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My Encyclopedia

Article By: KittyPurr

This is an assignment I had to do one day for my English class. Basically I had to Write a mini encyclopedia about me. The first choice is my name, the following choice is something that starts with the next letter after my name, and the final and third choice is the same. All three of these choices are about me and are important to me.

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My Encyclopedia

Summer Rae

I don't know anything about why my parents chose my name, considering the fact that I'm adopted, but I do know that I like it. I know what you all are thinking, Summer Rae? But that isn't her name. Well this is where all of you are wrong. When I was born, I was born Summer Raeā€¦ I don't know whose last name I had, Malmquist which is my mom's last name, or Nettles, which is my dad's. Personally I wouldn't care whose last name I had. But I like the name Summer Rae; to me it's a happy name. It reminds me of the sun on a summer's day. Most people spell Ray, but mine is Rae, spelled Rae. My family calls me Summer. Well my birth family does, meaning my nine siblings and my birth dad and his family. They have always called me Summer, so I'm kind of used to it by now. I will answer to either Megan or Summer. When I was adopted by my family now, they wanted to truly make me there's, so they named me Megan, which sounds similar to my brother's name, Brenden. But don't worry, Summer is still there. It's still in my name; it's just my middle name now.


Don't make fun of my teeth. I was born the way I am. Everyone has their own flaws, including me. No one is perfect, if they were than they wouldn't be human, because humans are always flawed with something. I have been made fun of because of the way my teeth look. They're terrible I know, but you know? They're on their way to getting fixed right as I speak. That's why I have braces. You people don't know me, don't know where I come from, and don't know what I've been through, so why do you judge? Nobody is perfect, so no one should have to be judged. But if you have judged my teeth, and have made fun of me because of them, thanks a lot, because I'm pretty sure I can find a flaw to judge you with too.


Yea, none of you thought about this word did you? Well unity is important to me. I was bullied starting from an early age. Either because I was the smallest child, because I was adopted, or because I was just strange to some people. But either way, I was bullied. Let me tell you, being bullied isn't a fun experience, especially for someone as sensitive as I am. This is why I picked unity. I wish that everyone could live together without people fighting against each other or being picked on for their size, age, sexual orientation, preferences, or because of who they are or where they come from. No matter what, we are all still humans. And because we are all humans, we are all different. People are just like zebra stripes. No two pairs are exactly the same. Even if they look the same on the outside or from far away, they are always different close up or on the inside. Yea yea I know that everyone has opinions but that shouldn't matter. We are all humans in the end, so why would we bully or fight against our own kind just to hurt them in the end?

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