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A formally abused girl reflects on her life.

Submitted:Dec 28, 2012    Reads: 10    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

My Dark Past

Chapter One

Desending into The Dark

I remember running for my life. My whole body was sore from the beating i'd just gotten. I dont even know what i did to deserv it. i woke up finding an found him beating on me. his eyes were bloodshot and i could instantly tell he'd drinking. its been like this since mom died. I didnt even see it coming. He just sat there depressed for so many days before he got up and decided to go back to work. After tht everything about him changed. He started laughing again but everything he joked about dripped with dry humor. Then he started coming home later than usual. Then he strted to lose his anger and blew up faster than a dynamite stick with a short fuse. i remember when he started breaking things and then yelling at me. I remember when he first started beating on me. id just come home late from walking aimlessly, trying to avoid coming home. The house sat silently, and i remember thinking he must've fallen into a drunken slumber and that i was safe for the night. But i was wrong. l ound him sitting in my room on my bed waiting for me.

"This is not the first time you've snuck in late, Jana. Where have you been all night?"

"I was no where. Just walking around. I kinda lost track of time." I answered back with a nervous laugh.

"Dont LIE to me Jana!" He screamed. "where have you been all this time?" He continued in a scary calm voice.

I'd started to shrink back for the door. He must've guessed that i was getting ready to escape because he leaped off the bed fast and started angry walking towards me. i spun around and ran for it. i didnt get really far on account of he was holding fast to my hair. He yanked back hard and to the side. My head hit the corner of the table in the hallway. I was so scared tha it didnt hurt. He towered over me and raised up his fist and brought it down hard on my head. I started crying then. With every sob he beat me harder.

" Stop crying! Shut up! Its your fault im doing this you know! Why do you lie to me?!?! Why cant you act the way you did when your mom was alive?! Why do you hate me?!"

I couldnt answer any of his questions. i threw my arms over my head and tried to protect my face. My tears burned hot down my face as i waited for the hurt to end.


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