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Chapter 11 Part 6

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty, with a complicated side...

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Exactly thirty minutes on the dot and Lourdes was back alone with Alex. Exactly ten minutes after she had left him, he texted her asking her not to leave, so they could finish this. She agreed. This gave him time to finish working before his break and this gave her time to sort things out. And go a grab a couple of drinks with Albear and Corey. And maybe a bump...
Lourdes knew he was a liar. No man would work this hard for a woman just to try and break her. He could never be that cruel.
Chilling out with Albear and Corey gave her time to recover. She was very buzzed and feeling pretty good and ready for round two.
They stood there in silence for a moment, both refusing to be the first one to speak. Lourdes stood strong, watching him walk slowly back in forth. She had a strange smile on her face, it was completely throwing him off.
"Alright then," he said, "I'm a bloody disgusting liar."
"Yes you are." Lourdes said.
"And this is you calling my bluff, right?" He asked.
Lourdes smirked.
"So why did you even walk away? Why didn't you just let me have it right then and there?"
"I wanted you to sweat a little."
"I guess I deserved that."
"Yes you did."
"And you didn't deserve to hear those things."
"No I didn't."
"I'm sorry." He said.
"Your sorry is bullshit." Lourdes said. "Don't insult me. You knew exactly what you were doing."
"I thought I already admitted that." He said.
"But why test me?" She asked. "Are there no boundaries with you?"
"Did you ever think that maybe I needed to know?" He asked.
"Know what?"
"Know that I mean more to you than Gabriel! Know that I meant more to you than you just telling me I wanted to hear? I don't want to do this if I'm just some boy toy on your list. I think the world of you." He said. "I love everything about you! Your strength, your weaknesses, your beauty, your flaws. I love your passion, your anger, your convictions. You're real to me! Am I real to you?"
"Yes." She said plainly. "Sure."
He scoffed in the other direction. "Let's just toss if off like sure!" He said bitterly. "How can you stand there with that poker face and give me an infuriating answer like that?"
It was the drugs. Of course she didn't say that. "I said you're real to me Alex, what else do you want me to say?"
"Tell me you love me!" He yelled.
"I love you." She said.
He stopped pacing.
What the fuck what she doing? She couldn't be accountable. It was the drugs talking...
He walked towards her silently. The expression on his face had totally changed. There was no cheesy American accent. He couldn't hide his shock. This time he was showing all of him. "What did you say?"
"I love you as much as I possibly can." She said quickly.
He came closer. "Don't do that, don't take the cowards way out." He was smiling. He couldn't mask his happiness.
Maybe she had gone too far. But maybe not. In that moment, with those three words, she had changed something in him. He had let his guard down, and now she knew, for her own piece of mind, that he was serious. "I'm trying to resist that familiar smile that melts me just like wax...." She whispered.
He came closer to her.
Lourdes grabbed on to his blazer and pulled him even closer. "But what's the use, I'm yours, for as long as you want it, and I promise...there's no turning back."
"Why are you doing this to me?" He whispered.
"It's a mystery." She said smiling up at him. "Look what you've done to me."
"You sure?" He asked.
Lourdes closed her eyes. "I feel so filled with fear and yet I've never felt so sure, what else am I going to do?"
Alex kissed her. Lourdes kissed him back. Guess they were on the same page finally. If only for a moment, and she wanted this to last. They stood there holding on to each other.
"So what now?" She asked.
"We start over." He said. "Let's go out."
"Sure." She smiled.
"Wait," he pulled back, "can this be considered our first date? Yay!"
Lourdes shook her head laughing. He was forever goofy. "Well I hope we don't have to let everything be considered our first time."
Alex leaned close to her face. "You're absolutely wild," he said, "I wanna tame you."
How she loved that accent.
"Do your worst," she said smiling and leaning in close too, "you're not the first guy who's tried to change me."
"The rest were pussies." He declared.
"I think your right." She flirted.
He said nothing as he opened up her cardigan. Pulling the sweater off her shoulders, playing with the barely there, straps on her dress. He flicked those off her shoulder, exposing her bra strap. "You should let some more skin show." He said kissing her shoulder.
Nothing like a one track mind. Lourdes thought to herself. Alex pulled down the bra strap, exposing the designer label. "My favorite underwear." He smirked. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "I wanna see what's under there."
She tried not to giggle like a school girl. She pulled away slightly. "Okay, I can see that your down, from the way your watching me."
He laughed.
She rubbed her hand up and down his arm "So when can you get out of here?"
"I'm here all day." He said.
"No." Lourdes shook her head, long hair flowing from side to side. "That's no good."
"What else can I do?" He asked.
"I don't know." She smiled. "But there's just room for two in my fantasy, so baby lose your crew and come away with me."
"Just like that?" He asked, cupping her lower back.
"Just like that," she said, "I got the time and you got the body."
"I can't just leave right now." He said letting his hands go further down feeling on her butt. "But maybe I can cut out early." His hands moved quickly up her body. He ran his finger along the cut of her dress, outlining her bust, He closed his eyes, opened his mouth and tried to kiss her. Lourdes pulled back slightly, teasing him. He opened his eyes. "How about tonight?" He asked. "Early?"
"Your on." Lourdes said looking down and grabbing on to his belt buckle. "No ho's this time."
"Just had to get one in didn't you?" He smiled, but he kept talking. "So tonight then?" He said leaning back in.
Lourdes pulled back again smiling. "Yeah, tonight. So save your energy, we've only just begun."
"Really," he whispered, "so you're going to make it worth my while?"
"Yes," she whispered back still pulling on his belt buckle, "I'll turn the naughty on."
"Be naughty now." He begged, still trying to kiss her, unsuccessfully.
"Not on a first date." She teased. "But I like how you say naugh-ty in that Swedish accent."
As hard as he was trying to be sexy, he still laughed. "Shut it," he said, his accent even thicker, "and talk dirty to me. I'm suddenly feeling very freaky."
"Yeah?" She whispered pushing up against him. "Where do I begin, there's so many ways to get you off..." He grabbed her with both hands by the neck so she couldn't get away from him. "You wanna know what you can do for me?" He breathed hard. Then he said something in his language that she completely didn't understand.
"Come again?" She smiled. "I seemed to have missed that."
He repeated the question in English in her ear. She was getting butterflies.
"There's never a boring moment with you." She grinned.
"I'll kiss you in your mouth and lick your last name off." He continued.
"There's no doubt that you're a dirty boy." She said.
"I'm a fucking savage." He said rubbing his thumb across her lips. She opened her mouth and bit down softly, letting go of his belt buckle and letting her hands go even further south. "Is this turning you on?" She smiled, fondling him.
"Fuck that," he said, "I wanna make your legs shake, and I'm not going to stop until your pussy aches."
"Un-huh," she smiled, rolling her eyes at his shit talking, "then get on your knees."
"No." He said. "But if you get if wet enough..." He whispered in her ear again.
"Ooooh, you fucking nasty boy." She gushed, now this was getting interesting. She smiled at him. "You can talk big all you want, and I'll fulfill all your fantasies as long as you promise I'm going to get fucked tonight-" Lourdes didn't get a chance to finish, he kissed her so hard, sticking his tongue down her throat, she almost lost her footing. She grabbed the back of his head and kissed him back, just as aggressively.
Her phone chimed again loudly.
"I should get back." He said still kissing her.
"Yeah I should too." She said kissing him back.
"Don't change your mind." He whispered in her ear.
"Not a chance."
"I want to find you in my bed, back at my spot." He whispered in her ear. Lourdes said nothing but smiled as he kissed her neck. "Do you hear me?" He asked.
"Yes." She whispered.
He put his lips back up to her ear and nibbled softly. He was right, it didn't take much to make her legs shake. Lourdes closed her eyes as the butterflies continued to float in her stomach.
Alex stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a key. He ran the tip of it down her chest, to the top of the bodice on her dress, and slid the key in between her breast. Lourdes said nothing as she stared into his eyes.
"I'll see you there." He said.


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