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Well this was a story I wrote in our grade 9 Language class in 40 minutes. the assignment was write a story about a "Misterious zebra found in the Bahamas"

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God's Country
By Philipe Boissonneault
A long time ago in ancient Bahamas history lived a great beast only known as Uni. He was only encountered once by the tribe known as Watina. As the story goes he, Uni, was a descendant of Sawi, the god of the great cold southern island. The Watina were known for their unspeakable acts against humanity and cruel savage killings. Their confrontation with Uni sadly, was no different.
Dr. Marek Arnoldson, a professor of the University of Maine's Human biology center, was going on his first vacation in five years. He was seen countless to-be doctors pass through his classes, and he decided to go to the Bahamas for his two week vacation. His niece Sunia lived on the island and she mentioned his boarding at her house, and she'd show him around, gladly Marek agreed. Without wasting any holiday days he left to the tropical paradise.
Marek arrived and his niece Sunia was outrageously excited to see her uncle. Marek was so excited to visit the Mayan Ruins of the Bahamas. He heard so many great stories about this place and wanted to visit the ruins himself. Along his journey through the sand filled land, he seen flamingos, peacocks, iguanas and many unique animals one would never see in the United States. niece Suna explained how the warmth made it so easy for such a small island like the Bahamas to support such a wide biodiversity. Marek being such an Ivey league man knew exactly what she was talking about. But above all he found interesting was how his niece Sunia's name. Sunia means in Mayan, daughter of the sun, did that mean his brother Fredrick was the sun? Or maybe something more?
Following a quick glance over his right shoulder Marek thought he saw a zebra, but knew there weren't zebra in the Bahamas, so Marek questioned, "Sunia, is there any zebras in the Bahamas?"
Suna thought and replied, "Well the only zebra ever seen in the Bahamas was 100, 000 years ago and his name we cannot speak of without bring damnation to the universe."
As the vehicle came to a halt, Marek seen the beast again, but this time, telepathically he heard something calling his name, and he knew it was his destiny to follow this calling.Excited, Marek followed elusively into a greatly unstable tunnel. As the Earth started rumble and a loud CRACK! is when Marek discovered what was going on. The tunnel caved in trapping Marek inside.
Outside Marek heard Sunia shouting his name, when out of nowhere a animal climbed down from the roof and explained to Marek, "Marek, you're not stuck, these rocks symbolize the hard road ahead for life."
"Who.. Wha.. What are you? How do you know my name?" Marek cried with fear.
The animal laughed, "My name is irrelevant, but if you must know I am Uni, sun of Quadrectinel, the creator, I see what happens behind closed doors and I am all knowing. I'm zebra made by my father last feint attempt to save humanity, and I need your assistance. Get on and we will get out of here."
As Marek climbed on he had a rush he never felt and learned this place, the tunnel, the entire world is indeed not god forsaken. Just as the story goes a man road out onto the open fields was crowned as God of humanity. Everyone rejoiced in happiness, there was eternal bliss and excitement. The story predicts that he, who rides, is he who saved the world, but little did the Watina know, this would be the end of the world. So what did this mean if Sunia is the daughter of the Sun? Perhaps in this second coming Marek will rewrite history.


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