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The Unknowing Duaghter Chapter 2

Book By: Darragh Quinlan

The truth is told in this chapter.Maria trys to get Madison back.A person who knows Madison come's for a vist.

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After Thanksgiving Madison decided to stay at Mark and Deirdre's house.All the drama was over.It was time

to get back to normal.Madison was turning 21 this week."Deirdre can I tell you a secret", Madison said quietly."Sure what is

it Madison",Deirdre said kindly.Madison took a deep breath."Maria isn't the one who took care of me"."She wasn't even there when I was

young".Maria was at South Africa doing photography"."Then who took care of you when Maria was gone?",Deirdre said confussed.

"My Aunt Clare,Mark will know her,and is it ok to bring her to the party?,asked Madison.Deirdre was astonished.She didn't think

Maria was that disgusting."Ah.......sure it's your party"said Deirdre."Yes thanks De,your the best",said Madison excited.

Mark was gone shopping.He was getting a present for Madison.Suddenly he heard his phone ring."Hello,who is this",Mark asked.

"Give me back my duaghter or I'll phone the police",it was Maria

"No she is quiet happy with us,Maria,and old enough to make her own mind up.

Why don't you wish her a happy birthday,instead of trying to control her".Mark turned off the

phone sick of Maria's blabbering.

It was Wednesday,Madison birthday.Deirdre had set out the table.

Margaret was helping Deirdre cook and clean."Happy birthday Madison",said Margaret joyfully.

"Oh,thanks Margaret",Madison hugged her and opened it.

It was a MP3 player,"Oh my god,thank you Margaret,it's class.

"I knew you would like it",Margaret said with a smile.

There was a knock on the door.Madison opened it.

"Aunt Clare... I've missed you so much",Madison said happily.

"Me too,happy birthday",said Aunt Clare chuffed.

She gave her a card and a present.

The present was a camra.

"Thanks and it's blue my favourite coulor"Madison said.

Mark came in.

Hello Clare,I'm surprised your here"Mark said looking at Clare.

"Mark are you forgeting something",Deirdre said looking back and forth at him and Madison

"Oh yeah,sorry here you go love",Mark said

It was huge,she opened it.

It was a radio."What you think",asked Mark.

"I love it",Mandison said.

There was a knock on the door.

..............It was the police




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