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This is an "R" rated fiction story about a young woman wanting to make money posing nude for magazines.

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Kathy was 14 when her parents died in a car crash. Her grandma Ruth has raised her ever since. When Kathy was 16 Grandma Ruth had a stroke; and although she recovered she was never quite the same. The last two years Kathy has done whatever she wanted. She drank and partied and had boys spend the night in her bedroom at home. She flirted and loved the attention the boys gave her back. Kathy treated her grandmother terribly, cussing at her and telling her to get out of her room. Kathy threatened to move out unless Ruth left her alone. Ruth didn't want to be alone and let Kathy do whatever she wanted.

Kathy had a pretty face and a nice shape. Her smooth skin and hourglass figure brought her a lot of attention from men. She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and ample pert breasts. Kathy shaved off all her pubic hair because most of the boys she was screwing told her they really liked her that way. She would look at herself naked and admire her body every chance she got.

One of her male friends suggested she pose for some magazines. He told her she could make a lot of money and get famous. Kathy asked if he knew how someone would go about getting featured in a magazine. This friend handed her a business card and said, "I told this man about you and he told me if you were ever seriously interested in getting in some magazines, to have you contact him. He gave me his card, I have it in my wallet somewhere." He said tearing his wallet apart. "Oh yeah, here it is." He said handing her the card.

The card read: Pat Houston, professional photographer, personal management services, 782-843-6645. There were two black embossed playboy bunny logos on the card, one in each corner. The card stock was thick and reflective and the writing was embossed and in gold ink.

Kathy took the card. "How do you know this guy?" she asked.

"He is a friend of a friend and lives in a big house with a pool over in Silver Park Estates."

Kathy knew the area and the houses there had to sell for over $200,000. She was impressed.

She called the number when she got home.

"Hello," a man said answering the phone.

"Hi, my name is Kathy Bartlet. I am interested in getting some work posing for magazines. A friend of mine gave me your business card and said you could help me."

"How old are you Kathy?"

"I am 18."

"Can you come over tonight? I can interview you and take some promo shots to see how you photograph."

"Sure, give me the address and tell me what time you want me."

The man gave her the address and told her 8pm would be fine.

Katie parked her car around the corner from the house because she didn't want the man to see her beat up old car. She walked up to the door of the large ranch style house and rang the doorbell.

A middle aged balding man with sandy brown hair and a slight pot belly opened the door.

"I am Pat and you must be Kathy, come in and sit down. Would you like a drink, I was just making myself a Seven and Seven."

"Umm sure," Kathy said sitting on the leather sofa in the huge living room. She looked around while the man went to the kitchen to make the drinks. There was a big screen television with surround sound. The room had another sofa and three easy chairs. The rug was thick and everything looked expensive.

Pat returned and handed her the drink and sat next to her on the sofa.

"Have you posed before? You look like a model." He said while staring at her breasts.

Kathy took a sip before answering the question. The drink tasted like it was half Seagram's 7 whiskey and half seven-up. She drank it, even though it was very strong and burned.

"Not professionally, just for some friends." Kathy answered smiling to herself over the model comment.

Pat explained that he would take some pictures of her and create a bio that he would send to the more popular magazines like hustler and playboy and some others. He told her it was best to take a variety of poses to show off her body. He further told her this would not cost her any money up front. He explained that he would pay for everything and take his 40% cut when they paid her for her first photo shoot and story.

When she finished her drink, he asked her if she was ready to get started, and she told him yes. He led her to a bedroom in the back of the house. There was a tripod set up with an expensive looking camera on it and a movie camera was a table next to the tripod. The room also contained two standing photo lamps with hoods and reflectors. The man turned the lamps on, making the room very bright.

Take off your clothes and have a seat in the chair. We will shoot that first and then move to the bed.

Kathy took her clothes off and sat on the chair.

"You have a hot body there Kathy. I think they will really like these pictures."

The man got behind the tripod and told her to make some sexy poses.

Kathy spread her legs, putting her right foot up on the chair and rested her head on her chin on her knee. Her folds were wide open. The man took a few pictures.

"Let's try one with you holding your tits and looking sexy right into the camera."

Kathy followed the man's suggestions.

"How about giving me a shot with you licking your nipples?"

Kathy licked her nipples while posing to the camera trying to look as sexy as she could.

The camera clicked away.

"Stand up and bend over the chair with your ass facing the camera so your sweet pussy can be seen hanging between your cheeks.

Kathy was happy to oblige.

The man had Kathy on the chair and in the bed posing from every angle imaginable.

Finally the man told her to take a break and he put the movie camera on the tripod.

"I am going to shoot some video. This demo could land you a part in a movie. Those women make big money. I want you to pretend you are home masturbating yourself on your bed. Are you ready?"

Kathy was excited thinking about being a movie star. She got on the bed and closed her eyes. She pretended a she was putting on a show for her favorite movie actor. She started rubbing her breasts and pussy and she got excited. She kept her eyes closed. She used her wetness to lubricate her clit and worked it in rhythmic circles she was bringing herself to orgasm. Her breathing got heavier and her moaning louder as she was giving into the fantasy in her head and the intense feelings her fingers were creating.

Kathy heard a distracting noise and opened her eyes. The man was standing in front of the camera blocking it and was pumping his erection as he watched her. She stopped cold, all thoughts of orgasm completely left her head and she felt used.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kathy said sitting up on the bed.

Just then the man's penis erupted and he could only answer her with a glassy eyed expression and a look of complete stupor.

"I should never have come here, I am leaving right now." Kathy said as she grabbed her clothes and quickly put them on.

"I am sorry, you were so sexy honey. I couldn't help myself. You could be a star, you have talent. You really turned me on."

"Fuck you asshole, and you know what. I lied! I am only 16, and if I ever see any of my pictures posted anywhere, you're going to jail."

Kathy walked out the front door a little smarter and a lot less trusting.


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