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Embarrassment Part two

Short story By: Patrick Pugh
Literary fiction

A young man gets embarrassed to no end.

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What Cherish wanted to return was a watch that had shattered when she removed the battery, put a new one in, and then tried to replace the cover. Cherish and Broad walked up to the customer service desk, and Cherish said, "My daughter bought this for me as a gift, and it came shattered, may I return it?" "Do you have a reciept?" Asked the customer service representative whose name was Ricardo. "No, said Cherish, it was a gift." "I'm sorry, said Ricardo, I cannot return anything without a reciept." Then Cherish turned caustic. "Let me speak to the manager now, dammit!" She said. "Just a moment m'am." Said Ricardo. While Broad and Cherish waited for the manager, Broad listened in to the music playing overhead and lo and behold "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison. He could not believe it. He could not get away from this song today. When the manager arrived Cherish shouted "I demand you return this watch, this instant!" "Well, said the manager, do you have a reciept?" "No, said Cherish, it was a gift." "Well then, it is unreturnable." Said the manager who strode off without another word. "Let's go Cherish." Said Broad. And with that Cherish and Broad walked out of Burlington Coat Factory. They continued their walk of the mall now passing the food court, McDonald's, Rubio's CPK. When they were nearing JC Penneys, Cherish said "Let's go into Penneys and see if they will return this watch." "You can't do that, said Broad, you didn't even buy it there." "So what!" Said Cherish. Cherish had to push and shove Broad to get him into JCPenneys, beacuse his feet seemed to be dug into the concrete outside the store. When they finally managed to make it inside JC Penneys they stood in a five person line at customer service. While they were in line Broad listened in to the radio playing overhead and yes, you guessed it, Van Morrison singing "Brown Eyed Girl." When they got to the front of the line, the customer service rep whose name was Pat, told them they had to go to jewelery. When they got there, the two reps were hammering away on somebody's watch. Cherish shouted "Excuse me, I need help here." Broad wanted to run away and crawl under a rock and die at that moment. "Wait your turn." Broad whispered inconspicuously. Cherish ignored that statement. Again louder, with lots of bravado "Excuse me, I need help here." And with that one of the women turned around and approached the counter. Her name was Imelda, and she said, "Yes, how may I help you?" "My daughter bought me this watch, here at JC Penneys, and it came cracked, may I return it?" Asked Cherish. "Do you have a reciept?" Asked Imelda. "No, said Cherish, it was a gift." "No reciept, no return." Said Imelds. "But, but, but, but." mumbled Cherish. "Let's go Cherish." Said Broad. And with that they left JC Penneys. Now they were passing the women's stores Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Victoria's Secret, and then Cherish took Broad by the bookstore. When they got there they discovered it had gone out of business. "I'll make it up to you, said Cherish, I'll take you out to Carl's Jr. for lunch." And with that Cherish and Broad walked out of the mall, jay walked across Broadway, and walked into the Carl's Jr. Broad had a small order of french fries and Cherish had a small order of onion rings. They also got tiny plastic cups for water. Broad found a table and Cherish went for the water. Finally, thought Broad a place where Cherish can't embarrass me. And then the coup de gras, the final straw. Cherish came walking to the table with not water, but Coca Cola in the tiny plastic cups. "Fuck!" Said Broad. "Why did you say that Broad?" Asked Cherish. "Beacuse Cherish you have now stolen soda, and I'm on probation, and I could go back to jail. You really need to start thinking how your behavior effects other people." Said Broad. Cherish turned the other cheek. They ate the rest of their meal in silence. Cherish called David when they were finished. He came and picked them up. When Broad got back home he called his Al Anon sponsor Nora and told her what had happened. Nora told him to try and detach from Cherish. Her behavior had nothing to do with him. Broad took her advice and worked on detachment. All was well!


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