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Chapter 11 Part 3

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...

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"So it's like that huh?" Lita asked when they were back downstairs. Lourdes' phone vibrated. She had a new message. "Like what?" Lourdes asked.
"You two are totally twisted together!"
"What are you talking about?" Lourdes read her text. She inhaled slowly. Don't forget about tonight! I have your check, 9pm -Emma.
"What was that back there!?" Lita asked.
"We, walked in on Albear, how was I supposed to know what he was doing?"
"Well you didn't seem surprised!"
Lourdes reread her text. "Shit." She muttered to herself. Emma was holding her paycheck hostage, until she came to opening night at Stacy's, the bartenders, bar. Some live music band that Lourdes had no interest in. They were more Ed Stanley mosh pit. Lourdes was more Ludacris and Rick Ross. She was hoping to escape the whole experience, but it was beginning to look unavoidable.
"Will you focus on the here and now!" Lita said putting her hand over the cell phone.
Lourdes looked up. "No, I wasn't surprised to see Albear going at it with some guy. Why should I be? He's gay by the way, if you hadn't notice."
"I fucking noticed! Believe me." Lita said.
Lourdes smiled, she thought Lita was over-reacting, given her occupation. "Albear is a force of nature and what he does in his personal life has nothing to do with me. Here lets move out of the way." Lourdes pulled Lita to the side as Alby's trick exited the building fully dressed.
They went back in the building. "It could have been anybody." Lourdes continued pushing the elevator button. "Me, Corey, Tyler, Lamont ." They stepped inside. "Hell, even Lisa or Melody!"
"Who's Lisa and Melody?"
"My point is, nobodies a stranger to Albear's bare ass." Lourdes went back to responding to Emma's message. See u tonight!
"We saw a lot more than his bare ass." Lita said as they stepped off the elevator. Albear's door was still open.
"Yeah, well, that too." Lourdes said as they walked inside.
"Where'd you go?" Albear asked from the kitchen while making a smoothie. He had managed to put on some jeans and a tank top.
"We thought we'd give you two a minute." Lourdes said tossing her vintage purse on the counter. "Albear, you remember Lita."
Lita smiled and waved slowly.
"Hey." Alby said rubbing his stubble.
"Nice fuck pad." Lita said looking around.
"Yeah it does the trick."
Lourdes smirked.
"Oh that's cute," Lita said, "I see he's funny."
"Have a seat." Albear said smiling, and nodding towards to the sofa.
"No thanks, I'm good." Lita said.
Lourdes shook her head laughing. "Feel free to sit anywhere that's not contaminated." She pointed to one of the stools at the kitchen counter.
Albear came from around the counter and put his arm around Lourdes. "Where the fuck you been?"
Lourdes shrugged his arm off her shoulder. "Nowhere. Just busy."
"Bullshit." He said. "How are you?"
Lita watched the two of them silently.
"I'm good. I'm fine. How are you?"
Albear studied her for a moment. "Well you look fantastic."
"Thank you." She said beaming. "I just had a facial. And, in fact, I was hoping you might want to be my date for the evening."
"Not a chance." Albear said walking away from her.
Lita laughed.
"I haven't even told you what it is." Lourdes whined.
"Oh I can guess," he said, "just by your tone of voice, I see many boring straight people in my future."
"He has something against straight people?" Lita asked.
"He's a hetero-phobe." Lourdes turned and smiled at her. Lita black eyebrows, raised in shock.
"It's true, he is." Lourdes said.
Lita looked at Albear as he lit up a cigarette. "It's true, I am." He said.
Lita laughed. "Unbelievable."
"Besides," Albear went on, "why would I spend my Saturday night doing you a favor when I could be out fucking?"
"Because you love me, and you've missed me, and you want to hang out!"
"You are right about all those things," he said smiling, "but your needs still don't come above mines."
Lourdes poked out her lip.
"Sorry." He said, not falling for her sad face.
"Yeah, I bet you are." Lourdes muttered.
"So?" Albear asked. "How's Gabriel?"
That was enough to piss her off. Lourdes picked up her purse. "Come on Lita." She said.
"Where the fuck are you going? I thought we were having breakfast!" Albear said.
"Maybe you can catch up with your trick!" Lourdes said. "He looks like he was still hungry."
"That was totally, fucking uncalled for!" Alby yelled after them as Lourdes closed the door.

"Lourdes over here!"
"Fuck." Lourdes mumbled to herself, smiling and waving at Emma. A crowd full of people and she was still noticed right away. Not one chance to get a drink before being spotted. And there was Stacy, right next to Emma and Thomas. Fabulous. Lourdes could tell it was going to be one of those nights. She walked as slow as she possibly could towards them.
"Hey Lourdes, buy you a drink?"
Lourdes turned quickly. "Corey!"
"Hey!" He said, giving her a kiss. His perfectly gelled, black hair smelled like peaches. Lourdes hugged him tightly.
"Whoa!" Corey said, chipmunk cheeks turning rosy. "Nice to see you too."
"I'm sorry!" Lourdes said letting him go and stepping back. "I don't know what got in to me it's just...it's really good to see you!"
"Ha!" Corey said slapping the side of her arm.
"What are you doing here?" Lourdes asked laughing.
"Talked to Albear earlier."
"You did?"
"He mentioned something about being a prick, and how you stormed out."
"He did?"
"So we thought we'd drop by and say hi and have a drink." Lamont came walking up with Tyler and handed them all Lourdes' favorite, French Martini's. "Hey sweetie." He said kissing her on the cheek and giving her a squeeze.
"Did I mention how much I love you guys!" Lourdes beamed. "Hey Ty." She said giving him a quick kiss.
"Well we love you too." Tyler said nodding his head seriously. "You're our favorite fag hag." He raised his glass up in the air.
"Tied with Lisa and Melody, that is." Lamont said.
"And Christina." Corey added.
Lourdes smiled, she clinked glasses with them. "I should probably go over and say hi to my other friends." She pointed across the room. They were still standing there waving her over.
"Okay, but be quick." Lamont said. "We can't stay long."
Lourdes turned and looked at them.
"Bubble Boys night at Sin City." Tyler and Corey said in unison, tilting their heads together.
Lourdes laughed. "Right, how could I forget." She turned to walk away. "Be right back."

"There's some pretty hot guys here tonight." Stacy said while they were all in the bathroom mirror, taking a girls break.
"You can say that again." Emma said handing Lourdes her tube of lipstick.
"Emma Marie Brown." Lourdes said refreshing her lips. "Now what would Thomas say?"
Emma laughed, shaking her shoulders. "There is nothing wrong with looking."
"Or flirting." Stacy added, fluffing up her mousy brown hair to add more bounce.
"You must be surrounded by eye candy all the time." Lourdes said to Stacy in the mirror. "With the bartending and all." She handed Emma back the lipstick.
"Not as much as you would think." Stacy said, smiling at her in the mirror.
"So where's Gabe?" Emma asked.
"Working." Lourdes and Stacy both said at the same time.
Emma paused and looked at the both of them. She laughed confused.
"Or so I heard." Stacy said.
Lourdes continued to stare at Stacy in the mirror as her phone started ringing. "Oh that's my cell." She said throwing one more glare her way, then picking it up as it vibrated on the bathroom sink.
"Oh, I should take this." Lourdes said, grabbing her purse and motioning to them that she would just be outside the bathroom door. "Well if it isn't the biggest prick in the world." She said answering the phone. There was a crowd of people in the hallway outside the bathrooms. Lourdes tried to make her way to the corner so she could talk.
"I do have the biggest prick in the world," Albear said, "I guess good news travels fast."
"You're not even funny." Lourdes said finding a safe spot against the wall to lean against.
Emma and Stacy came out the bathroom. They waved at her and pointed to the bar. "We'll see you over there!" Emma said over the crowd of people.
Lourdes gave her a thumb's up and waved them off.
"I was good enough to pass on the bar's address to the boys." Albear offered.
"Yeah nice save. Okay, I guess you're useful for some things."
"So I hear I'm not missing a damn thing." Alby said. "Cut the boys loose so they can go and have some real fun."
"The boys can leave whenever they want." Lourdes said. "I'm not their keeper."
People were starting to clear out from the hallway, the music was starting.
"Oh excuse me." Lourdes said getting twirled around as people rushed to the tiny stage. She pressed herself up against the wall, staying still until it was safe to move again.
"What's that noise?"
"The musics starting, I should probably go!"
"Call me later."
"I will!" Lourdes hung up the phone as the last person cleared the hallway. She looked up to see Alexsander standing there in a black, Dolce & Gabana skinny suit. He was leaning against the opposite wall. She immediately got butterflies in her stomach.
This wasn't real. It couldn't be. She was seeing things. What the hell was she going to do now? It was one thing to block his emails or erase his messages, but what the fuck was she going to do with him standing right in front of her? Why was he here? Was he in town this morning when he called her? Did he know the whole time that she would be here? And damn he looked good..."What are you doing here?" Lourdes asked in shock. "I thought you were down south on a movie."
"We're in post production." He said looking her up and down, already undressing her with his eyes. "Not much work left to be done."
Lourdes was suddenly glad that she wore her sexy black dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. And to just think, she almost wore her ratty vintage jeans and t-shirt. Even though it was over between them, she still wanted to look hot.
Alex took a step towards her. "I was thinking, if you wanted to talk, maybe we could leave here, no one would know."
Lourdes looked around and then she looked back at him. "Wouldn't that be lovely to think so." She said softly.
He took another step closer. Lourdes shook her head for him not to. He stopped advancing and stood in place.
"I guess it's over now." He said. "There's no getting back...to good?"
She stared at him.
"Are you happy?" He asked her.
She let out a nervous laugh. "You can't asked me that." Lourdes said shaking her head. "It's not fair."
"You know," he said, "I'm not the sort of person, who falls, in and quickly out of...."
Lourdes sucked in her breath. Oh he was good. She wondered if he rehearsed this with his acting coach before hand.
"What I mean is," he said, trying again, "you had my affections, right from the start."
"Apparently it wasn't for you to give. Someone else owns the rights to them."
"It's completely and totally over with Celia." He said matter of factly. "I promise, you'll never hear her name again. Ever."
"Alex you didn't do that because of me right?" Lourdes asked. "Please tell me you did this for yourself?"
"Of course I did it for me." He said.
Lourdes breathed a sigh of relief.
"But I also did it to show you how serious I am."
"I don't know how to respond to that, given the fact that you and I aren't..." She stopped herself. "What about everything else?" Lourdes asked.
"One step at a time." He said. "I know I should have ended things with Celia sooner, but I was never so sure until I met you."
She wasn't ready to hear this. "Gabriel said that you two were headed on your way to marriage. You don't just throw something that important away."
"Gabriel doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about." Alex said agitated. "We were never headed down that road."
"From your perspective or hers?"
"Lourdes, we were never even close." His blue eyes were wide and serious.
"I don't know." She said shaking her head. "I just don't know."
"I do." He said. "I'm not playing games, this doesn't have to be hard."
"Maybe you're right." Lourdes said. "But all I ever learned, is how to shoot at somebody who outdrew me."
He nodded his head. "Not to be cocky-"
"Then don't be." She smirked at him.
"But I take great comfort in the fact that you rather get out of this relationship before you get hurt."
"And why is that?"
"Because if I can hurt you, then that means I matter to you."
"No, that wasn't cocky at all." Lourdes said sarcastically.
"I never meant to cause problems." He said seriously.
"Alex, just stop-"
"I never wanted to cause you any pain." He took a step closer.
"Alex don't." She said, standing up straight, ready to flee. But there was no more distance between them. He was blocking her way.
Alexsander put his right hand on her hip and the left on her shoulder and leaned in close. He smelled like Platinum One Chanel.
"Alex I have to go." Lourdes whispered. "We're not good for each other."
"I never wanted it to be like this." He said so close to her lips, that they were practically touching.
"Alex." She whispered again, pushing against his chest. "You're killing me."
"Why can't we still be friends?" He asked closing his eyes. His hand was squeezing her shoulder so hard.
"We're past this." She said. "It was just a phase. We were just a phase. You were just a phase."
Alex was stunned for a moment, but to Lourdes' surprise, he smiled. "I don't think so," he said, "I'm a little bit more than that."
"Alex-" Lourdes started, letting out a nervous sigh.
"What?" He asked still smiling. "Sexy, those are your friends talking through you."
"It's not-" She protested weakly.
"Yes it is." He smiled at her. "But you can tell them, when I want something, I don't retract."
"Stop." Lourdes laughed.
"Come on, don't mess about," he said, "I'm young, hot, and strong, doesn't every girl want that?"
"Oh yeah, I'm sure that'll win my friends over." Lourdes said again with sarcasm.
"I think it will." He said smartly, still up in her in her face. "But just to seal the deal, I'm sure you told them-" He whispered in her ear.
"Don't-" Lourdes said, heart beating faster.
"Come home with me." He begged.
"No." She smiled.
"Then run away with me for a couple of days."
"You really don't understand the concept of no do you?" She said still smiling.
Alex spoke in her ear. Lourdes' eyes widened. She was always shocked at how he could go from zero to vulgar in a matter of seconds. He continued talking dirty. "Stop!" Lourdes said looking around laughing.
Alex pulled back. "Oh there it is, how I missed that laugh." He said smiling.
Lourdes tried to regain her composure. She was forgetting herself.
"Let's try again." He said. "You and me. We can do it different this time."
"I miss you." He said. "I miss you constantly, all the time, everyday and it's driving me mad."
"And the award goes to..." Lourdes cracked.
"I miss everything about you..." He continued, not letting her deflect his words with a joke.
Lourdes said nothing this time, she continued to listen, looking in his eyes.
"Come here." He said so he could whisper in her ear. "I even miss how you use to make me beg for it, each time until you gave it up."
Ahh, she was starting to tingle. Lourdes wanted to be serious, but she laughed. "Yeah, but afterwords, you'd say the same thing, every single time."
He smiled. "Your the fuckin best."
"There he goes." She sang looking embarrassed.
"The fuckin best." He said again. "The best I ever had."
"I'm sure." Lourdes muttered.
"This is why we work." He said becoming serious again. "Because you love to be around me and because you have no idea how much I think you're worth. Anything you want, you don't even have to ask twice-"
"Alex it's not about that." Lourdes shook her head.
"I know," he said, "But we have so much fun together. And I always felt like you were so accustomed to the fast life."
"Your so cool and you never pay attention to the rumors or what others assume..."
"I don't know about that." She smiled sheepishly. "I might be a little guilty when it comes to that."
"I don't care." He said. "I feel like when I'm with you, everything's alright."
"What about everybody else?" Lourdes whispered, silently referring to Gabriel.
"I don't care about them either." He said coldly.
"And I want you," he said cutting her off, he grabbed her and pulled her close to him again, "I want you, I want you....like never before." Lourdes said nothing. There were those butterflies again. "Why can't we still be lovers?" He asked, his lips slightly grazing hers. Lourdes sucked in her breath, she had made it this far, it was no time to turn back. She let his lips touch hers for a moment longer, then she pulled back, trying to come to her senses. "You know why." She whispered.
"Are you sure?" He asked, moving his right hand along her shoulder and grabbing the side of her neck. He was pressing his body up against hers. Lourdes fluttered her eyes. She couldn't breathe. Oh god, he was so hard. "Yes." She whispered.
He lifted his head off of hers, pulling her close by the back of the neck, and he whispered in her ear. "It's such a shame our friendship had to end." Lourdes gasp as he kissed her ear and bit down softly with his teeth. Alex took a step back. He smiled at her. Lourdes couldn't move. Her heart was beating out of her chest and her knees were weak.
He turned and walked away.

When Lourdes returned to the bar, most people were surrounding the stage, watching the show. But the boys were at the front, grabbing their jackets, ready to leave.
"Taking off?" She asked them as she walked up.
"Yeah, sorry honey." Lamont said looking around, not impressed. "This place is interesting and all but-"
"But Bubble Boys awaits!" Lourdes said.
"That's right!" Lamont sang.
Corey grabbed Lourdes' hand. "Hey why don't you come with us?"
"I don't know." Lourdes paused.
"Why not?" Tyler asked grabbing her jacket from the coat check room. "You put in your time here."
Lourdes looked around the room. She saw Alexsander drinking a beer with Stacy, Emma and Thomas. The three had their backs turned, but Alex was facing her direction and looking right at her. There was no way she could go over to them and act normal around him.
"You're right." She said, taking her coat from Tyler. "Let's go."

Sin City was packed to the rafters and a soapy mess.


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