time they went there.

With the mourning sunrise it brought warmth and happiness like God was smiling down whenever the sun came out. It was a care free day on the weekend with their dad Bob Sr. with them on the beach.

Dad would play catch with the boys while the mom watched. Always trying to enjoy the beach when they got out together. The mother avoiding the blurred visions and faint whispers of the spirit realm. Before the tranquilizers and the electroshock treatments the voices and sight was crisp and clear.

Viewing the physical and the spiritual realm at the same time. It was like looking down a hallway with a mirror sideways you see the reflection with the right eye view and the left eye view would be normal. It was all a blur now but Jane wondered if one of her children or both had the gifts that she had.

She knew that Pat had some but didn't know how much and Bob Jr. was also a question. Jane reminded the boys to keep it a secret from their father or else they would be next treated for hallucinations and skytzphrania. "Sure there are many that are ill, but also there are many that were spiritually gifted but misunderstood. Science can't prove these things exists so then if you see something that can't be explained you're ill," thought Jane.

"All right let's go home," said Bob Sr. walking away with the football. They gathered their things and slowly walked home. Pat and his mom walked slower on purpose to discuss what they were thinking about.

"I know you see more that you tell me," Jane commented. "Mom I see two guardian angels with fire swords guarding our home. I see light around people at the playground across from our house. The ones that are bad have a dark light around them or if they are trying to hide something.

Oh and over there the man in the car has a dark spirit riding shotgun with him we need to watch him. Oh the other afternoon at knap time I dreamed of levitating and telling myself it's not possible. When I woke I fell on to the bed, what a surprise that was," said Pat.

"Pat you must ignore what you see and feel, or someone will treat you for what they said I have," his mother pleaded. "Okay mom, okay I'll try," promised Pat. Eight years go by and Pat kept quiet about his imaginary friend's good spirits and angels that knew things to guide him through life.

Pat kept going with his family to church every Sunday and got baptized when he was nine years of age. The funny thing is while in church Pat could tell who was there for help. And Pat could see who was there for only a social status.

The boss would see old man Smith there and what he didn't know, he abuses his wife and children. "Back onto old man Smith three fold to see the errors of his ways until he truly repents to God amen," muttered Pat under his breath. Pat then would see an angel go over to old man Smith and shake his head in disgust and then wave to Pat.

Old man Thomson like's getting drunk and taking advantage of little boys on the playground. With a hand shake of Mr. Thomson's hand he could feel a dark spirit surge towards his hand and see all the children's faces. A tear runs down Pat's face because he could feel the pain of the innocent.

"I'm coming for you dark spirit no matter what depths of his body you hide. You will be cast back into the fiery abyss of torment in Jesus name. Leave now or else it will happen in the near future," Pat mentally sent the message while shaking his hand. "I know what you do, repent now," whispered Pat, gripping his hand tight. "I don't know what you're talking about," whispered Mr. Thomson back to Pat.

Pat decided right then that he would purchase a special haunted/blessed cross from a fortune teller by the movie theatre. "The cross binds evil spirits and aids in casting them out along with a persons faith," advertised the fortune teller. "All I need is twenty dollars then it would be butt kicking time," Pat thought to himself.

Pat went over and sat down and looked at the preacher to both sides of him were two Angels with fire swords. "The preacher is a good man of God and has worked hard for good," Pat thought. Old Mrs. Thomson is what Pat hypocrite singing the church hymns louder than anyone else. All along she knew what her husband did the children.

That's just as bad in Pat's book always trying to make herself look better than anyone else. "It figures she was hiding something, I hope you see the error of your ways. And try to make it right and also repent. Three fold on her until she repents and also makes it right," said Pat.

Then an Angel went to her and shook its head in disgust and waved to Pat. Pat sat, sang, and prayed and kept his eyes down after his reading people. That was the only way he could stop from reading others. Pat couldn't wait for church to get out and go home.

Too much reading people just drained him so bad he felt like he had the flu. He hurried and ate two bananas then went to take a nap. Pat went into a deep sleep and dreamed about a beautiful naked brunette woman. She slowly eased her way towards then lay on top of him.

The dream woman slowly gyrated up and down, up and down on his naked body in his dream. He was almost ready to release all of his tension when he decided to ask her name. "Oh, oh slow down what's your name," ask Pat in his dream? "I'm the Devil," laughed the beautiful woman.

"Oh man I have to wake up," Pat said to himself in his dream. As he woke something invisible was still going up and down on him until it took what it was after. "Why," Pat sat on his bed bewildered at what had happened? Pat would never know why he was seduced in his dreams and as he woke. He hurried and got up and burned sage everywhere in their house.

He blessed the house using the sage and then anointed the house door windows with olive oil crosses. He put the protection of Jesus on the windows with the symbols of the cross. It was safe now at least in his house but outside was another story.

Pat is targeted now on the spiritual plain and also the physical plain. "Maybe it goes back to Mr. Thomson and the evil spirit," Pat thought. Pat didn't want to leave the house for a few days and that puzzled his mom. "No beach and its summer, he must have a little flu," Jane thought.

Pat was waiting for his allowance money for his work during the week. "Pat here's your money don't spend it all in one place," said Jane. Pat hurried down the stairs and grabbed the money. "Thanks mom, hey mom I'm going for a bike ride for a while," said Pat. Pat hurried out the door and hopped on his bike.

"Hey wait for me bro.," hollered Bob Junior. Pat waited for Bob Jr. to catch up then they both road to the fortune teller's store. Bob Jr. stayed outside to watch the bikes while Pat went inside. Pat grabbed the cross and immediately he felt weak at the knees.

The fortune teller smiles and looks at Pat's purple and gold aura and knew he was a good person. "Only a good person can use that you know, a good spirit that stayed behind to help others. The spirit that resides with the cross could have gone into the light but was waiting for someone like you," explained the Gypsies.

Pat shook his head in agreement and put the cross around his neck and handed over the money. "Do good you will I foreseen it," encouraged the Gypsies. "I'm in need of this today because I'm a target," replied Pat. "Blessings to you Pat," said the Gypsies waving him off.

Both of them road past old man Thomson's house. "Hey Pat and Bobby Jr. wait, please wait," shouted old man Thomson. Pat and Bobby Junior waited at the roadside. Pat pulled out his cross and let it hang freely. "I haven't slept in three days, make the voices stop. I hear an argument between two or three voices. "He's mine," one said. "Do the right thing or pay the ultimate price," the other voice said. "Can you help me," asked old man Thomson?

"You truly have to do the right thing by confessing and repenting and you'll do some jail time. Well first things first," Pat said as he slowly grabbed his cross. He held it up and pointed it to the sky.

"I bind you dark spirit from doing anymore harm and command you in Jesus name to come out. Come out in Jesus name and back to the fiery abyss," commanded Pat. "No, No he's mine," growled the dark spirit sounding like a wild animal.

Finally after Pat showed the cross and pressed it to his forehead and his forehead started to steam. A dark shadow shot out of him making shrieking noises until it was sucked into the ground. The cross scorched his forehead and was still smoking.

"You and you wife have to do the right thing. Do it today or regret it tomorrow," said Pat. "What in the heck was that bro.," asked Bob Junior? "It was a dark spirit controlling him," replied Pat. "Now Mr. Thomson you and your wife do what I said or you both will be tormented three fold," explained Pat.

Pat and Bobby Jr. decided to go home from there to get some lunch before anymore bike riding. They both gobbled down a sandwich and chugged down some milk. Pat made sure to eat some bananas or he would get a bad headache on his forehead. Out the door Pat and Bobby Jr. went riding into town to watch all the tourists.

"All different walks of life many with tense troubled auras of brown. Eventually their auras will change as they relax on the lakeshore. The most healing and relaxing sounds are the light crash of waves hitting against the shore. The light refreshing breeze coming off the lake as the sun shines down," Pat thought to himself.

Their lake front town is only a population of 3,500 in the winter but with the fourth of July fireworks coming up the population will quadruple. People coming and staying at the condos and hotels for the big event. Bobby and Pat could tell it was getting close to the holiday of the fourth with two more days the town will be filled up. It was fun just to ride through town and study people. The way people walk along in expensive clothes with deck shoes. "They're from the docks where they drove their oversized boats from across the lake. Most likely Chicago folks or Milwaukee.

Others not as fancy dressed with lower priced clothes were from the larger towns near by with colleges. Then the rest were locals that they grew up knowing the parents of the students they went to school with were store owners. Then there were the sidewalk musicians playing guitars and harmonicas. Singing songs that they made up from their hearts.

"That was the best music of all," thought Pat. "Hey let's check out the bikini's at the beach, come on," urged Bobby. They both coasted down a hill and there they were. Bobby almost ran into a car staring at some of the skimpy two piece bikinis lying on the beach.

One was standing up and bending over straightening her towel caught both their attention. "Any skimpier and it would be outlawed, I think I'm in lust with her. Maybe she let me have a one night stand with her," laughed Bobby.

"She's only after money, a sugar daddy. She's 20; a college student 30 miles from here and like's money, and more money. She only cares about herself and money, ok I already said money," joked Pat. But it was all true most people didn't care for the locals only if they were serving them food.

Up the hill and along the lakeshore then over by the park. The man with the dark spirit was parked reading a newspaper across from the park. The spirit looked at Pat and laughed and gave Pat the middle finger, as to taunt Pat. Pat gave him a middle finger back at him and went home with Bobby.

By the time the family ate supper the sun started to set. While they were eating they could see police flashers at the park. Pat's family walked over to see what happened. "I can't find my little girl," a frantic lady cried out.

"Calm down mam we have the picture posted," said the officer. Jane started to cry and look at her family. Pat looked around and seen a small child's tennis shoe. He quickly grabbed it out of the sand box and shut his eyes. He could see threw the child's eyes.

She was looking at the water tower south of town through a cage. "She has to be near the tower south of town," Pat said with his eyes shut. His mom overheard him talk out loud. Luckily for Pat the police didn't hear him and think he was a suspect.

Pat handed the police officer the shoe and informed him where he found it. Pat and his family made their way back to their house across the street. "Pat get in the car I will take you by the tower and see," said Jane in tears. The whole family decided to get in the car and go help search.

"You know there are no scientific facts behind what you can do. I'll tell you what this is a good way to test out what you can do son," said Bob Senior. They drove the whole block in a circle and then parked on the side of the road. Pat recognized the car parked in the driveway, it was the dark spirit's car.

Pat motioned to his father that they parked right near the house. Bob Sr. crept up to the window, and could see the little girl in a cage. Click; click the sound of a gun ready to shoot. It was the dark spirit man.

The man tied Bob Sr. up and muffled his mouth. The dark spirit man waited in the shadows for anyone else. An hour went by and Pat decided to sneak and check on his dad. "I have a bad feeling about this mom, let me pull dad away and you call the police," instructed Pat.

Pat started to creep over when a whisper of a voice told Pat that the dark spirit man was waiting for him in the shadows. So he decided to lead the dark spirit man away from his family. "Hey dark spirit man find me if you can," taunted Pat as he ran towards a bridge on some old railroad tracks. By the time Pat made it to the bridge the dark spirit man was right behind him.

The man never shot his gun because there were too many homes near by. The man slammed into Pat causing Pat to fall off the bridge along with the man's gun. As Pat fell from the bridge his eyes turned milky white and the tips of his toes caught the bridge. It felt like some hands that he couldn't see caught him and pulled him up.

He was levitating like on a magic show on television where they do an illusion. Except this was for real and Pat hovered onto the bridge to safety. The man got so scared he back away from Pat not watching what he was doing. He backed up enough to fall off the other side of the bridge and onto the rocks below.

Pat's eyes turned normal as he rushed to his father's aid. The police was just pulling in as Pat made it to his father. "Dad you okay," asked Pat? Bob nodded yes to signal Pat, as he was untying him.

Pat explained that the man tried to push him off the bridge. But in the meantime Pat managed to get back up and scared the man and he backed up not watching what he was doing and fell. The police broke open the door to save the child.

Pat walked to one spot in the back yard and felt the spirits of dead children of years gone by. "The spirits of twelve children cheered when the bad man fell off the bridge," thought Pat reading what the children felt. "Officer there might be a grave site out here where the fresh dirt is," yelled Pat.

"Now the twelve children can have closure and have a holy burial," thought Pat. The child's family was reunited at the police station. Pat's family went home after doing a police report on what had happened. Pat's family only accepted a hug from the little girl and that was enough.

Weeks went by and the story of the family that saved the little girl faded away. One night while Pat was sleeping he dreamed of going to Florida. In his dream he seen a man dressed like a rock star. The man was too busy relaxing reading a news paper.

He overlooked watching his children swimming in a pool. "Why did I dream this, when I don't go to Florida until spring break," thought Pat. Before Pat and Bobby Jr. knew, it was time to go back to school. This was Pat's last year of school before going to college.

The only problem Pat had to face wasn't the work but the people. Pat could feel how people truly felt towards him and sometimes could hear their thoughts. The people would put on a charade of being a friend when they felt otherwise. The hard part was Pat knowing how they felt but playing along in the charade anyhow.

But Pat thought he needed people around him because he only had a hand full of friends. Most wore black for protection and were outcasts and freaks to most. The teachers and students would say smart remarks to try and cause them to rebel and get kicked out of school. "You think you're tough wearing black," asked a teacher? "Are you a witch and all of you ride a broom out of here," a student hatefully asked?

The right to be different is why they kept together. "Other people didn't have the right to judge them only Jesus," the group all thought the same way. Most of them just liked being different and not a part of the fake uncaring people. The fake people would copy the popular ones their talk and what they wore.

Pat would try to get along with everyone. It was time to ho home as Bobby and Pat walked they seen an owl pass by. The owl landed in a tree by them and it seemed strange in town.

Their was some that nested in a barn a block over. As they made it to the house their was waiting for them on the porch. "Hey guys your great grandma Agnes took her journey. We have to go to the funeral in two days," said Bob Senior with regret.

They slowly sank their heads in sorrow for Grandma Agnes. Both brothers went to sleep thinking about past good times with their grandma. Their favorite time was always rock hunting on the lakeshore. What good times they were too, but they knew that everyone has to take the journey to the light.

Two days later everyone was hurrying around getting dressed for the funeral service. Bobby and Pat sat in between their mom and dad at the service. They got up so early that both boys were tired out.

There heads nodded up and down during the prayer service. Both were out, and Pat dreamed of a person standing over his own body lying in a pool of blood. The body was in a long hallway and the man looks at Pat. He had a puzzled look on his face.

"Hey mister don't you know you're dead," asked Pat in the dream. The man nodded his head no. "You must go to the light, find the light okay," instructed Pat.

Then Pat woke up quickly forgetting about where he was. "Wah," Pat said softly. Bobby Sr. was nodding his head with a grin on his face. Pat looks at him and smiles and straightens up sitting.

Bobby Jr. shakes awake and looks around and rubs his eyes. After the service they went home to remember her by leafing threw the photo albums. Pat went out to practice karate outside. First was the stretching then meditation before practice.

The most important part of the meditation was the cleansing of negative chi. Pat would sit under his favorite tree and cross his legs and hold his palms up. Then he'd shut his eyes and visualize a whirlwind taking all his negative energy and worries away and up to God and sending down positive energy, his love.

After 15 minutes he felt totally refreshed. Now to practice his karate katas for a half hour he practiced he was exhausted. "Hey Pat we're all going to the shopping store, so clean up and get ready," shouted Jane. The family went to the shopping store and both Pat and Bobby could feel a draining feeling.

"You feel that Bobby," asked Pat? "Yah something cold and draining like two spirits attacking us doing the bidding of someone else. It's making us feel sick to our stomachs," asked Bobby? "Let mom and dad go ahead and say this with me Bobby," instructed Pat.

His eye turned all white and he shook lightly. "We bind you from doing any harm to us we command you in Jesus name and go back to whom sent you and three fold back on the attacker," both said in unison. The feeling went away as quick as it showed up.

"Why would anyone attack us," asked Bobby? "I think there's a battle of good and evil on different levels and dimensions or plains. We try to do good the balance has to do its part also," said Pat as they caught up with their parents.

They grabbed what they needed for groceries and went home. The next day Pat couldn't wait for school to get out. It was karate class time just after school.

Bobby and Pat both practiced together in class as they did the first kata of practice the movements. Pat started making peoples eyes go blood shot. Pat would stop and touch their hand and the blood shot eyes went away. "Hey you're a stinking witch, you would be burned for that in the old days," said a snotty kid speaking without permission.

"You 15 push ups for speaking out of turn. You Pat I need to talk to you," said his instructor. He took Pat to the side to talk in private.

"They think you're a witch throwing the chi around making people feel funny. I'm going to lose customers because of what you can do," explained his instructor. "I'll make it easy, I may be a witch or I may not it's none of anyone's business and I quit," said Pat with disgust. Bobby stayed to learn new things and then bring them home to teach Pat.

This was a way for both to benefit. "Some people knock each other out without touching them, are they a witch," Pat asked himself? Beep, beep, beep his cell phone was ringing it was his friend Roger. "Hey dud I have a problem where I'm staying, it's haunted.

What ever it is doesn't want us living in the home. We just moved into the house across town. Well last night we were watching TV and a swirl of smoke appeared between us and the TV. My dad was a little drunk and was arguing with the ghost.

My dad told it that we couldn't move they just got there. A smoke figure of a teenage boy knocked the beer bottle out of his hand," explained Roger. "Dude that is so cool I'll stay over Friday night and we'll see what's going on okay dude," said Pat. Pat was excited to go to his friend's house to help both sides. "Dude what should I do for now," asked Roger?

"Okay get in you mom's spices and find some sage. Next put some on an old plate and light it to smoke like incense. Let the smoke go to every room of the house. This is like catnip for ghosts," Pat joked to relax his friend.

"All right later bra, I'll do everything you asked me to okay by for now," said Roger. Pat couldn't wait to go there and try and help out both parties. "Mom I'm going to Roger's to stay the night is that okay," asked Pat hollering from upstairs. "Yes dear you can but don't stay up to late," instructed his mother.

Friday came and Pat went to Rogers's right from school with a back pack of clothes, crosses and quartz crystals. As Pat and Roger walk d to his house you could hear the jingle of quarts crystals and metal and stone crosses. As they both walked towards the door Pat could see a face of a spirit looking out a side window at them. As soon as both of them stepped in the door way they could feel a cool breeze blow on them from inside.

"Dude it definitely knows we're here. Show me where the person appeared," asked Pat? Roger pointed to the middle of the carpet and Pat sat in the spot. Pat crossed his legs and put his crystals on the floor. He set his back pack behind him and shut his eyes.

"Dude I'm going to video tape this and put it on the internet," laughed Roger. "No, no man don't, you show some respect. Shut the curtains and turn the lights off, unless you're scared. Roger light some candles and sit by me," instructed Pat.

Roger quickly lit some candles and sat down. A cloud slowly worked around them until it formed a teenaged boy. "You both need to get out of here this is my house not yours," the ghost growled. "They have no place to go anymore and they live here now. They don't want to cause trouble, but just get along. You're dead did you know that," asked Pat?

"I didn't know the last thing I remember is getting his by a car while I was skateboarding. And now my mom and dad left me behind," explained the ghost. "I like to skateboard too dudes and if you promise not to scare us anymore you can stay like and be an invisible friend. If you don't like it, then you could always go to the light," asked Roger?

"I would like to hang out for a while if that's alright," replied the teenaged ghost. "Dude what's your name," asked Pat? "Tommy Smith I was going to turn pro-skateboarder in 1998," replied the ghost.

"Well now you can help us learn the cool moves you did, like a coach. I have a video of you before you died," explained Roger. "Ok you mom's going to be home soon so we need to open curtains. Hey Tom hold tight to Roger he needs all the help he can get," joked Pat.

After that meeting with Tom everything went smooth and relaxed. A month later Roger won a trophy 1st place and dedicated it to Tom Smith his friend.

October was Bobby and Pat's favorite time of year besides Halloween. It was bow hunting Bob Sr. decided on taking them up north to some private land. They packed for a snow covered weekend trip and left after saying good bye's to Jane. It took two hours to make it up north where they went on back roads with one gravel lane.

All three of them got their tree stands out one at a time trying not to make too much noise. Bob Sr. held the ladder for them while they both got their tree stands put up one at a time. Two hundred yards away in the woods Pat could see the hermits shack.

For years they've gone hunting none of them ever seen him out of his house. It was a cool 28 degrees that mourning. They made it there in time to get set up and beat the sunrise. Pat could hear the wild turkeys clucking in the far distance.

Pat heard the screech of the bald eagle he was seen in years past. When the sun kissed the trees with a burning pure gold color. You could hear the light cracking of the trees warming as the sun rays touched them.

As Pat turned his head and looked down a seven point buck appeared in front of him like a ghost. As the buck walked closer it looked at Pat's ladder. Then the buck's eyes followed the steps up and stared Pat in the eyes for five minutes. It didn't like what it felt, so it started to turn and walk away.

Pat quickly drew his bow back and shot, whoosh the arrow struck the target. The deer bolted into the woods, and the wait was on to look for the deer. "Okay dad always said to give the deer time to take their journey. Out of respect to the animal, and when one dies another is born with its essence," Pat thought.

Pat decided to meditate in the tree stand because he had fall protection on anyway. Pat went threw the meditation into purple and fell into a deep sleep sitting in his tree stand. He dreamed of a man waving at a window trying to shew away the turkey buzzards outside the window. Just then Pat woke as he slowly leaned forward getting ready to fall out of his tree stand.

His harness caught him and his eyes were wide open looking at the ground. "What was that about," thought Pat? Then Pat remembered he had to go looking for his deer. He scurried down the tree stand and followed the tracks to where the deer laid motionless.

Pat walked up to the deer and touched it and to a moment. "Thank you for supplying my family with nourishment from your life I took. Thank you God for giving me this beautiful deer for food," prayed Pat.

Then the hard part was taking the deer back to the truck. A few hours went by while Pat waited for his father and brother. His stomach started to growl a loud roar. Finally they arrived and helped Pat put the deer into the truck and off they went.

Heading to the closest town Of Irons only 5 miles away and they had a nice breakfast buffet. The locals were use to seeing Bob Sr. and the boys every year. All they did is hurry to the buffet. Pat and Bob Jr. piled up their food enough to fit two plates.

Their dad chuckled at how much food they grabbed up the food. "They haven't changed a bit," laughed the owner. "Yep, they're hungrier now than ever," Bob Sr. replied back. All three acted like they were starving.

While they were about to finish eating the local mail man came in to take a break, and glanced over at Bob. Senior. "Hey Bob did you guys hear a gun shot this mourning? The old hermit Jack shot himself in the head this mourning. I had a package for him and no one answered so I looked in the window. He was slouched in the chair looking at the big window," informed the mail man.

"No we didn't, the walls must have muffled the noise," replied Bob Sr. to mail man. The three of them looked with surprise. When they finished they went to a cabin they rented a little ways away from the restaurant. First thing was to hang the buck on the buck pole.

They took a picture of Pat with his buck hanging up, now it was both Bob's turn now. After they unpacked they took an hour knap to relax and warm up for a while. Then they jumped back in the truck and went back out hunting. Now Pat knew what he dreamed thinking back at what happened in the mourning. "I dreamed his last thoughts and fears," Pat thought to himself. Now Pat knew what he had to do while he's out hunting in the late afternoon.

The three scared deer as they crept to each tree stand. Now Pat didn't ever care to shoot another deer but went out just in case they needed help. Pat concentrated on trying to see something out of the ordinary.

Pat shut his eyes and felt Jack the hermit near by then seen him in his dream. "Jack I know you were in pain from cancer and I feel bad for you. You try to find the light and go into it okay," instructed Pat. The man nodded yes to him and faded away.

Then Pat awoke and was content with what he did. He had a gut feeling that they would get lucky and get a deer each. Dusk fell and Pat climbed down and went back to their truck. Pat waited sitting on the tail gate for his dad and brother.

Pat could see flashlights wiggling and waving. They both slowly chugged along moving the deer's towards the truck. "Finally they made it in the truck, hopefully they kept with their traditions and thanked the animal and God for the food," Pat thought to himself.

"Wow you both got 8 pointers, we should celebrate dad," asked Pat? "Oh I don't see what it would hurt. Bobby Jr. and I worked up an apatite we'll go to the buffet in town. What do you think Junior, you ready to celebrate," asked Bobby Senior?

They all were excited to go and celebrate Bobby Sr. planned on having some drinks and have Pat be the designated driver. As they entered the buffet area Pat noticed a lady crying talking to the owners her aura was a troubled color of brown. "Attention everyone we need volunteers to help the police find this lady's daughter. Her house is located a few miles down the road," asked the owner.

The police arrived with their light flashing. The officers took the report and placed a bulletin out for anyone seeing her. "Okay everyone grab you lights lanterns and meet up at this lady's house. The quicker we act the better are chances will be.

The snow is covering up the tracks and she won't survive the night," the officer informed everyone. "All right guys we need to help but we need to grab our lanterns. We'll stick together to be safe," Bob Sr. planned with his sons.

They pulled their truck up at the lady's house next to ten other vehicles parked. Everyone was in a big circle to listen to the mother about what happened. "Well while I was in the bathroom my daughter unlocked the dead bolt and opened the door. The tracks headed out back where they faded away.

Please she's all I have she must have gotten dressed and to our dog out to go for a walk," informed the lady. "Okay spread out 50 yards away from each other," commanded the officer. All of them walked a hundred yards in when Pat stopped and yelled to his father.

"Dad she didn't go this straight of a line away. She headed more to the south than this way. Don't ask how I know I just can't tell you. Please believe me she went towards some pine trees," pleaded Pat.

"Hmm, hey officer we're going to head to some pines and check, about 300 yards away. We have our compasses and we'll contact you by walkie talkie channel 2 okay," Bob Sr. yelled to the officer. What Pat couldn't tell his father was how he knew.

Pat could see an Angel waving to him urging him to follow. Then the Angel would point in the direction he wanted them to go. "You know son I don't mind if you have a spirit guide of some sort helping you to do good its okay. That's part of our heritage spirits of our ancestors guiding us, spirit animals and angels too.

I don't think you're crazy," explained Bob Senior catching him by surprise. "Dad I sometimes sees angels too. But I was afraid you would think I'm crazy. Dad I see one angel now waving us to hurry to the pine trees she must be hurt. I also had seen my spirit animal and spirit's needing guidance to the light from time to time.

My spirit animal is the coyote and I deer hunt like one helping me," admitted Pat. As they made it to the pines they could hear some groaning. And as they followed the noise they saw a small amount of blood on a limb.

They found the little girl holding her head with her dog curled around her. "The dog chased a rabbit and she chased the dog and hit her head," informed Pat. "Let's see, channel 2 hey we found her get a rescue sled and blanket. We'll hang a lantern out where she's at, do you copy," Bob Sr. asked?

"Yes we do, a snowmobile and sled unit is at the house right now. It's on its way to you right now," informed the officer. Within moments the snowmobiles showed up and the paramedic ran to the girl.

"Okay she's half out of it with a possible concussion and hypothermia also. The rescue truck is waiting on the road," the paramedic assured the girl. They carefully wrapped her in a blanket and placed her on a rescue sled. With a zoom of the snowmobile they were off.

They were left behind to walk the dog back home. When they made it to the lady's house they put the dog in her house and was getting ready to leave when they noticed the ambulance leaving and a news truck was filming.

"Hey you guys, did you rescue her," asked the announcer while trying to stop them from walking to their truck. "We just did what anyone else would have done when someone's in need," commented Bob Sr. as they got in the truck. The three of them drove off looking back in the mirror at the TV cameras.

"Hey don't they know how hungry we are," joked Pat. "Yah, let's cook up some hamburgers at the cabin. Then we'll play some cards without cheating using the spirits," Joked their father. They did just what they said they would do and then had a goodnight sleep. They got to sleep in before there travel home.

With 3 bucks to bring home plus a good deal of stories to surprise Jane with. That was something special to remember for years to come. As two years went by Pat and the rest of them would think back every time they went up north hunting.

Pat and his father and brother both worked in a food processing plant packing pickles. For a steady income and during Pat and Bobby Junior's spare time they would help the police with unsolved murder cases. Sometimes helping spirits haunting homes and scaring the living. Helping them realize that they would be happier going into the light.

One day the factory announced that they were bought out by a competitor and they had to cut some people from work. The cut list was posted in the break room a week before Christmas. The new owners of the pickle factory didn't care about cutting people it was a numbers game.

The ones cut away were just a number in the pile of cut before at other factories they bought. Pat and his father and brother were safe from being cut. But they knew other people that were cut and couldn't find a job. Their families were to suffer without the people who caused it to feel a thing.

Pat was jaded with the cuts and mission statements that tried to justify what they did. "That's it back to them three fold no matter where they are in the world. Until they learn the error of their ways and repent and mean it to God above. Reap what they sow three fold, giving the vengeance to God to take care of.

There's nowhere in the world a person involved could hide," thought Pat. A month went by and the stocks kept dropping. "They didn't learn or repent yet," thought Pat. But a few days later the stocks leveled and there were no more cuts.

Pat met a woman that turned out to be his soul mate named Peggy. Peggy's father was the new vice president of their pickle factory. The other was let go for doing too many unethical cuts.

A few months of dating went by when Pat asked to marry her. Pat and Peggy got married in church that Pat went to. They decided to have a child a year later and life was good. Pat bought a house when they got married and blessed it when they moved in.

Their child's name was Pat Junior a happy go lucky baby boy. When he was four years old Pat Jr. had bad nightmares a few days in a row. Pat decided to sleep with him to get him to rest. As both of them dreamed Pat dreamed of seeing his son in the dream.

He cut into him like a doctor doing an operation, cutting into his back. Pat dug out a dark spirit in the dream. And Pat looked in the dream he could see another of his son watching the whole thing. Pat sewed his back up while the other watched.

And the dark spirit left after being cast out from the child. Pat awoke after sleeping all night with his son. When he got up his son woke also. "Hey dad you had a dream about me didn't you," asked his son? "Yes I did," Pat answered.

"I know because I jumped into your dream and was watching myself being healed by you," explained Pat Junior. Later Pat handed down the cross that he bought as a child that was said to be haunted but the only thing special Pat found out is what he thought it was. The store owner had a dozen of the same one for sale in his window in the store. He would tell anyone a story to make a good sale.

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