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The Life Of Bolly

Book By: beegizzle

This book is about the life of an alcoholic.

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Hi my name is Bolly Davis. I'm an alcoholic.

I was born 3-26-1971 in General Hospital Los Angelos California. My parents' names are Linda and Leroy. At the time that I was born, I was the second child. I had a sister 11 years old. Five years later my mother had my two younger brothers Kevin and John. Around 1980 my mother and father went their separate ways. My sister had a boyfriend and moved out. It was just me and my two brothers and my mom. We lived in a two bedroom apartment.

Chapter One

On the road to recovery

By the age of ten I was the man of the house (so to speak).My mother did all she could to keep us happy but with no father it was hard for her. We didn't have the name brand stuff, but my mother made sure that they were clean even if she had to wash our clothes by hand. The jokes people made in school about our clothes was started to take a toll on me. I wanted to be cool and popular. I was tired of being laughed at so I hooked up with one of the popular guys and asked him, "How can I be like you?" For awhile he would just pick and laugh at me, and so did everybody else. This type of behavior went on through junior high school. I would get so frustrated that sometimes I would not go to school. I'd miss so many days that I would get suspended. The only person that could bring me back to school was my mother. My mother hated missing days from work, because she needed the money. And when she had to bring any of her children back to school, it was an automatic but whipping. And when she found out I was suspended for not going to school because the people in school was picking on me she blew her top. She beat me so bad that day I thought she was going to kill me. She said I send you to school to learn not to impress your classmates. Don't ever let anybody stop you from going to school, because in the long run you'll be glad you stayed. My mother was strict, but she loved us she just wanted us to be somebody. Well the jokes continued but I managed to graduate junior high school.

Then came the summer of 1985. I love the summer because myself and my two brothers get to go live with my favorite uncle Bruce. All of the kids were there. Everyone loved uncle Bruce because he would take us to Mcdonalds, to the movies and to the park. He would take us all kinds of fun places. Most of all we loved the fact that he would give us money. And, if it was your birthday you got extra. My uncle lived where there was a lot of drug trafficking ,drug using and lots of crime.vOne day I was outside and a drug dealer asked me if I wanted to make some money? I said, "How?" He said, "Sell some drugs." At first I thought he was crazy. I thought, "He must don't know what my mom would do to me if she found out that I was selling drugs." So I told him, No" Days would go by and I would see this guy. He had the "fly" clothes. All the girls were around him. He had a car, a lot of money and most of all he had respect. He had everything that I ever wanted. I started having dreams about being "the man" but would just wake up broke again. I got tired of dreaming so I asked the guy, "How can I get down?" He told me to just watch how he moved. I did. I would stop playing with my cousins when I'd see my new friend. I'd go hang out with him and watch how he go money. By the middle of July it was time for me to see what I had learned. This guy gave me a sandwich bag full of drugs and when people would come to him to buy the drug he would tell them to get it from me. When we would finish, everynight, he would give me forty dollars. I felt like I was rich. My mother didn't know what I was doing but she knew something was going on. I started wearing new clothes, sneakers, jewelry, and all the things drug dealers wore. Girls started liking me. People knew who I was. I was living the life.

School started. I went to school for about a week. I thought I was bigger than school. I told my homeroom teacher I got too much money to be sitting in school. I got up showed the teacher a wad of money and walked out. My mother found out that I wasn't going to school but she could never find me. She knew I was selling drugs but she had to work so she did not have time to look for me. She had to take care of my two younger brothers. When she did catch up to me, she let me have it. She beat me in front of my friends. I didn't cry but I was embarrassed. She took me home but I didn't stay. I went back to the block. I thought my friends were going to laugh at me but they didn't. I just continued to sell drugs.

Time passed and I had everything but a car. Since this was the eighties stealing cars was very popular. Since I didn't know how to steal them, I paid people to steal them for me. I had a different stolen car every night. I loved driving so much that I would take days off from selling drugs, Females loved a man with a car, so I kept one. I started getting chased by the police at least once a week. It became a rush to me. I started smoking weed and started drinking. Then I started drinking and driving. I would get drunk on the block and disrespect people for no reason. I met a guy name Greg through one of my partners. Greg smoked weed. Greg also smoked the drugs that I was selling.


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