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Friends if you know me so far I always write stories on my best or my close but you can remember if you war away me that I have never write story on my two Aryan khanna & Aniket mishra. That’s not mean they are not important me they are equally important for me & trust me friends they are very closer to me they take very big place at my heart.
But now it’s enough now December comes & my pen is diving to write story at this hudge afternoon. If you are not very close to me and wanna know me some of my friend group you can read my story.

But this two both guy always make headache for me after writing & thinking story about them now I am confused to give the title I know this you will help me .

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It was a great noon of December 19 2011. Today I am in fresh mood to write my story.

This is the story of two tennis player Aryan & Aniket both are good tennis player and both are the member of same tennis playing club. But while playing from same club so many time they have face each other. In both of them Aryan always wins the match & he wins all the time clubs tournament & Aniket placed at second place but this time in Jaipur the all Jaipur club tournament held the winner of this tournament will won the price money of 50,000 but also the person get opportunity to play at delhi & he represent the Rajsthan at national level. The player who wins this will definitely boost his carrier up & all the tennis club required to send two players in this state level tournament & them group send both of them.

The both have different reason to play & win the state level tournament.

Aryan is belonging from very poor family & he is the only person who earn money in his home for survive because his father is no more. That is why he wants to win this challenge of tournament to get some bulk amount of money for his house.

But whereas the Aniket belonging from the good business family he is good person but very rich the reason of his winning this state tournament because he want to prove that he can be famous as his father in the field of business.

The tournament is going about to end day by day but the day comes when the both semi final has done & the two finalist of these tournament it is shocking to see the both Aryan & Aniket is infront of each other & the trophy is middle in the ground then it's fix Aryan face off Aniket for final match.

Tu dhoop hai beh chal kahin.. Oh it's my phone ringing.HelloYa dear hwz are you fine? Ya baby I love you don't misinterpret me I am not anything against you baby I am writing a story of Aniket & Aryan please I never message I'll meet you evening baby let me write please ya sure I'll call you. What you are seeing girls can't change so unsecure. Oh hello this not part of a story some one called me it's bad to see this. This is my story not Aryan and Aniket now read those story you also Na what I should say.

Aniket is feeling tense now because he knows Aryan always wins at his club tournaments against him always. He already prepare that his dream will never ever come at this year tournament. Suddenly he got Alex's phone call (aniket's friend) & by him he comes to know that Aryan's actual reason of playing this tournament so courageously is he want the price amount only if he wins tournament he will not go to Delhi to take part in national tournament just because he is the only one who takes care his mother.

Finally the day comes with very low temperatures at Jaipur when the final showoff will about to hold. I love always tennis that is why I reach the court at 9 a.m. instead of 9.15 a.m. which given by me from Aniket I also playing but always be at 77 place at my group believe me it's true with this line also only 2 person in my club which behinds my rank one is ball collector & second is watchmen stop laughing I'll sue you. I am sitting at very first bench & talking one of my neighbors named Aryan he lives just in fronts at my home. Suddenly I saw Aniket come & he calls Aryan at the corner side of the tennis court & he start talking him something.

Whereas I am busy to listening Love the way you lie. Then all referees and audience come & match begins. Aryan wins two starting set very rapidly Aniket seems very tense but suddenly match turn around Aniket favors and he wins all the 3 set continuously with power shots. Match over Aniket wins his target he will represent Rajsthan at national tournament, Delhi. But I was dishearten about Aryan that he will' not complete his dream to wins the amount of money but he have not in tension.

At the same day in evening aniket's father gives party to his entire friend I'll enjoy the party. There so many girls I choose two of them but both already have boyfriend so I drop the idea but once proposed me then I don't like her I drop her as well because proposed then I'll take food with onion it was too pleasant for me. Now I leave party.

At the next day afternoon I was sitting with Aryan & talking about the last final match between him and Aniket but suddenly Aniket comes I surprised to saw because it's first time I was seeing him at Aryan's house. Suddenly Tu dhoop hai beh chal kahin.Oh it's my phone ringing.HelloYa dear ok. After this my all attention gone at my phone call after several time you know girls never cut the phone early. I comes back to the place where they both were sited I saw Aniket is going to his car with his weeping face now see he have one bat & one box which seems like sweets box. I stop him and ask what happened why you crying are it anything wrong happened with you both. Then I shock to know this story.

Aniket said after getting knowledge about Aryan's reason of playing desperately the whole tournament I made plan when I come the day you and Aryan talking at tennis court I'll called him alone I put offer infront of Aryan that if he loose I'll give him the money which I won by the tournament as well I'll give you 50,000 from my side. If he loose this tournament this will also help our state because you are not able to play at Delhi but I'll represent Rajsthan at Delhi. Aniket said while these all was happening the Aryan was maintained silence he didn't replied me anything. But when the match started after two half I'll defeat Aryan very easily and direct set.

He continued when today I come and I thanks him for making my dream come to true he laugh at me. Then he told "look Aniket I am poor definitely but not beggar at the final match I didn't make it was you who prove who wins with his own game. You played better then me you make me loose the match & as well my purposed to win I know that I required money because I am poor but this money should be won by me not one of thrown on me as a beg. It's learn by my mother when I brought my first income to my home I want to prove my self at tennis but I was fail but I don't want be a failure in my life by accepting your beg. One thing more add you are the champ of tennis in our club If I say no to the same you will dishearten & you will think that you can't won the match that's why I has not said no to you at court. Believe on yourself Aniket you was the ultimately winner of our game you was the last man standing you will prove our state a good place of tennis in India I believe on you.

Aniket stats crying harder he said I am not happy to know that I make him defeat but I am dishearten to know that I loose him in the game of life. According to me he can take this amount very easily but he gives me the amount of the knowledge. Now I'll show him that I have the experience of defeating by him entire of my life even at the tennis court & even in the real life Aryan always defeated me. I was even clam & composed to see the Aniket face because I know it's the guilty of Aniket not that he offer him money but for that he loose to know Aryan.


Friends now my time to conclude my writing. Friends it's been long since that I write again a short story on my friends list there may be any defect so please comment then I can remove it. Friend I have to major para to conclude this-

First is Aniket- You can't imagine in real life this corrector is my

Golden gift by god sometimes may hear by me that I have faith in god that is why I also faith Ami (Aniket) in real this is so confusing & really he fear to loose he always to get thing but he can not handle the defeat. My message to him that you have a capacity to defeat person in a play ground but Aniket you always get defeated in real life. Because you fear to free. You are in tense because you fear to happy. I want changes in you Ami that you can because I am writer I expect that person improve by my writing you always loose by Aryan at tennis because you always bargain of points with him. Please remove the fear, man it's your own strength you can win.

Aryan- How can I conclude him? If I know that I can write because of this person. If I cry he clears the deep shadow on my face. One line in Hindi meaning "agar is hasti ke bare mein, mein khuch kahun to tumhe tajub hoga, ki meri zindagi ko mili ek esi shama jisne muje roshni ka matalb smjha diya mere shabdo ko arth kya hai ye bata diya". I want to say that he is the one light of my which give me the meaning of light. I always feel secure in my friend's arms. Aryan makes me happy when I always in sad. This person now at the top of his life but trust me friends this person know me what actually a emptiness takes place in my life he always is the wall between me and my troubles. I love him he knows to mentor me. He is my legend.

Please comment me the title of these stories because still IT is the title less story.



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