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Chapter 11 Part 2

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...

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"What are you doing?" Lamont asked Albear.
"Calling Lourdes for the fifteenth fucking time." Alby said closing his cell shut. "Bartender, another drink!" He called out. They were all at Hardy Boys getting ready for a night out on the town.
"Maybe you should just leave her alone." Melody said sipping her beer.
"Maybe you should mind your own business." Albear barked.
"Albear be nice." Lisa scolded.
"Haven't seen the likes of her around in a while." Tyler said. "What did you do to piss her off?"
"Nothing!" Albear said. "That's just it, ever since she broke it off with that asshole, she's disappeared off the face of the earth."
"When's the last time anybody has seen her?" Tyler asked.
"It's been awhile." Alby said. Corey, Tyler and Lamont all nodded their heads in agreement.
"You sure it wasn't something you did?" Corey asked, his forehead wrinkling as he frowned.
"I didn't do anything." Albear said, redialing her number again.
"Actually," Lisa said pushing her blonde hair behind her ears, "we had her over for dinner the other night."
The boys looked at them. "She wanted a quiet evening." Melody said. "How were we supposed to know that none of you had seen her lately?"
"What's the point in calling if she didn't answer the first hundred times?" Lamont said sipping a Skinny Girl Martini.
"I was calling her friend phone, before. Now I'm calling the homie phone." Albear said.
"What's the homie phone?" Tyler asked.
"You know," Corey said, "the party phone."
"The party phone?" Tyler repeated.
"Yeah," Lamont said, "the booty phone."
"The trick phone." Albear said. "And try to keep up."
"That's crazy!" Lisa said. "Do you all do this?"
"No." Tyler and Corey said in unison.
"Lam?" Melody asked.
Lamont said nothing, but he had a smile on his face that told all.
"I do." Albear said.
"Well of course you do." Melody said. "She probably learned it from you."
"How come I didn't know about this?" Tyler asked. "I'm so out of the loop."
"Well that's what happens to people who can't get laid on a regular basis." Albear offered.
Tyler gave him the finger.
"Fuck, voicemail!" Alby said. "I'll try the last number."
"How many numbers does she have?" Corey asked.
"This is the last one," Albear said, "the emergency phone, when you absolutely need to get a hold of her. She almost always leaves this one on."
"I only have two of her numbers," Lamont said.
"I only have one!" Corey said.
"I don't have any." Tyler said, frowning at all of them. "Why do you have all three?" He asked Albear. "Do you two have all three?" He asked Mel and Lisa. They nodded their heads. Tyler stared at them dark eyes wide. "What?" Lisa said. "We're more trustworthy. We do our shopping together, she babysits Abraham, she caters for the Community Center, all numbers are necessary. "
Tyler shook his head and drunk his beer.
"Hello?" Lourdes said on the other end of the line. Albear stuck his tongue out at Tyler. He picked up his drink and walked away from the group at the bar.
"Where the fuck are you," he said into the phone, "you were supposed to be here an hour ago!"

"Oh yeah, hey Alby-" Lourdes tried to say, as Pullo pulled her into his bedroom, kissing her free hand.
"Don't hey me, where the fuck are you?" He said.
Pullo swung Lourdes around the room, trying to keep her attention. She tried to pull her hand away, unsuccessfully. He grinned like a fool, twirling her around.
"I'm sorry, I'm here." Lourdes said. "Stop!" Lourdes whispered to Pullo as he tried to pull her down on the bed. She managed to keep her footing. He leaned back slightly and started unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his muscular chest and stomach.
"Where is here exactly?" Albear asked.
"I mean, I'm still here on the line." Lourdes said sticking her tongue out at Pullo.
"Okay have it your way." Pullo said, taking off the shirt and standing back up, since Lourdes refused to get on the bed with him.
"Well you see," Lourdes tried to answer, taking a quick step back and turning away from him, but Pullo was trying very hard to distract her, "some friends were having this get together-"
Pullo grabbed her from behind, wrapping his arms around her waist and started pushing her across the room.
"And we started drinking." She continued as he pushed her forward. He pushed her against the wall, hugging her from behind. Lourdes tried not to giggle. "And then one thing led to another-"
Pullo released his arms from around her waist, brushing all her loose curls to one side and kissed the side of her neck. He slipped the red spaghetti straps on her dress off of her shoulders.
"And I never made it out of here." Lourdes finished. Her dress hit the ground. Pullo turned her around to face him. He unbuttoned his pants. Then kissed her while Lourdes still had the cell up to her ear.
"Get off the fucking phone." Pullo said unzipping his pants. Lourdes ignored his request but slipped her free hand in his boxers and started stroking his perfect, rock hard, throbbing...
"So what does that mean?" Albear asked. "Do we need to come and get you?"
Pullo grunted, becoming more excited, he pulled her close to him and reached behind her and started to unclasp the hooks on her bra.
"Alby-, I'm so wasted, I don't think I can come." She said into the phone, she could barely focus now.
"Don't worry about that." Pullo said, successfully unhooking her bra and talking in her ear. "You're definitely going to cum."
"Shh!" Lourdes tried to say, while giggling, she took her hand out of his boxers.
"Who the fuck is that?" Albear asked. "Lourdes, Lourdes, Lourdes, is that a mans voice I hear?!"
Lourdes could hear hoots and hollers in the background. It had to be the boys.
"Get off the phone." Pullo said again. He tossed her bra to the floor, and grabbed her breast and started sucking on her rock hard nipples. Lourdes gasped, and almost dropped her phone. She tightened her grip and put the cell up to her ear. "Alby, I gotta go-"
"No way!" Albear said. "I won't hear from you for another two weeks!"
"I..." she said trying to focus as Pullo switched breast and started sucking harder, "I...h-have to call you back..."
"That's what you said last time."
"Oh my..." Lourdes said as Pullo licked in between her breast, all the way up her chest, to the top of her throat. Pullo grabbed a condom off the night stand and ripped it open with his teeth.
"You seem to be having trouble finishing your sentences. Is what you're doing more important than us right now?" Albear asked.
"Yes, absolutely!" Lourdes breathed, gripping Pullo's shoulder hard with her free hand, while he grabbed the back of her thigh, bending her knee and lifting her leg up to his waist .
"Then I want to hear about every single detail later." Alby said laughing into the phone.
"You got it." She said quickly, breathing fast. Pullo was looking her in the eyes while his fingers worked quickly, moving her panties to the side, so he could gain access and slip himself inside of her.
"I hope your not feeling shy tonight." Pullo kissed her.
"Oh my..." Lourdes whispered, closing her eyes.
"Because I feel like being very bad." He kissed her again.
"You still there...?" Albear asked.
"Oh my fucking god!" Lourdes moaned, taking the phone away from her ear and letting it fall to the waist-side. Pullo took the phone out of her hand as he pushed himself deeper inside of her. He put the phone up to his ear. "She'll have to call you back." He hung up the phone.

Lourdes leaned up against the wall of a bank. She had all her hair pulled back into a tight classic chignon and the morning sun felt good on her bare neck and skin as she waited. She took off her white jacket, it was actually warm enough for only the blue tunic and jeans she was wearing. She pulled her black phone out of her pocket as it vibrated. No number came up on the screen. Private Caller, it said. Normally she ignored unsolicited calls but...
She knew exactly who it was. She had been receiving one call a day, every day, for the past week from the same private caller. It was becoming redundant, and obnoxious and annoying and yet...
She hadn't answered any of the calls before, but it was starting to wear her down. Demon's were tempting her all over the place. She was starting to become curious again...
The phone rung a second time.
Should she answer? Her royal blue fingernails tapped the cell.
It rang a third time.
No she shouldn't. It was a very bad idea.
It rang a fourth time.
"Hello?" She said answering the phone quietly, as if she was being watched.
There was silence.
Lourdes' heart started pounding.
"Hey." He said.
"Yeah, hi." She said not breathing.
"I've been trying you loads."
"Alex, we both know it's over, bottom line, we're not suppose to talk at all."
"Don't tell me, I don't cross your mind." He said.
She sighed. "The calls are too much, I don't need to hear your voice on my messages."
"Plus we already called it quits-"
"You called it quits..." He said.
"And if I'm not pretending you..."
"I want to see you." He said.
"No." She said. "We closed this door."
"Tell me you don't think about me." He asked matter of factly. It wasn't cocky or arrogant, but it was so him.
Lourdes sighed, there was no point in lying. "I use to ache for you, but I'm not anymore..."
"Is that why you won't answer my calls?"
"I erased all your numbers, they're gone."
"Because I couldn't stand to see your name, every time you dialed."
"Well that says something."
"No." She said, shaking her head. "It's over."
"Nope, over this time."
"I can't hear your messages Alex! I'm trying to erase you from my mind!"
"Sexy please..."
"No." She sniffed, trying to regain her composure. "I've walked away. Neither of us have the time..." Lourdes hung up the phone. That was harder than she thought it would be. She took a deep breath and counted to ten.
The door to the bank swung open and Lita came bouncing out. "Okay, ready." She said. They were just hanging out, it was supposed to be an uneventful Saturday morning. That was until....
Lourdes pushed herself off the wall.
"So that was intense. The other day." Lita said walking down the street with Lourdes. "How far do we have to go?"
"Yeah it was fun." Lourdes said. "Oh, no wait, that's not what you said."
Lita laughed, "That's okay, it was fun too."
"Yeah, we only have about a block more to go." Lourdes said looking down at her cell phone as it vibrated again. This time she had a text message.
"Something important?" Lita asked.
"Not at all." Lourdes said. "Just work." But it wasn't work. She read the message. I still want you....I hope you feel the same...
Lourdes scrolled down more.
I came at it wrong, you were right...I'm sorry I told you lies.
"Looks important." Lita said trying sneak a peek.
"No." Lourdes said. "Just a sample menu request. I'm almost done reading."
I think about you everyday....and I miss you more and more.
Lourdes put the phone away. He was killing her. And it wasn't even all his fault. She was just as much to blame.
"This looks like a fun neighborhood." Lita said looking at all the stores that they were moving quickly by. They were in the city, close to Pride Diner.
"Fun yes, but dangerous. It's best to be careful late at night."
"Albear seems like a guy with money, why does he stay then?"
"Albear Sebastian? Living in suburbia? No way. He'd rather be in the midst of the jungle."
"A guy after my own heart." Lita said smiling.
"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my." Lourdes sang.
Lita laughed as they reached the front door of Alby's building
"Probably shouldn't happen again though." Lourdes said, stopping before they went in.
"What do you mean?" Lita looked confused.
"You know what I mean." Lourdes said. "The other day."
Lita took a step back. "I thought we had fun."
"We did." Lourdes said. "But I wouldn't want Pullo to get the wrong idea."
"About what?"
"You and him, or you and me?"
"Me and you." Lourdes said.
"Right, I get it." Lita said looking away.
Lourdes opened the door and they went in. She pushed the button for the elevator.
"We'll just blame it on the tequila." Lita laughed, trying to recover.
"Yeah, that ole' liquid courage." Lourdes said looking straight ahead smiling. The elevator arrived and they stepped on. They were silent the whole way up. Once they got off, Lourdes reached for Albear's door, but Lita grabbed her hand and stopped her. Lourdes turned to look at her. "For the record," Lita said, "I had a blast up until the moment you left with Pullo." Lourdes knew that was coming. She turned to try and explain herself. "Okay I know that was done in poor taste, but what did you think was going to happen? With a guy like Pullo? I mean we were all fucked up and I'm sure after what you and I did in front of him, he wasn't going to run to his bedroom and take a cold shower."
"Yes, so you decided you had to go and fuck his brains out, while I listened in the next room?" Lita asked, shaking her head at her.
"If I remember correctly, you were out by the pool when we left you." Lourdes put her hand back on the loft door. "And you didn't have to listen."
"Damn!" Lita said.
"It's just sometimes you really sound like your friend Albear. Arrogant and heartless."
"Ouch." Lourdes said. "The truth hurts." She slid the door open. "But I guess he'd take it as a compliment."
"Well don't. Because it's not a compliment. I'm just letting you know, what you two did, it was excruciating." Lita pushed up against her, upset.
"Noted." Lourdes said, sliding the door closed behind them. They weren't two feet inside, when they were greeted by Albear and the latest trick.
"Holy shit!" Lita said.
Lourdes covered her face and started laughing. Alby was doing some guy on the sofa. Stark naked, grunting and moaning. The bottom hadn't even noticed them standing there as Albear continued to fuck. Alby turned and looked at Lourdes and gave her a big grin.
"Oh my gosh, Lourdes!" Lita said grabbing her arm.
"I know." Lourdes said shaking her head.
"He's fucking a guy."
"I know."
"Up the ass!"
"I know."
"Right in front of us!"
"I know." Lourdes turned and smiled at her. "Albear's not modest."
Lita turned to the two boys still going at it on the couch, totally embarrassed. "Um, we came at a bad time."
"Ugh!" Albear grunted, shooting his load. "You two," he said breathing hard, "have something in common."
"Hey!" The trick said as Albear pulled out of him.
"Alby-" Lourdes said grabbing Lita's hand, "We'll be back in five!"
"Don't bother." Albear said grabbing a towel and wiping himself down. "He was just leaving."
"Wow." Lolita turned to Lourdes, cheekbones sucked in, shaking her head. "I take back everything I just said to you."
"Noted." Lourdes said smiling, as she pulled her out of the door.

"So it's like that huh?" Lita asked when they were back downstairs. Lourdes' phone vibrated. She had a new message. "Like what?" Lourdes asked.


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