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The Lone Man Part 2

Book By: ivan09

Life and its ups and downs.

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Crime and Punishment:

Because of the seriousness of the crime I got the full package in the trial by judge and jury legdommere. Although I had already confessed my sin, I was able to tell my side of the case. Also, the victim and the police gave evidence. I was lucky that I got appointed a capable defender who prepared me well before trial. The 2første days were spent on a diploma, Day 3 was devoted to sentencing. I felt calm and not particularly anxious for this day. My lawyer said that I risked a little over 1 year in prison, which would mean relaiteten under 1års prison with deductions for good behavior. The shock was therefore almost paralyzed when the prosecutor was claiming 5 year imprisonment, which was the minimum staff for aggravated robbery. Although I had met several of the criteria to be called aggravated robbery, my attorney determined that the way I did the robbery indicated that it was a simple robbery. This means a lower penalty level, with the possibility of community service. Fortunately, the jury agreed. So the judge also agreed to judge me for simple robbery. In the break before the verdict was handed down, I asked to speak with the victim in the case. Unexpectedly enough, I got to talk with him alone in a waiting room. I was at first ashamed, and he was clearly nervous. But within half an hour we had available were more relaxed conversation. I think we both stopped to look at us as, respectively, robber and victim, nor 2, which shared a bad experience. Was a little worried that someone would think that my repentance was not genuine, which it definitely was. On the contrary, praised both prosecutor and judge me to be sincere in my repentance. The trial ended with that I was sentenced to 1 year and 4måneders prison. In consultation with my lawyer, I decided to appeal on the spot. Personally, I was ready to take my punishment and leave it at that. But it's probably wise to follow the lawyer's advice. I wait for the appeal would come up, I was left in prison. The next 4månedene I sat on the custody department. It means having the restrictions on activities and visits, but it was, after all, miles better than the smooth cell. I got 20minutters phone time every week. It may sound small, but I felt not very talkative either. The first time I'd call my mother was thrilling for me. I was afraid she would break out in tears and make my dark conscience even darker. But as usual I underestimated her. Instead of blaming me, she talked about everyday things. The phone call was quickly week's highlight in an otherwise routine day. Breakfast 7:30, followed by an hour in the yard. Dinner kl.1500. From 18 to 21 were cell doors open and we could loiter in the common room if we wanted it. Besides the pool, we spent most of their time just talking. Was interesting to get acquainted with the so-called ghosts, people who had been in and out of prison most of their adult lives. It is said that fenslet is a crime school where young people learn and are recruited by the older and more experienced prisoners. If you want to become a skilled criminal is probably not a jailbird the best mentor. For my part, I was advised to pull myself together and stay away from crime. I am grateful for your good advice. Was nevertheless already determined to never come into this situation again. Freedom is something we take for granted until it is deprived of you. Self-inflicted or not, it hurts anyway. The 4 months to appeal the matter came up went pretty quickly. You lose in a way the concept of time in prison, minutes, hours and days blend into each other.


This trial contained much the same as the first trial, the police's perception of what had happened and of course what I am and the victim had to say. Bissart probably tried downplaying the victim to robbery, while the police exaggerated the incident. Both were told by the judge to stick to the facts. Since there was some risk that the punishment could be more severe this time, my lawyer obtained the so-called character witnesses. Written thereof which was read out in court. They were of my parents and the prison director. I think the judge did specifically what Warden reported, while my mother's description of me as a person went with the jury. In the end I got further detention and was instead sentenced to 320 hours of community service. It felt surreal to hear that I was free again, and I felt I had let a little too lightly. Of course, not all over yet. The next step was to actually carry out community service, something not everyone can. And you can not manage it, then one ends back in prison again. I had to meet at kriminalom-grief to find out for my tasks were in the 320 hours. Fortunately, their premises were anonymously to the part of the city where I do not know anyone. After the joy of releasing more in prison, I felt really mentally done with the whole matter. But I knew that if I skipped a few hours the way back to jail card. So it was probably best to motivate yourself as best you can. Sensible life generally, by the way .. But, as you have understood the reason is not my strongest side. My task was to be a cleaner on a small boxing club. Was quite happy with it since it was relatively easy work, and there was little chance of meeting someone I knew there. The ones I know are not just any athletes. And I had to be there only 3hours 3dager week. Something that would be affordable even for a scamp like me. After some initial difficulty I got well into it. I felt a little self conscious at first and thought that all the whispering and giggling about me. But little to my disappointment, I was as invisible here as everywhere else. What little I got of attention was entirely positive. Particularly, I loved those who had the daily responsibility for the boxing club. They were an elderly couple in mid 70's, who had been involved in boxing in 4tiår. They eagerly showed me old photos and newspaper clippings of the club's achievements. This meant that I felt I did something useful, and was part of something that was of importance to people. Community service was a respite from everyday worries.

After prison I was in a worse situation than ever. My lack of money had now put me in an impossible situation. I lacked job, place to stay and was on welfare. Not just any life to rejoice over. Had to stay with my mother for 3-4 months until I had scraped together enough money for a small room. This time I was more conscious of thinking positively and not let your mind take me into trouble again. It's difficult to be positive when life struggles intensely opposed, but life is not easy to be negative. Smile and the world smiles with you. Silly sayings, but worth a try. So I also have to rethink my dubious acquaintances. One is the influence of the environment you are in. So to be a better person, I had to cut some ties. Sometimes you have to put themselves first. Felt a bit difficult to have to start all over again, change my mind and hopefully make me deserving of happiness. After all my adversity was not my hopes very high.


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