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8 years of love and hate

Poem by loverx26x
Posted: Apr 29, 2009
i love miley!
Tags:love, friendship, hate, miley


.:half and half:.

Poem by loverx26x
Posted: Apr 28, 2009
i love him as a brother and so much more!

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snake of eden

by loverx26x
Posted: May 2, 2009
i love this song!!

ima *B*I*T*C*H*

by loverx26x
Posted: May 1, 2009

fuck my life

Poem by loverx26x
Posted: Apr 30, 2009
fuck it all!

**the random facts quiz**

by loverx26x
Posted: Apr 29, 2009
its self explanitory!

my besties

by loverx26x
Posted: Apr 29, 2009
i love my friends!

8 years of love and hate

Poem by loverx26x
Posted: Apr 29, 2009
i love miley!

.:half and half:.

Poem by loverx26x
Posted: Apr 28, 2009
i love him as a brother and so much more!


hey, ok so a bit about me! im 17 and in 11th grade! i love music and i listen to everything as long as i understand the words! i use exclmation pionst a lot! i'm not datiing any1 as of now but do have a crush! his name is cody and i really like him! im big into pictures so i have a lot! i will never write a book or novel only becouse mine always end up suckish! i like meeting new people and reading even though im more into writeing! i hate so many people and love so many more! if u wanna get to know me just leave me a coment and ill get back to u asap! im random very very random! haha but i have a big extended family and i love them all! my family is half bosnian half american so i do speek both! but i went the bosnian way and i am muslim! and no terrorist shit bosnia aint in the war!! i do speek mostly bosnian at home but i am very close with both sides of my family! so ya! im smart im gonna have edvanced english next year!! i like talking to random people cuz i get bored easy!! i love twilight! but i think people should leave S.M. writing alone! so if its about vampires (like twilight) or werewolves (like twilight) dont even ask! i will read any type of writing exept fan-fic and rated R crap anless its cussing! well that enough about me! oh and if u wanna know me just leave this on my page: lmao hey, whats up???!

thanks 4 reading tty

~llilly loves


i beleave this wit everything i got!:



haha i died my hair!!!! a lot!!! haha! my eyes look so blue now that its summerish time!

haha i got bored i was in my bathroom!


I got 1 lil. bro. and 2 big sisters

sister- Melissa

she's 20! haha she got so pissed i took this she hates needles!

sister- Anne

she 29 and the mother of 2 of the most important people in my life! she looked so pretty and i like her hubby!

Step brother- Brandon he's 16

it was snowin!

well idk my dada so i thought i wold show u the most important wemen in my life!

ok first my grandma she has sis melissa then my mom holdin me my granpa is dead and i couldnt find a pic so thats all for now!

my niece and nephew- Miley and James there 4 year old twinz

the 2 most sweet people I know and they were 3 in this pic


Lexi, miley, anny, and i were going to the mall but we were like no lets go die our hair crazy ass colors instead!!


i love my new best friend!


I've known her all my life and I love her


I haven't know her long but I love her ~girl i love you, you should be up there in family~ haha but ur so pretty stop trying to be all modaly ur perfect just like this!


your perfect inside and out and 4 that i love you (no homo)!


i love my nonblood brother! ur a great skater and a even better friend god him self couldnt keep me away and M sure as hell cant! haha i love you!


haha i love Sarah she fuck crazy and she makes me crazier CRAZIER! and yes that's me like 4 or 5 monts ago i dropped some wait and redied my hair!!! haha we were in her bathroom sleep over baby!

haha these are my minni mes:

i love my girls there just like me! haha ok this from left to right is kelly and bia! im teaching them everything about everything haha but idk y or how just by the way i act i guess there like i wanna be like and i was like then take notes haha they didnt but the do listen to me and ask me a lot of stuff!


haha this is cody we live in the sameish area but he goes to the smart people school! i know him through my cuzin! i love him!!!


hah i love them! im just now getting into them so i dont got much to say! exept that the triplets are fucking hott! there song is on my page check it out ! there really good!


i love meetin new people so if u get a random message from me dont be suprised message me back and feel free to leave me a random message!


92% of teens would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said it wasn't cool to breathe. Put this in your profile if you're part of the 8% that would be laughing!




ok so thats me! i read a lot so just ask and ill read ur stuff! tty when ever, im almost always on ttyl!

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