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Book By: Dadier

A number of my articles, stories, poems and academic researches and projects and even messages that I did delivery were not included into the actual work. I regret that the need of this book has been urgent and indispensable because I was settling for my new home, the family that I once dreamt about. I couldn’t be able to cruise around and gather all the scripts that I left both at home and abroad!

I was obliged to shorten some of my stories and my account and our culture in order to get a concise volume that should be a full compact and awesome dose to my readers.
Therefore, “A Beloved in A Hostile World”-Storybook, “Irrigate Theological Seminary”-Project; “Caroline”-Poem; “Essays of Psychoanalysis”-Academy, etc… were not mentioned in this volume.
I am sure when I shall produce “Juvenile Memoirs” Volume II, these vital scripts of my juvenility will be included too.

I have just taken pain of writing this work after almost three decades of my existence on earth; and this has been the right timing to do it.
As a world-trotter, a desperate vagrant and cruiser, I have found it interesting to settle and have a family of my own, a beautiful home that designs the future together, battles the present and sews the ragged past.
The nagging and crying of children sometimes would lead someone to evade parenthood; but I have found happiness in those challenges. Happiness that for sure, I have never found elsewhere in this trivial universe.

Writing an autobiography to one’s own people or nation equals to an Architect designing a Roadmap to his drivers to take wheels into and follow the traffic rules.
As a pilgrim in a foreign land, drafting such memoirs to my progeny is a Roadmap. It gets them to where I did come from and to the people I did belong to.

Like Sean Kerman, an American Photographer; I would also say, “My task is not to have a career. My task is to just stay awake.”
That is, until today, any man’s duty. Unless a man leaves indelible memoirs to his posterity and his surrounding world, he cannot live life worth of it and see the satisfied gleam in his eyes.

Finally, this book is a landmark of patriot’s love towards his state and his nation. It is a great contribution to those days of “Congolese Journey towards uncertain World” that serves as reminder to our children and their children’s children. It also includes those great events that occurred at Fizi, a zone in Far East of the D.R.C that seems to be the nub or crux of civil wars and rebellion/revolution, the maquis of the late President Laurent Désiré Kabila and birthplace of his son, Joseph Kibila Kabange, the actual President.

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A boy's journey to uncertain world!

"An Anthology of

Malango's narratives, works, life, home history and culture"

Volume I

D a d i e r M.A b d a l a h

Days are now numbered, thus far approaching a vivid growth and flamboyant change in my life. These are days towards a new dawn, days towards maturity; and such a development within anyone's life is poignant if it's not carefully looked at and welcomed gladly.

I have been ready for marriage and I set my mind to accept, welcome, and feel it as a colossal growth that I have never ever experienced before!
Because marriage is an outward sign that changes inner personality, it only takes a big heart to admit it.
However, from being a single man to becoming a married man is "a market-loss".It is a loss of friendsand colleagues; a great loss of freedom because one's freedom is now measured, one's steps are counted and one's free-will in handling things or tackling problems is blurred!
Finally, it's on this ground of reality that I hasted to pen a few words down to my prospective wife and our future kids in order to trace a line back to my offspring. I have provided this book for my kids because they ought to choose from me the right sheen that would paint and shape their lives in this universe that stands on a slanting position. Besides, I want them to trace from me another genealogy; an offspring of Diasporas though themselves would not be Diasporas in either sense.This serves as the first volume of my memoirs.

I once was a student, a teacher, a writer and a youth political aspirant; but now the clock signals another turning point in life, that life of being a husband and a father as well. Therefore, with vigour and enthusiasm I deserve to leave an indelible clich� to my progeny; and here I go.


Dadier Malango Abdalah

Dadier was born at Swima (Zone of Fizi) in the Eastern part of the Democratic
Republic of Congo. He exiled in Kenya where he was grazed after the skirmishes had gradually escalated into a full-scale war in his state. In Nairobi he taught at Bright Field Academy, Glad Toto Academy, Saint Gabriel Academy, Lemanton College and at Mass Communications College in Dar-Es- Salaam, Tanzania. He eventually left Nairobi for Egypt,Overseasand Southern Africa for the quest of greater ideals.
Finally, a teacher, a writer and a young religious and political aspirant, Dadier nowadays lives in Cape Town devoting himself to Creative Writing as a freelance writer and essayist of short stories.
He is the HR Director & Chairman of the Displaced Refugee Network, a global voice for Refugees.


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