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Country: Netherlands
Favorite book: A great and terrible beauty, Libba Bray
Member Since: Apr 9, 2008

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Building the Tunnel

Short Story by Loha
Posted: Sep 29, 2008
This story is about a woman living in the future. She has...
Tags:future, happiness, english, tunnel, assignment, euro

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Building the Tunnel

Short Story by Loha
Posted: Sep 29, 2008
This story is about a woman living in the future. She has...

My Riddle

by Loha
Posted: Sep 19, 2008
Well, this is a riddle I once heard or read (I can't...


Name: Laura

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: July 9th, 1993

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue-Green

Race: White

Favorite. . .

Color(s): Yellow, Black, Red

Food: Sushi, Pasta

Drink: Um Water??

Television Show: Gossip Girl, Project Catwalk

Movie: Indiana Jones

Song: In the Rough, Anne Nalick

Artist: Tiesto 

Place to be: My grandparents house

Stuffed animal: Teddy bear

Pet: Does my half monkey sister count?

Person: Evelien

Game: Stratego

Clothing brand/style: Only, Vero Moda

What do you want in the opposite sex?

Hair color: Brown/Black

Eye color: Blue

Tatoos:Don't Care

Peircings: No

Body Type: Uhh 2 arms, 2 legs and all the usual stuff

Do they have to be rich?:No

Do they have to be popular?: Nope

Personality or Looks?:Personality

This or that?

Pepsi or Coke: Coke

Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanille

Black or White: Black

Cats or Dogs: Cats

Sink or Swim: Swim

Lake or Ocean:Lake

Night or Day: Day

Half Full or Half Empty:That depends what mood i'm in

Desktops or Laptops: Laptops

Playstation or Xbox: Xbox

Summer or Winter: Summer

Cold or Warm: Warm

Cowboys or Indians: Cowboys

Lover or Fighter: Fighter

Car or Truck: Car

Cup or Glass: Glass

Fork or Spoon:Spoon

Walking or Running: Running

The Fast or The Furious:The Fast

What do you think of when I say. . .

Soup: ... Of the day

Wardrobe Malfunction: Is it broken?

Heaven: ... Is a place on Eath

Hell: Horns

Cucumber: Umm Cucumber?

Salad: My friend, She always eats salads

Big Mac: Macdonalds duh

Pirates: Ships

Significant: Stamps?? What am I thinking??

Beautiful: Mirror

Lion: Safari

Blues Clues: Cute!!

Rainbow: Dorothy from the wizard of Oz

Cloud: Teletubbies, Maybe I have to stop watching it :P

Rapper: Headache

Gangsta: Not another clone

White and Nerdy: No connection

Lolli pop: Mika!!

Wave: Enja

Fad: Popular

Aliens:Little green monsters

Ghost: Casper

lSurvey: Do half of it, then get bored

Do you or have you ever had. .

.A piercing: No

A tattoo: No

A sibling: Yes

Parents that are still together: Yup

A boyfriend/girlfriend: No

A husband/wife: No

A child: No

A really wild party while your parents were away? Haha they would't trust me

An alcoholic beverage: No

A pet of your own: No

A house of your own: No

A car of your own: No

An iPod: Yes

Do you. . .

Smoke: No

Drink: No

Do drugs: No

Hug on the first date: Yes

Kiss on the first date: Maybe

'Do it' on the first date: NO

NoShower Daily: Most of the time :D

Brush your teeth daily: Yes

Keep your room clean: Sometimes

Do all your homework: Ugh... Yeah

Plan on going to college: Yeahh

Do you believe in. . .

God/Heaven: Yes

Satan/Hell: No

Ghosts: Yes

Aliens: Yes

Witches/wizards: No

Magic: no

Big Foot/Sasquatch/Abominable Snowmen: No

The past life: No

GlobalWarming: Yes

Humanism: Yes

Scienceology: Probably

Hinduism: No

Buddism: No

Taoism: No but what is it?

Wiccaism: I don't thik so


What's your middle name?: None

Have any Nicknames?: Lau, Schat

What is your favorite name?:Laura

What do you wish your name was?:Laura, but I would have liked a middle name

What is your favorite season?: Fall

Do you drink alot of water?: Sometimes

Do you have a pet?: No

Do you have a computer at your house?: Yes

Do you live in an apartment, house, trailor or other?: House

Favorite place to chill?: Home

Favorite place to visit?: Places I haven't been before

Ever have an imaginary friend?:No

If so, what was their name?: /

Ever eaten something really disgusting?: Yes, mashed potatoes but they didn't add water or milk

Do you work out?:Sometimes

Have you ever gotten arrested?: No

If so, for what?:....

Have you ever cheated on someone?: No

Has anyone ever cheated on you?: No

Have you ever kissed a stranger?: No

Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?: No

have you ever gotten drunk?: No

Could you ever be a vegitarian?: I guess

Can you sing?:  We can all sing, but if it's good that's anther story...

Can you dance?: Same as with the singing

Can you draw, paint, color well?: See above

Do you have a job?: No

Do you like tape?: Yes

Do you like glue?:  As in eating it?

Can you solve a Rubik's Cube?: I wish

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