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In This story James Kurteson and Sarah Heart travel to an island off the coast of Belize. They ride bikes, go to the barbecue, and face of bullies. This story was brought to you by the letter B.

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Me and Sarah had woken up and were lying in our bed in Lakeno B & B in Banjuski City, Belize. Belize is a small country situated on the Caribbean coastline of Central America next to Honduras. I stretched and yawned and placed my arm around Sarah's shoulder, whom I had been dating for over a year now.

"Gooding morning" I said yawning. Andrew Scot had sent me a list of objects I must include in this article.

"Morning" replied Sarah. Sarah was a 23 year old woman with red wavy hair. "Looking forward to the barbeque, baby".

"Sure am".

I and Sarah kissed on the lips. I felt her tongue in my mouth and I stuck my tongue in hers. We embraced each other for a while. It was beautiful.

"I love you, you know that" said Sarah.

"And I love you too. We better get going. We have to catch that bus to the port".

We got out of bed and put on our clothes. I put on my jeans, my sky blue singlet, and sneakers. Sarah had put on her mini skirt, white blouse and jandals. We kissed each other on the lips, picked up our backpacks and ran down stairs, placing our backpacks next to the entrance before heading into the kitchen.

"Hello" said Alonzo Baraketo. Alonzo was the owner of the B & B we were staying in.

"Morning" said Sarah.

"How are you this morning?" I said.

"Good" replied Alonzo "Just cooking us some bacon and baked beans. Hope you're hungry".

"Mmm, starving" said Sarah. Alonzo served us some baked beans and three rashes of bacon. "Thank you".

We picked up our knives and forks and enthusiastically piled into our bacon and baked beans. I piled the baked beans onto my rashes of bacon and shoved them into my mouth. Alonzo gave us each a beer which we washed down the baked beans and bacon with. After we had finished our breakfast I said "Thank you. It was delicious".

"Marvellous" said Sarah.

"Better go and catch the bus into town" said Alonzo "It will be arriving here any minute now".

"See ya" said Sarah.

"Bye, gracias".

We waved good bye, picked up our backpacks and walked out the front door. The bus stop was close to the B & B and we placed our arms around each others' waists as we waited for the bus to arrive. After a few minutes the bus arrived and picked us up. The doors hissed open and we climbed aboard, paying our fee to the bus driver. We walked down to the empty seat, sat down, the bus took off.

I and Sarah looked out the window as we headed towards the port. We went through a residential section, then through an industrial section. We went through a bend and finally came to the city centre after taking a turn to the left. The city was the size of Hamilton. The bus door opened and we hopped off the bus. The bus left.

There were three young men standing on the opposite side of the street. We crossed the street towards the three men. Sarah's arms were wide open. Sarah hugged the three men.

"I'm so happy to see you" she cried. Sarah turned towards me and said "James, these are my three brothers. Patrick, he's the oldest. Scott. And my youngest, Stewart".

We shook hands. Patrick was a couple years older than Sarah. Scot would have been 18 and Stewart 16.

"Nice to finally meet you," said Patrick "Sarah talked so much about you".

"Nice to meet you too" I said.

"Come. We must get into the boat".

We walked along the jetty towards the boat that would be taking us to Isla Bernado. Patrick introduced us to the boat owner. His name was Antonio Salavene and he was married to the owner of the Barnado Bungalows. We climbed into the boat, placed our backpacks on the floor and sat down. Antonio started up the boat and we headed out into the Caribbean. We looked back at the receding coastline. Ten minutes later "There's the island," said Patrick "See".

"I see it" I cried placing my arm around Sarah's shoulder.

The island grew as we got closer and we entered into a small, beautiful bay. As we approached the jetty Antonio slowed the boat and we came to a stop. Patrick jumped onto the jetty and tied the boat to the post. We climbed out of the boat. A young woman with a baby approached us.

"This is my wife, Stephania," said Antonio "And our baby son, William".

"Oh he's so cute" said Sarah looking at the baby. I looked at the baby too.

"He's amazing" I said.

"Come, I'll show you to your room".

Stephania led us into one of the bungalows and we placed our backpacks on the floor next to the bed. Stephania showed us around the place and Sarah decided that it would be nice if we rode around the island. We walked towards a group of bicycles that the Salavene's handed out to the visitors. We climbed onto our bikes and took a ride along the concrete track.

We rode along the coastline of the bay, the sea breeze going through our hair. It was a beautiful day. We climbed up the hill, turned left through the tropical forest, past a rock into a clearing. We zoomed past the small island lake that was a green colour. The ducks, swans and geese swimming in the lake or just resting beside it. We went around the northern shore of the lake before turning right and rode over the bridge across the rapids. The water fall was to our left. We turned around the bend and rode along the edge of a big crater.

"This island was once a volcano" said Sarah.

She read the information brochure before we came here. It was a massive crater with luscious grass along the bottom. We rode down the steep pathway that zigzagged to the bottom, looking at the beautiful view of the bay. The clear blue water, luscious green trees. Once we were at the bottom we turned right and returned to the bungalows.

"I'll go read my book" said Sarah.

"K," I replied "I'll go find your brothers".

I saw Sarah's brothers playing a spot of basketball in the basketball court with Antonio Salavene. Patrick ran towards the basket, dunking the ball through the hoop. I clapped and whistle.

"Would you like to join us, James?" asked Patrick.

"Yeah, I would love to" I replied.

"One on one, aye".

Patrick threw me the ball and I ran towards the basket, dribbling the ball along the way. Patrick tried to block me, but I dribbled the ball from hand to hand before throwing it through the basket and getting a score. On my second try, the ball bounced off the hoop. I ran and grabbed it, rushing towards Patrick, dribbling the ball from hand to hand. Patrick snatched the ball off me and threw it through the hoop. He ran towards me and dribbled it towards the hoop. After fighting over the ball, I grabbed the ball off him and tossed it through the hoop. I grabbed the ball again and dribbled it past Patrick and tossed it through the hoop again.

"Wooh" said Antonio clapping his hands "You're a natural".

Patrick and his brothers congratulated me.

"It was nothing," I said "I used to be the captain of the school basketball team. I'll go see how Sarah's going".

"You do that" said Patrick.

I left them to it. I found Sarah lying on the deck chair reading her book. So I walked up to her and said "What you reading?"

"I'm reading Hunt for the Bandits," replied Sarah "it's about a Bosnian bounty hunter who hunts down a group of notorious bandits in Bangladesh after they blow up a bus in Bulgaria".

"Is it good?"

"Brilliant. It's so riveting. All the suspense. So, what you've been up to?"

"I've just been playing a spot of basketball with your brother's. I won".

"Boys," said Stephania rocking her baby in the push chair "Always so boisterous".

"Should we go walk down the beach?" asked Sarah.

"Yeah, let's" I said, kissing her on her nice juicy lips.

"I'll go put my book away, then I'll be right out". Sarah disappeared into our bungalow for a few minutes. Afterwards she returned. "Right, let's go".

We strolled along the soft sandy beach of Bernado Bay, our arms around each others' waists. It was such a beautiful day. The seagulls squawking in the sky above the water. The birds singing in the trees, fluttering away, gathering worms to feed their babies. The sea crashing against the sand. Children swam in the sea or made castles in the sand. A family played with the beach ball, boys played baseball.

"Such a lovely day" said Sarah "All these clouds. It's so romantic".

We embraced each other, arms around each other's shoulders as we kissed each other on the lips, exchanging tongues. We stopped kissing and continued strolling along the beach. We climbed among the rock pools, looking at all the sea creatures. Crabs, star fish, sea anemones, limpets, snails. The sea spray in the air, the crashing waves.

"Sarah" I said pointing towards the grass.

We came in for a closer inspection finding a pile of bones on the grass.

"What could it be?" said Sarah.

"A sheep I guess. Let's head back".

We headed back to the bungalows, arms around each other's waists. The sun sat on the horizon, the sky orange. I noticed Patrick walking towards us.

"Hey guys," shouted Patrick waving his arms at us "They have just started up the barbecue".

"OK" replied Sarah.

We headed back to the bungalow to find Stephania standing next to Antonio as he cooked the beef patties and buns on the barbe. They had laid out some beetroot, bean salad, bread, biscuits.

"Looks good" I said.

"Patrick," screamed Scot running towards us "You better come quick. Stewart's in trouble".

"Stephania, tend to the barbeque, OK," said Antonio "I'll go see what's happening".

Me, Patrick, Sarah, and Antonio ran through the bungalows towards the basketball court, with Constable Donavencha Allatori and Deputy Mellegro Gorana, to find three boys attacking pour Stewart with baseball bats.

"Hey, get off my brother!" shouted Patrick as he punched the leader of the bullies on the side of the head, knocking him to the ground.

I tackled the second bully to the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Scot grabbed the third from behind and wrestled the bat off him. The constable and the deputy handcuffed the bullies one at a time. Antonio helped the police escort them to the holding cell.

"I'm calling the coast guard" said Antonio "Get them to pick up the bullies".

"Are you all right?" asked Sarah kneeling down next to Stewart "You look terrible".

Stewart was bruised all over, blood pouring out his nose.

"I feel sore all over" said Stewart.

"Good thing we arrived in time" said Patrick "They could have killed you".

"They ganged up on me. They wanted to take the ball off me".

A middle aged man ran up to us.

"I'm so sorry my son did this to you" said the man, whom obviously had a Belgian accent "I'll punish him for this. He's going to learn a big lesson". Antonio returned. "What will happen to my son?"

"He'll face jail for six months," replied Antonio "then he'll be deported".

Antonio poured alcohol on the wound on Stewart's forehead. Stewart winced as the alcohol stung him. Then he rubbed iodine on him before wrapping his head with a bandage. Antonio felt Stewart's bones for any fracture.

"Nothing seems to be broken" said Antonio "You'll be alright. You'll live. Here. Take some arnica". Stewart complied and swallowed a couple of arnica. Antonio gave him a couple of nurafins for the pain. "Can you get up?"

Stewart climbed to his feet. He was obviously in pain. As we headed back to the barbeque Stewart limped all the way.

"Here, sit down" said Patrick. Stewart complied.

"What happened?" asked Stephania.

"A group of bullies attacked him with baseball bats" said Antonio.

"Ohh, that's awful".

"I'll take over now".

We got our food as the sun sat on the horizon. We had beef burgers with beetroot and bean salad and bread. Patrick gave Stewart his dinner and the constable delivered the food to the bullies before the coast guards took them away in hand cuffs. Their parents went with them. Afterwards we laughed and talked and told jokes as we washed down our food with Belizean beer. It was brilliant.

After we had finished our dinner we drank our beer and watched the DVD that came with Korns' latest album titled Remember who you are?, showing the in-studio music videos of their songs such as Oildale (Leave me alone), Pop a pill, Fear is a place to live, Let the guilt go, and Never around. One video showed a dead bird in the song Pop a pill. Another showed the band members putting a fire cracker in the bin and watching it blow up. Another showed a globe.

Then we watched the Pink Floyd The Wall DVD. It was awesome. We sang and danced to the U2 DVD and drank beer.

After we got drunk and had fun, me and Sarah returned to our bungalow and laid down on the bed, kissing each other on the lips and wrapping our arms around each other. It was a brilliant night.


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