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23 Bucharest (Unirea Urziceni)

The Europa league an equivalent to demotion beckoned for the mighty reds meaning an extra round if we where to get through to the final although on the plus side it offered new places to visit. One thing I was sure of that Jo would not come to the next away round fixture and probable two as they followed in quick succession. When I spoke to Tony about it I had come to the conclusion that the final was her next probable venture into Europe. With a home tie in mid Feb our next European fixture I realised it would be a matter of days after my own birthday and on Jo's actual birthday although there was a ten year gap between us in age.

After the draw a distinct but appreciative silence Who? Was the question on every ones lips? Unirea Urziceni the Romanian champions with a ground capacity of 7000 the 27000 capacity Ghencea Boulevard stadium home of Steau Bucharest was to be our host. Great cheap exciting full of Communist history and the Nicolac Ceausescu area. Memories of his removal from power when TV stations all over the world showed live pictures as he stood on the balcony in total disbelief at the angry crowd below. He escaped by helicopter only to be captured tried and shot along with his wife on Christmas morning. A fair trial he didn't get!

The morning of the first leg at home I got up late to enjoy the first of two days leave. The blue skies out side soon changed as heavy wet snow began to fall. It was the type that would not settle and the ground become wet soon it was to change as heavier faster true snow fell settling and soon creating a blanket of white on my lawn and roads out side. I witnessed only the tracks of one car go by but as a precaution decided to leave 30 minutes earlier than normal. It turned out to be a wise move as the normal five minute journey to the A38 became a thirty minute drudge slowly at snails pace moving following the vehicle in front with great care even when I was able to move. Getting out of my estate was an adventure as I had to wait patiently for a gap to allow me out and the snow covered Cap pitch dangerous at the best of times was a sea of slow moving cars in either direction up or down.

The coach journey late as normal was an anxious trip with a guess the arrival time and would we arrive in time for kick off. With texts exchanged and horror stories of motorway crashes and slow or halted traffic we took the back routes. After being first off I ran as much as could texting Jo and requesting a cola which she obligingly purchased. A brief meet was ended with minutes to kick off as we headed our separate ways. She was pleased that I had recalled her birthday even though she forgot my own and did not remember mentioning it too me. Tony later was also to text her a birthday wish.

I did receive a kind text from Jo after our goodbye hug and kiss apologising for forgetting my birthday wishing Tony and myself a good trip and saying it was good to see me if only briefly. It pleased me and in the dull stress full day that followed was a source of comfort.

The match was uninspiring and a narrow one nil lead was all we could muster to take to Romania. Our organised opponents who had come for a nil- nil draw where happy and we had not played well secured what we deserved. With the Romanians probable having to come at us in the second leg I believed we might secure more counter attack goals in Bucharest. Lille or Fenebarche would be our opponents if we succeeded in our ambitions.

Two thirty in the dark hours of the morning prior to the match I waited near junction 14 for Douggie Moreton to arrive. It was not a long wait and slowly I followed him in the dark to his home where I would leave my car. He always drives goes every where home away Europe or Uk with the mighty reds and the national team. It was to be my first meeting with his "Fiancee" a surprise to me and many but I had received a tip off. Mandy was very forth coming introducing herself as his "intended" with a big hug a kiss. Her craggy face gave away a lot that proved later to be correct and I was soon able to glean a lot of information and piece the jig saw together. After deciding what to wear and taking a large bottle from the fridge wine or possible gin I believe Douglas was at the helm taking us fast along the lanes known so well by him. Soon we where on the M4 heading towards London stopping at Reading service on route.

Despite his speed he was a secure driver keeping a straight line despite fair criticism from the back over his speed and driving over the line. His girlfriend "Mandy" couldn't drive "she claimed she was stitched up" although I guessed to be proved correct later that a drink driving ban was the real reason.

As we got nearer to our Stansted destination the traffic got heavier despite the hour till being before eight O'clock when the Fiesta eventually pulled in to the large car park adjacent to the fence that ringed the nearby runway. A parking spot found and noted We headed for the nearby bus stop where almost immediately a bus pulled up greeting us as we boarded in its middle.

Breakfast at eight with our eleven O'clock flight rescheduled for 14.45 a long wait spent chatting and enjoying breakfast before more and more of Laura's group arrived and the bar was to become the meeting point. No surprise there especially as Mandy gulped down more pints and greeted enthusiastically each new arrival attempting to recall each name. Eventually we where able to proceed through security and enjoy a lunch time meal before finally boarding our Blue air plane and the three hour flight across new terrain into Romania. I slept for much of the flight with Douggie plus one in front with space available he left a gap between him and window seated girl friend as a few friendly punches became a little too violent for some especially Jim who stated he would say something if she did it again but never did. I believe it was soon decided by Laura that she would not come on future trips and was only tolerated because of the esteem Douggie was held in.

Our late arrival meant our city tour was late in the dark much better some time later stated in view of the grim ness and dirty state of pavements we were later to discover. The silly questions from the excitable and large Mandy where ignored except by the embarrassed fiancée who was soon to realise the mistake he made. It was a very intoxicated companion who stumbled on the hard Bucharest pavement grazing her self who fortunately did not resurface for the remainder of the tour.

At night it was an interesting experience seeing and being informed on much relating to the end of the Communist ruling period before a conclusion at "probable the best restaurant" in town.

Downstairs around two separate tables we gathered in two large and hungry groups. The setting downstairs was more standard as if in a basement which we were. The packed upstairs with its large open space and arched decorative sections was thriving with conversation in local language and English. The waiters and waitress the latter in red outfits similar to those that adorned our beloved team with attractive white legs poking through where to be extremely busy that night as every evening until long past midnight local time.

The menu on a four page newspaper gave a wide selection with pictures of how the meal should look to attract the patron. Despite my lack of religious inspiration I opted for the "Lords Dish" a mixture of sausages cooked the local way and Beans with mixed veg. It looked appetising and appealing much to my delight it was enjoyable and I was pleased with my choice. Topy opted for something also with a local slant as the conversation continued and the cheers went up as Chelsea facing Inter was shown live on an adjacent screen. The two one defeat was a delightful result that pleased the reds although maybe not Laura who works part time for the Stamford Bridge outfit.

With the restaurant closing and final orders called our large group soon split and departed with Tony and myself seeking the adventure of a pleasant stroll by the river back to our hotel in the dark. With the benefit of a map common sense and directions provided we thought the ten to fifteen minute stroll would be a doddle. At the river we discussed which direction and with the lads soon behind us we where pointed towards the correct to the left despite my erroneous belief we should go right! Taking care I hid my second hand camera under my coat as an extra precaution!

The dirty and dangerous pavements with holes creating dangers where typical of the area although there was much traffic and outside a sports bar a crowd of youngsters still enjoying the night. The river flowed to our right then appeared to change direction our notable building to guide us seemed to be no where and there appeared to be no street names. Had we realised the metro stop near by we could have soon realized how close we where but no and in a open flower shop where a small group of predominantly females and so I asked for directions. They appeared to discuss and point out where we were near a Metro station in the morning we where later to rediscover our foot steps.

After a discussion a lad invited us to follow him and led us away I thought he would take us a little way and then point us in the right direction but as the walk progressed and I asked him to point out where we were on the map. He was vague if not dishonest I had my own idea that later proved to be wrong. The conversation he had with Tony indicated he was seeking a UK job or financial assistance and a couple of lads behind us made me feel anxious as I considered they may be part of some ambush. As we crossed a road he spoke to a female shop girl who clearly snubbed him although at the time I didn't realise the significance. I slowed down to allow the two lads to pass two unbeknown to me at the time advised Tony not to trust our guide as he was a gypsy. We could not tell this though I suspect he was known or their was a give away indications locals would see. A passing Taxi driver seeing me studying the map stopped as I let the two lads go by. They indicated to Tony not to trust the leader as did the driver who in Romanian enquired to the gypsy lad if he was a friend. "yes he responded" although the distrusting taxi driver then asked Tony who said no! Get in he said and although I didn't trust the Taxi driver probable an instinct that proved correct I followed Tony after a ten Leu fare was agreed. I did not notice the response on our local lads face or what he did next but I suspect he was disgruntled as he witnessed us climb in me at the front next to the driver and Tony behind before we sped off.

Despite my anxiety Tony was right as we headed in an opposite direction our bad boy must have been disappointed and astounded. I was cynical of our driver who started by warning us about our gypsy encounter, He enquired if we wished to go elsewhere other than our hotel alternatives such as a massage (brothel probable) and bar were suggested but we insisted on the hotel and to give him credit that is where he took us. After a disagreement over the plastic notes he was seeking English or Euros both Tony and myself hurried out chucking a ten Lieu on the passenger seat and quickly crossed the road into safety of our hotel It occurred to me later although nothing happened that he new we where visiting Liverpool supporters staying in the NH hotel. It was possible he could go to the police and I feared the possibility which Tony didn't consider poo pooing the idea the next morning.

Inside Laura's "Mauler" Pete the meat was at the bar smug face drinking as usual perched on a stool natural as ever. He is an obnoxious character too my mind with his Mark Williams (snooker player) face so we didn't stay long heading up the six and seven floors to our respective warm rooms to sleep and reconvene in the morning. On the sixth floor a tired Tony exited for his room while I rose one more floor to enter my room.

I should have slept like a log after the exhausting journey and walk. Having been up since two in the morning a virtual twenty four hour endurance since then. However the warm rooms despite turning the temperature gauge down and opening the window almost suffocated me. My main thought was how could we be so gullible?

I rose for an early shower wash and traditional shave to the traffic that passed by down below. As I peered out of my window to admire the surroundings the grim grey sky struck me. A building site to my right and then the cars passing on the road across which a few houses or possible nursery with children's play area. The grey mist detracted from further viewing and when I ventured out it was only brief due to the chill. I hurriedly returned inside to the warm and found my to the breakfast area claiming a table for Tony and myself next to the window. It wasn't to be much of a view even when he surfaced 30 minutes later having washed the solitary hair on his shiny bald head.

We tucked into the buffet breakfast as traditional as you could get. I especially enjoyed two cups of the finest coffee personally delivered by the attractive and friendly waitress. She did promise me a better less gloomy sky later which proved to be a false promise. Many of the more local guests where at breakfast but none of Laura's party appeared before Tony and myself disappeared to reconvene in the foyer for our sight seeing day.

I had been anxious as a thought occurred to me overnight. The taxi driver new where we stayed and that we where Liverpool supporters. Having tried it on last night he could report us to the police but Tony thought correctly It would

Not arise.

Our first port of call was a local bank to exchange our large local notes for smaller notes. I was to spread it around and was on the receiving end of some remarked from by companion stating I went over the top. He was right again as sometimes by doing this I forget where I have planted my money although the bitter experience of Madrid remains in my mind especially as John lost a lot more than me that day through carrying to much money.

Following the map we retraced our steps to the flower shop the night before further proof if needed of the villainous intentions of our Gypsy guide the night/morning before. They had pointed to the metro on the map and in the day light I was able to confirm that point. It confirmed pur suspicions that we where being lured away. Tony suggested the worst case scenario was he would run away for a laugh and leave us. In reality this was the best case eventuality as with money and valuables on us the girls in the Flower shop could easily have phoned on to the Romanies at the dark grim spot which he intended to take us too. Outnumbered and fragile Tony with a dicky heart and me a feeble coward would have no chance opposed by an enemy with clubs left to the elements to be found who knows when?

Following the map our noses and memories of the trip before we arrived at Revolution square scene of the last speech and flight from power of Nicolae Ceausescu. The buildings behind of the former Communist head quarters and the square was now almost a car park with a statue in tribute to those who died in the overthrow of the dictator. On a wall in alphabetical order the victims names and around the tribute Christmas trees relevant I believe as it was on Christmas morning December 25th 1989 that the dictator and his "Imarcos" wife were shot.

Revolution Square (Romanian: Piaţa Revoluţiei) is a square in central Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei. Known as Piaţa Palatului (Palace Square) until 1989, it was later renamed after the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

The former Royal Palace (now the National Museum of Art of Romania), the Athenaeum, the Athénée Palace Hotel, the University of Bucharest Library and the Memorial of Rebirth are located here. The square also houses the building of the former Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party (from where Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife fled by helicopter on December 22, 1989). In 1990, the building became the seat of the Senate and since 2006 it houses the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform.[1]

I was astonished to see how clean this area was and the nearby area not far was the hotel hosting the Liverpool players and as a bonus the National Art gallery and a symbolic church providing phot opportunities.

The pull of the "Arcul ce Triumf" modelled on its French equivalent as we where advised much of Romanian architecture was became our next port of call. Confident we returned to a metro stop and for the princely sum of 2.5 Leiu (about 60p) we obtained a return ticket for the three stops. No longer gullible but uncertain I asked a group of local female students where we needed to go. In excellent English they were able to assist even returning placing a kindly hand on my shoulder and waving us goodbye as we caught a metro for three stops. We where further assisted by another kindly gent though Tony later advised me he thought oh no not again and at the time and I had similar concerns. I had approached the girls not only because they where young and good looking but in addition my experience was that the fair sex are more helpful and genuine in those circumstances.

At the Aviatorllor stop we departed and emerged to ascertain our bearings in the Charles De Gaulle Plata. This was not as easy as one might think although two educated and great men where able to work out the route down to our object with some assistance from the statue of the French man prominently placed at the park entrance.

The stroll down was a pleasant one with a fenced off Park to our right with piles of snow among the trees and despite the gloomy day we could see our target in sight. A magnificent building in the centre of a round about with flag in its tunnel we where able to get a few photos disturbed only by cars hurtling round not knowing where they headed.

We returned back near the River an opportunity for a coffee surrounding by nubile young ladies in the MacDonald's followed by an exploration of the Shopping centre two or three floors above. While the pavement was dominated by market traders mostly gypsies selling various tack the centre seemed to be occupied with clothes and sports shop. A Steau Bucharest club shop proved difficult to find however with a bit of luck plenty of good fortune we followed some fellow reds into its corner. The illusive woolly hat for Tony proved an impossibility and as we weren't playing them he didn't mind while at £4 the red Steau Bucharest mug acquired for my colleague was a bonus to be cherished all the way home.

We followed it with a fine meal at "probable the best restaurant in town" where a few more pics plus the intriguing company of John and Alan at the bar. Laura and the lovely Dawn appeared on an adjacent table plus Anne (Scottish Anne to Yvonne) and her crew.

Tony and myself however were first to depart arriving back at the hotel with only an hour to kill before our exciting journey to the stadium for the match.

Just before six o'clock the group gathered ready and waiting to board our coach to the stadium. Although not yet raining it was dreary and grim as the buoyant and confident gang climbed the steps. First right as always left for Andrew and assistant who carried him and slid him into place. Laura centre of attention countered numbers and our Romanian guide greeted us advising that due to the weather the locals took to the streets in their vehicles. The result was a slow and tedious journey with a useless police escort later aided by Romanian officer riding at the front but failing to speed up the journey. Douggies girl friend and her insane remarks where discussed she was clearly energetic fuelled on alcohol purchased by her beau. Laura was not happy and others unimpressed and only due to Douggies popularity as he was held in high esteem was she tolerated.

A lenient police let her and our group enter the stadium after the compulsory two or three searches. I am never sure how energetic the searches are some appear fatigued making it easy to smuggle in items. The open ground under the dark night and bright flood nights would embarrass many a Coca Cola division two club even Swindon Town have a superior ground. Our section supposedly for two thousand the number of tickets sold was half empty even at kick off and the official attendance of 25000 in a twenty seven thousand capacity stadium seems an over estimate to me.

No Programme and an unusual card system for purchasing food requiring a minimum 50 lie purchase to take advantage of our relative wealth didn't make us feel welcome despite which the regulars Yvonne, mac Nigel welsh John Jenkins and Craig where about. Only one of the French party was visible later joined by a solitary companion. Rob Thomas who I saw at the end foolishly tripping over as I carelessly did twice was around while silently Doug plus one was a few rows behind us.

Unirea Urziceni versus Liverpool on the 25th February 2010 at the Steaua stadium Buchapest.

Unirea Urziceni: Arlauskis, Maftei, Galamaz, Bruno Fernandes, Bordeanu, Paduretu, Paraschiv, Apostol, Onofras, Bilasco,
Subs: Tudor, Mehmedovic, Rusescu, Nicu, Semedo, Vilana,

Liverpool: Reina, Carragher, Agger, Skrtel, Insua, Babel,
Gerrard, Lucas, Mascherano, Benayoun, Ngog.
Subs: Cavalieri, Aquilani, Torres, Aurelio, Kyrgiakos, Kuyt, Kelly.

Not entirely a surprise and certainly not our strongest line up. Torres on the bench to come on if needed or to give match practise, Babel? And no Dirk in the starting line up. The versatile Carragher at right back shows the lack of faith in our reserves and leader Captain Stephan Gerrard to boost the morale.

After some early exchanges in which Liverpool contained and played possession football while our hosts created chances without fulfilling their dream it was from a corner that they took the lead as reported below.

19 mins: We have action! Onofras crept behind the Liverpool defence to pick up a long ball over the top, but Carragher got back well to stick it behind for a corner.

GOAL! Unirea 1-0 Liverpool (Fernandes 19') Well that's spiced things up! It was a simple goal, well taken. Fernandes rose unmarked about 10 yards out to send a powerful header into the net.

The reds had to come back quickly as surely the longer the Romanians held on to a one nil lead the more likely they would extend it. With some nifty foot work and inter change passes they pressed towards the hosts goal in front of the red army. It was up to Mascherano a surprise scorer to rescue the reds with a long range shot that rumbled along the ground finding the gap and pounding the back of the Urziceni net.

29 mins: Onofras booked for bringing down Babel after the winger had skipped past him.

GOAL! Unirea 1-1 Liverpool (Mascherano 30') Carragher chugged down the right and sent a deep cross beyond the back post. Gerrard headed it back to Babel, whose reactions were sluggish and allowed Unirea to scramble it out to the edge of the box. Mascherano surged on to it and spanked it into the net!

No longer feeling anxious I was astounded how the match progressed in our favour to a position where it was a non entity and the tie would have only one winner. Babel followed up by justifying his selection as the first half quickly passed to its conclusion.

GOAL! Unirea 1-2 Liverpool (Babel 40') He's played well so far and that was a lovely finish from seven yards. He controlled a Gerrard free kick beautifully and then instantly whacked the ball into the net.

43 mins: Frunza wallops the ball over the bar from 20 yards. "Your question as to who's the worst person to take over the manager's job at Liverpool is an easy one," reckons Phil Sawyer. "Step forward, John Barnes. And then after eleven straight losses step back again."

44 mins: Confusion in the home defence as Fernandes and Arlauskis leave an Insua cross to each other. If there had been a Liverpool player on hand, he would have had an empty goal to aim it. But there wasn't. "Hello from Dubai!" booms Mike Poole. "I am watching this in the Falkland Islands." Is that a joke I don't get? Or is Mike Poole really very confused?

45 mins: In Italy, two former Liverpool players have scored: Riise for Roma, and Djibril Cisse for Panathinaikos, who lead 2-1.

45+1 mins: Freekick to Unirea as Carragher clumsily crashes into Frunza. Paduretu curls it in, Insua heads out and Onofras's volley from 20 yards dribbles wide.

Its was captain inspirational with the finishing touches to a dribble and pass from energetic Yossi Benayoun who really put the tie beyond doubt and soon after our deserted terrace was even more so as numerous supporters departed. The home supporters kept the faith while the lack of cover in the drizzle as the pitch dug up meant that there was little singing or atmosphere.

GOAL! Unirea 1-3 Liverpool (Gerrard 57') Benayoun made it with one of his rolling runs into the box. Then he slipped the ball to Gerrard, who slammed it into the net with the aid of a deflection.

Torres did not make an appearance although Aurelio did while Greek Kyrgiakos came on for the injured Skrtel who foolishly lost an unnecessary challenge resulting in a broken toe! Kelly was given his opportunity to impress replacing Jamie Carragher and producing a sterling performance impressing fans and manager alike.

Ninety minutes and the required injury time couldn't come quick enough with the rain over a short 15 minute wait before we where able to leave happy in the knowledge of a last 16 place against who knows? (Lille it was to be thank god).

The traditional wait to clear the sparse home support was a short one and together we found our way back to our coach claiming the first seats back. We were joined by some paying guests from the Bristol branch including a jubilant and youthful Danny from Cheltenham. Seated in front of me next to Annie he was overwhelmed after his first enjoyable trip abroad with the mighty reds.

Annie stood to applaud the Romanian supporters remaining in the streets and drinking in the late night bars as the coach was able to enjoy an easier return to the restaurant and hotel. The night was still young so Tony and I enjoyed one further meal and drinks in the beautiful surroundings. John and Alan joined us in a packed restaurant with members of Laura's party sprinkled around. The waitress so young and attractive in their smart all red outfits skirts with hem line above the knee. As we tucked in Alan noticed a local middle aged but attractive female enter the gents in error. It caused much amusement when with an embarrassed face she re-emerged to quickly enter the correct door. Alan teased her as she passed and continued to converse as if competing for England. The news that Lille progressed in Turkey was greeted with pleasure despite the fact I was nodding off. "Are you taking him back" Alan asked Tony as I re-emerged from a short doze "Yes" he replied as I confirmed "I am aware I am dozing" adding I will be better when we get out which was to be the case.

The walk back was straight forward despite the un finished holes in pavements and passing the sports bar where numerous locals and reds alike enjoyed a late night drink.

I soon fell asleep that night with window left ajar it was cool but not cold and would wake up refreshed and raring to enjoy the final hours in the Romanian capital city.

It was another dismal grey day outside as I peered through my open window only just prior to eight O'clock local time. After a shower shave and packing as much as could I stood and watched as a pack of dogs nine in total all types appeared in a local building site just below. Further away I witnessed a couple more running down a road and maybe a final stray.

After a peep outside and deciding it was to cold to stroll anywhere I reversed up a floor to the breakfast room. The same delightfully pretty waitress was present serving another cup of the best coffee I had tasted, Again I choose the same table by the window and exchanged pleasantries with her. An unusual mix of cereal and fruit followed by a cooked items Sausage scrambled eggs and tomatoes was washed down by more than one glass of orange juice before the plump Tony arrived to enjoy his meal. The gloom did not appear to lift as we discussed the previous night's events and engaged in conversation with the waitress. I unintentionally raised my voice speaking slowly thinking this would assist in her understanding. I later admitted it and a cross Tony told me I didn't need to do that.

Breakfast over I made a bee line for the final time to personally thank the young lady for her service and she returned it with good wishes.

For a final time Tony and myself enjoyed a pleasant stroll to the main market stalls already full with the local traders selling what they had. Lucky heather was no longer needed. A look round the mall and among other things a chess set displayed but too my annoyance it was set up wrong. To a devoted player like me this was sacrilege although Tony rightly advised me not to pursue the fact that in a country with strong chess credentials the bishop and Knight were placed wrong and the board set up incorrectly!

We returned to our hotel and after I exchanged my left over currency for Euros we were soon checking out again and obeying Laura's orders to get on board our soon to depart bus.

The journey to the airport was a pleasant one with less traffic than the night before and more opportunities to see the lovely park en route. The cramped airport when we arrive and proceeded through to the lounge with four gates and school hall size area for the awaiting passengers was a nightmare. To me it was more of a security hazard and if there had been a fire or panic who knows what would happen? Eventually we boarded the plane and thanks to another attractive and extremely friendly hostess the arduous three hour flight was as pleasant as possible. I sat next to an elderly but pleasant companion while lucky Tony one row behind enjoyed Lovely Laura and attractive Karen for company. They feared I would have Douggie and GF adjacent to me and when I told them who I was travelling back to Bristol with the astonished look on Karen's face was unbelievable.

At Stansted we said our goodbyes and hurried off following my driver missing out on usual kisses only one with Annie a bad trip!

There was clearly tension in the car with me in the passenger seat chauffer Douggie and back seat passenger Mandy fairly silent but threatening to move out. "ok" he responded not caring about the threat he had already spoken to me about her realising she was not popular and enquiring if I liked her. "she drinks too much" I responded and I was advised of some info I had guessed any way but cannot divulge here.

Needless to say the stop over was hard and despite telling offs for his speed (not from me) I was glad when we pulled up in his yard. A thank you and hug plus kiss with Mandy where to be the end I thought however as I drove off lights on full beam I could see her standing in front of the house. Lifting up her top I could see her white bra which she then lifted to flash at an impressed driver. Not amused rather bemused I continued on my way thinking this further showed what a common girl she was who would probable be unfaithful to her beau. Though I didn't think money was entirely the motive clearly it gave Douggie an advantage that his nice personalty did not deserve to be taken advantage of. For him though an alternative option was difficult to a devoted Liverpool follower with nothing else in his life living on a farm where the nearest neighbours where probable inmates of an open prison.


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