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The Demon's That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel-Chapter 10 Part 1

Book By: Nina Simone

Take a look into the life of Lourdes. A fun, sexy, party planning chef, just shy of turning thirty with a complicated side...

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Chapter 10
"Hello?" Lourdes said answering the phone cautiously. She was at home for once and shouldn't be taking his calls.
"Baby please don't hang up, I need to talk to you." Alexsander said.
"I can only talk for a minute, I'm busy." She said lining up all her ingredients.
"I need to tell you something and you have give me a chance to explain myself before you hang up."
Lourdes sat down at the kitchen table. "I can already tell that you're setting me up for a big one....so come on, out with it."
"Celia is in town."
Lourdes said nothing.
"I'm still here."
"I'm sorry. It's not my fault, I tried to break it off."
"Perhaps you should have tried harder." She said calmly.
"Look, things haven't been going so well and we're trying to be cordial but I need a little relief. Will you come over?"
"I can't believe your still in town. All the plans have been changed, so what happened?"
There was silence on the phone.
"Can I see you?"
"That's a no can do," she spoke, "I'm playing chef all week for my own family."
"I know that, and we'll be out and about for the most part, but I was thinking whenever you landed a free moment."
"Please Lourdes. I'll do anything, name your price."
"For fucks sake!"
"Slow your roll pal." She said.
"Will you please do this for me!" He begged. "Gabe has told her so much about you. She's expecting to meet you and she wants to hang out with other people besides me, This is her first time here."
"Not my problem."
"Okay Lourdes listen, I'm trying really hard to get through this also. It's been a long week, you know I have to go away, I'm fucking tired and I need you to cut me some slack. If she doesn't meet you, she might assume that you are the reason why I'm trying to break things off with her. We don't want to let this get blown out of proportion. Just come over for one night. A couple of hours. I'll do anything you want."
Lourdes was silent while she thought about how bad this predicament could get. "If you want me to do this," she said, "you have to pay the piper now."
"Okay," he said, "name your price."
"This is my price," she said, "no more of us."
"What?" He asked.
"I'm saying," she said, "no more letters, no more texts, no more messages, no more us."
"I'm serious Alex. I don't think you know how hard it's going to be for me to do this."
"It's out of my hands." He said.
"I know." She said softly. "But none of that matters now. This is what I need."

"It's almost Turkey day baby!" Kenneth said as he gave Lourdes a hug, taking off black boxing gloves. "Thanks for coming on such short notice."
Lourdes handed him a homemade apple pie. "Oh please," she waved her hand, "thank you for doing this, I know you could have said no."
"Now why would I do that? And miss a chance to see you again, nah." He smiled, balancing the pie and tossing down the gloves.
Lourdes was glad that she hadn't dressed up to see him. Kenneth's dyed blonde hair was spiked to the side perfectly, but his t-shirt was soaked through with sweat. Normally that would be a turn on for Lourdes, (all those bulging farmer boy muscles), but she didn't want his sweat getting on her cute outfit.
"Come on in, make yourself at home." He said.
Lourdes felt a quick rush of anxiety. This use to be her home, once upon a time. She never technically lived there, but her and Kenneth had spent so much time together in the past, she practically lived there.
"How did you manage to escape your family?" He asked. "Isn't the whole clan here?"
"I told them I was going to run out and hunt down another free range bird before the big dinner." She smiled following him into the house.
"And they believed that?" He asked. "You? On the bus? Hunting down Turkey's?"
"Oh shut up." She said going into his bedroom with him. "So how bad is this going to be? Do I need to be worried."
Kenneth took off his sweaty t-shirt and tossed it at her smiling.
"Mmm." She said fighting the desire to smell his scent, tossing it over to his wicker hamper. She use to love the way he smelled.
Kenneth smiled. "I hit the bricks pretty hard, I need a shower first. You don't mind do you?"
Lourdes shook her head no. "I'll just wait out here." She pointed to the direction of the living room.
"Or you could join me." He said pointing to the direction of the shower.
"Tempting," she said, "but I think I'll be a good girl today and behave myself."
"Well that's no fun." He grinned.
"Excuse me Mr. Officer, but you're supposed to be a man of the law, not breaking it." She smiled.
"I'm off duty." Kenneth pulled down his sweat pants and then took off his boxers.
Lourdes inhaled slightly, a little thrown off that he would still strip naked in front of her, but she recovered quickly. "Duty or not," she said, "I thought rules were important to you."
"I have no rules when it comes to you." He said. "So meet me in the shower and bring the cuffs."
Lourdes' phone started to ring. She smiled at Kenneth and held it up. "Saved by the bell." She said.
"Bummer." He muttered, going to the shower and closing the door behind him.

After Kenneth got out of the shower, he and Lourdes sat down. He had two files waiting to be presented to her and Lourdes was dying to see what he had found out.
"Before we get started," he said, "I just have to asked, who is this guy to you?"
"He's a friend of mines." She said. She already had her answers to his questions rehearsed.
"What kind of friend?" Kenneth asked.
"Just a friend that I lost touch with some years back."
"And now he's in the picture again?"
"What happened with him?" He asked.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, as long as I've known you, you've never asked me to pull somebodies record. Why now?"
"Sometimes I get this feeling...about him." Lourdes said. "And, I don't know, I guess this feeling has lead me to this course of action."
"You were always very perceptive." Kenneth said. "Very bright."
Lourdes smiled.
"So bright that you're smart enough to only let me know the things that you think I want to hear."
"No, Kenneth it's not like that-" She tried to protest.
"Sure it is." He said. "But it's okay. I'd rather do this for you and know you're safe, than blow you off for lack of information."
"I appreciate it." She said softly.
He opened up the file.
Lourdes wasn't prepared for she saw....


"Hey!" Lolita said giving Lourdes a hug. She looked very pretty. She wore a long blue velvet mesh dress that swept the floor as she walked. Her hair was pulled up into a french roll, and she had sparkling blue earrings to match. "You look great!" She said smiling. Lourdes wasn't too sure about that. She had on a soft pink blouse with a short, black, flowing mini skirt and leggings. She had on black knee high boots that were starting to hurt her feet. The price of beauty.
Lourdes handed her two homemade pies. "For the holiday." She said. There was pecan pie on the top. Lita peeked in the box to see. "My favorite! How did you know?" She asked.
"Because Pullo said don't come over without Lita's pecan pie and," she said tapping the bottom box, "his favorite pumpkin pie."
"Ick. I hate pumpkin." Lita said.
Lourdes nodded in agreement.
"But thanks for the goodies." She smiled. "I'm not sharing with anybody."
"Not sharing what?" Pullo came walking up smiling. He was pretty dressed up also. Black slacks, black shoes, black Armani shirt .
"Nothing." Lita said hugging the pies and disappearing into the kitchen.
"Hello." Pullo said to Lourdes giving her a quick kiss.
"Hi." She smiled nervously.
"Everything alright?" He asked.
"Just dandy." She said.
"Then don't be a stranger," he said grabbing her hand, "come on in. To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?" He asked. "I thought you couldn't break away all week."
Lourdes watched him. She couldn't believe that this was the same guy that she just read about in a file. Pullo looked at her waiting for her answer. "I needed to run out for some last minute errands. Thought I'd stop by and drop a quick hello."
"Such a multi-tasker." Pullo said kissing her.
Lourdes pulled back smiling. She studied him...

"One Pullo Archer." Kenneth said pulling out a military photo. He looked like a kid. The photo had to have been at least twenty years old. "Son of Dee and Jasper Archer the first. Brother of Jasper Archer Jr.
"A military man." Lourdes said to herself softly.
"Not just a military man," Kenneth said, "a highly trained, professional killer. Look at all these medals, all these accommodations. He has years of decorations."
Lourdes looked at him.
"You didn't know any of this?" He asked.
She shook her head no. But she sort of knew about the military part.
"Do you want me to keep going?" He asked.
She nodded.
"You said, you haven't seen him for years right?" He asked.
"Yes." She said.
"If you take a look at this," he pulled out a a file sheet, "there's a lot that implies where he's been and the type of work he does."
"I don't understand any of this military jargon," she said shaking her head, "it might as well be in another language, and it's kind of hard to follow when every other sentence is blacked out."
"That's how the information came, it's blacked out for their protection." Kenneth said. "Being a cop doesn't mean that I have access to everything. Police jurisdiction and Military jurisdiction are different. I had to call in a favor just to get a hold of this."
"So what does this all mean?"
"It means that he has spent the last few years of his life out in the Middle East working as a mercenary. But-" he pointed to the bottom of the page, "this is where it all stops. Now something happened there. Because you can track his locations from place to place and then it all just stops. He's detained by the military, it doesn't say why, and then he's off the grid for three years. And now all of a sudden he's back in town, still a military vet, and here you are with me wondering if the man your dating is a killer...."

"Some people will be arriving, but not for a couple of hours." Pullo said pulling her into the bedroom. "How much time do we have?"
Lourdes walked around the room, looking with new eyes. She was trying to spot something, anything that should have screamed military to her, a long time ago. But there was nothing. "I really should just be in and out." She said turning to face him.
Pullo leaned against the dresser across the room watching her. "You just got here, what's the rush?"
Something about him always screamed danger. But there was no proof in front of her. Except the look in his eye. It didn't bother her so much that he was more dangerous than your average man. If fact, she kind of liked it. She would bet, it's probably what attracted her to Kenneth in the beginning. Now she was seeing Pullo differently.
So why was she so nervous?
"Pullo," Lourdes said, "where have you been all these years?"
"What?" He asked, there was a flicker in his eye. "Where is this coming from?"
"On my way over here, I realized that I hardly know anything about you."
"And now you want to get to know me in the next five minutes that you'll be here?" He said smiling. "I don't think so."
"Well tell me something," she said, "anything."
Pullo came towards her. Her heart started beating a little bit faster. "I'll tell you what," he said, "if all the time I have with you for today, is the next five minutes, I don't want to do any talking." He kissed her, pushing her down on the bed. Lourdes kissed him back. She didn't need all the answers right now. She waited this long, she could wait a little longer. Her head was still swimming from all the information that Kenneth had gave her earlier. And besides, it was kind of hard to focus with his tongue down her throat. Pullo started tugging at her blouse. He pulled it over her head in one quick swoop.
"I don't think we have time for this." She said only protesting just a little. Why was she here? Was it awful that she was actually turned on by all of this?
"Sure we do." He said kissing her neck as his hands started pulling on her leggings. He raised himself off of her a little to pull them down fast before she could change her mind.
There was a knock on the door.
"We should get up." Lourdes whispered. But Pullo stayed on top of her. "Yeah?" He called out reaching down to unzip her boots and tossing them to the floor.
"You two are no fun!" Lita said from the other side of the door. "Come out and play!"
"Let's go." Lourdes whispered while he was still pulling off her leggings.
"Yeah give us a minute!" Pullo called out. "We'll be right there."
"Okay." Lita mumbled. Footsteps departed from the doorway. Pullo was working on pulling off her panties.
"We shouldn't do this," she said, "Lita's right outside the door." He tossed her underwear to the floor.
"She's a big girl," Pullo said kissing her, "she can handle it."
"Yeah but I don't feel right about having sex when she's in the next room."
Pullo stuck his hand under her mini skirt, "Do you feel right about this?" He asked slipping his fingers inside of her. Lourdes let out a gasp as he kissed her. She layed back, forgetting herself for a moment. "Okay, I'm not feeling so bad about this." She said.
Pullo laughed as he pulled his fingers out of her. "Let me make you feel even better." He said, putting his head under her skirt. Lourdes sucked in her breath as she felt his mouth clamp down on her. She could feel his hot tongue sliding in and out of her fast. "Oh my." She said smiling to herself. She lifted up one leg and let her foot rub his back as he continued to eat her. Pullo paused for a second, kissing her thigh. "Can I fuck you now, or do you want me to finish you off like this?"
"You can do whatever you want," she said with her eyes closed still smiling.
Pullo went back to eating her. Lourdes laid back moaning. Pullo, always knew what he was doing, with every flick and lick. And he was never one to be a pillow princess. Lourdes was so turned on she thought that she was going to cum.
Pullo pulled away. "I wanna fuck you now." He said. "I wanna feel you cum on my dick."
"What ever you want." Lourdes said breathless.
"I love it, when you make it daddy's choice." He said.
Lourdes sat up so fast she felt dizzy. "Stop." She said.
"What?" He asked.
There was another knock on the door.
Lourdes got off the bed picking up her things.
"What?" He asked again. "What I do, what I say?"
Lita continued to knock. "Are you guys ever coming out?" She said from the outside.
Pullo stopped Lourdes by grabbing her hand as she finished getting dressed. "You're not just going to leave me standing here like this, are you? Was it something I said...?"

"I already told you," Lourdes said to Kenneth, "we're not dating, he's just a friend of mines."
"Good." He said, putting the second file on top. "Then it won't matter if I show you these." He opened up the file. There was family photos of Pullo. He had children. Lourdes looked through more the photos. There were individual pictures of him with a woman, and another woman, and another woman and....
"Holy shit." She said. "Are these...?"
"He's been married four times. These are all his previous wives."
"Married?" Lourdes looked up surprised. "To all these women? And these are his..."
"His children. Three girls."
"How'd you get these?"
Kenneth didn't say anything.
"Are you not going to tell me?"
"You asked me to find out whatever I could about the guy, does it really matter how I got the information?" Kenneth watched her dark red lips pout.
"I guess not." Lourdes said holding the pictures in her hands. She looked down at the photos. "Who are these women? What's their names? What are his children's names? How old are they?"
Kenneth pulled out another paper. "It's all on here. Every marriage license, year, date. Every birth certificate..."
"This one." Lourdes pointed. "This one says his oldest daughter is almost twenty."
"Yes." Kenneth said.
"I'm barely ten years older than her!"
"Is there some kind of problem?" He asked. "You seem more upset about this than the other information.
"No." Lourdes shook her head, remembering not to give herself away. "I just didn't think that-"
"You just didn't think that he was a husband and a father?" Kenneth asked.

"It's early yet." Lita said. "Stay and have breakfast or a Bloody Mary or something."
"No thanks." Lourdes said. "I need to get back." She turned and looked at Pullo. "I gotta go."
Pullo studied her and smiled slowly. "You owe me one." He said.
"What are you talking about?" Lita smiled intrigued.
"Why don't you walk me out." Lourdes said to Lita while giving him the eye. She and Lita walked out of the house together.
"You want a ride?" Lita asked.
"That would be lovely." Lourdes said.
"What's wrong?" Lita asked.
"Nothing." Lourdes said. "I just have a lot on my mind. It's been a long day already."
"So tell me about it?" She asked opening the car door.
"Nah." Lourdes said, looking down at her boots.
"Somethings up with you." Lita said.
"What are you doing tonight?" Lourdes asked as they got in.
"Nada." Lita said. "I'll probably be here with Jasp. and the boys. Some friends might come over."
Lourdes sighed.
"But I'm all for ditching them if you want to steal me away!" She smiled excited.
"It wouldn't be what you think." Lourdes said.
Lita started the car and pulled away from the curb. "So enlighten me." She said.
"I got myself into a little trouble with Alexsander and now he wants me to come over tonight and play nice nice with him and his girlfriend.
"What the fuck?" Lita said slamming on her brakes. "Since when does he have a girlfriend?"


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